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Being a Hun By Zach Hobby
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Scuffnall Laffnall is 13 and once he completed a tribal battle then he is apart of the tribe’s battle troops but then theres a dragon that one hundred feet tall and after that Scuff is in the... More > belly of a dragon but what happens to Scuff and how will this story play out to find out, read being a Hun it's a Good book for kids 7-8. Visit Scuff's site at to see more.< Less
HUN PILOT By Victor Vizcarra
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Hun Pilot examines the first of the Century Series of new fighters of the mid-'50s from a young fighter pilot's perspective. The North American Aviation F-100 Super Sabre was the first U.S. fighter... More > capable of exceeding the speed of sound in level flight. Designed as a day superiority fighter, it quickly morphed into the Air Force's mainstay fighter-bomber. The F-100 design and its Pratt and Whitney J-57 engine were a quantum leap in aerodynamics and engine technology that expanded the day-to-day operational flight envelope. Pioneering supersonic operations discovered a previously unknown aeronautical phenomenon that challenged new piloting skills. Over its quarter of a century operational career, the F-100 suffered one of the highest accident rates in the fighter inventory, with 38.75% of the fleet destroyed in aircraft accidents. With properly trained pilots, the aircraft fulfilled the USAF requirement for a worldwide deterrent against the nuclear Communist threat.< Less
Fighting the Hun By peter dancey
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A detailed account of a World War I aerial dogfight between an flgiht of RFC reconnaissance plane and an German Air Service fighter fighter planes over the Western Front
Sang-Hun's Photobook By Erin Tripp & Erica Tsai
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Sang-Hun's Photobook By Erin Tripp & Erica Tsai
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Commercial Satellite Launch Vehicle Attitude Control Systems Design and Analysis (H-infinity, Loop Shaping, and Coprime Approach) By Chong Hun Kim
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This book is written for aerospace engineers who have completed their BS degree and are interested in the design and analysis of rocket attitude control systems. It introduces a new approach to the... More > design, characterized by its robustness. Current LV attitude control systems are designed based on classical SISO control theory, and they lack robustness. The theory used here truly offers a technique that enables us to design control systems that are reasonably insensitive to math modeling errors and can withstand disturbances such as gust, and in addition it doesn’t need external states estimator, such as Kalman filtering. Extensive simulation results, which demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach, are presented in this book. Basic rocket theory and a concept of H-infinity control system design technique are explained for those who are new in these fields of study.< Less
The End of Communism By Sang Hun Lee
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An overview of communism, and a critique and counterproposal from the viewpoint of Unification Thought
New Essentials of Unification Thought: Head-Wing Thought By Sang Hun Lee
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Unification Thought is the philosophy derived from the Divine Principle of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. It is a powerful key that is capable of solving any problem, no matter how difficult it might... More > be. This Thought presents a new view of life, of the world, of the universe and God's work in history. It is a principle of integration that can bring different religious doctrines and philosophies into unity, while preserving their diverse characteristics.< Less
Snart kysser hun sin venn i rosenhagen By Torbjørn Dyrud
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This is the original version of the piece with lyrics in norwegian. It´s also available in english, entitled "The Prophet". This is a lively, exciting piece which holds its audience... More > captive from the very first semiquaver upbeat. Judgement day prophecies are silenced by the sight of a young girl on her way to meet her beloved; the prophet realizes that warnings of impending judgement cannot compete with a love which is real and present.< Less
Marxisme in hun bewoordingen By Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotski
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Het Marxisme uitgelegd door Marx, Engels, Lenin en Trotski

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