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The Tower of Jhedophar (HackMaster version) By Casey Christofferson
Paperback: $11.12
Prints in 3-5 business days
Once an academy of arcane learning, the tower of Jhedophar now stands as a testament to the greed of two powerful foes. The tower is guarded by a labyrinth filled with deadly traps, vicious... More > adversaries and unlikely allies. Who among the brave may wrest the Mandrake Staff from Jhedophar’s bony grasp? Remember heroes, dragons and liches do not let loose their treasures lightly! Will the adventurers take the dragon’s deal and attempt to slay Jhedophar in his fortress of evil or take the Lich’s deal and rid his tower of the pesky squatter Exeterus once and for all? Designed for characters of 9th-13th level, the Tower of Jhedophar offers just the right mix of fast paced action and clever role play. Best of all, the Tower of Jhedophar is playable in 2-4 game sessions, with foes and allies that may make their presence felt in your campaign for years to come!< Less
Dijishy: The City of History (HackMaster edition) By Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams
Paperback: $17.25
Prints in 3-5 business days
Welcome to the desert city of Dijishy - a city so ancient that none know its true origins. It is a city governed by the Inevitable Order of Time; a city that is trading post, oasis, refuge, den of... More > thieves, home of prophets, and site of the most ancient library on Tellene. Whether you claim to be a native of the city, a tribesman struggling for survival in the wastes, or one of the brave souls who journeyed here from another land, this supplement presents you with all you need to explore its ancient wonders and secrets. In addition to providing a city setting with adventure hooks for GameMasters to use as fits their style and campaign, this book also contains a new regional monster, secret society and details on running a desert adventure. It accomodates the Player with new equipment, packages, a new Zealot class and details on a hitherto unacknowledged diety.< Less
World of Aldrazar By Jolly Blackburn
Paperback: $35.26
Prints in 3-5 business days
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An Entire World, Yours to Command… Whether you need to plan your journey to a distant city, map out the most direct path to your next adventure, or simply want to settle down in your lair and... More > immerse yourself in studious inquiry, this is the book for you! This 86-page codex forms an emminently suitable campaign setting for HackMaster. Just add your characters, mix in some fearsome adversaries and you’re well on your way to creating the stuff of future legends.< Less
The Brindonwood Syndrome By Steven Johansson
Paperback: $14.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Lovoridu, a bucolic hamlet on the road to Shyta-na-Dobyo, is beset by a creeping danger. A mysterious illness is slowly draining the life from the village, as tensions run high and townsfolk turn on... More > one another in their desperate search for answers. This remote community has been caught completely off guard by the crisis and help from the outside world always seems to be another few days away. Player characters will have to navigate the suppressed history of Lovoridu as well as the treacherous forest known as The Brindonwood if they hope to expose the festering secret at the heart of this unusual adventure. The Brindonwood Syndrome is a HackMaster adventure designed for a party of 5th to 7th level characters who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in search of the truth. There are ample opportunities for characters of all stripes to excel in their party role—if they don’t succumb to the disease, themselves. Is that a tickle in your throat? Probably nothing.< Less
Temple of the Bronze Flame By Christopher Heath
Paperback: $10.08
Prints in 3-5 business days
During a religious festival, a manipulative cult steals a magical creature from the sacred garden of an honorable priesthood. Knowing that powerful magic must be at work, the priests have decided to... More > look for outside help. Dare you brave the Temple of the Bronze Flame? For 3rd to 6th level characters.< Less
The Hungry Undead By Jolly Blackburn
Paperback: $9.03
Prints in 3-5 business days
A strange rock formation, a treasure-laden tomb, and an insane man with wild ravings about the "Lords of Blood." What does it all mean? Do these "Lords of Blood" really exist?... More > Will the Young Kingdoms fall before them? Or do you dare attempt to drive them back to whence they came...?< Less
The Plague of Cosolen By Steve Johansson & Jerimy Grafenstein
Paperback: $19.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
A mere year past Cosolen was a genteel city in which the arts flourished. A terrible natural disaster changed all this. Though spared the calamity, the city is inundated with hardscrabble refugees... More > that have overwhelmed its ability to accommodate them. Crowded into squalid tenements or outlying shantytowns, the newcomers have become pariahs and transformed the city guard into reviled oppressors. In this tumultuous new social order the unwelcome specter of plague has made its first appearance. It is up to a determined group of outsiders to wrestle with the mysterious origins of the Plague of Cosolen before it tears the city apart. The Plague of Cosolen is a HackMaster adventure located in the Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting. More specifically, this adventure focuses on the Kingdom of Cosdol and its capital city, Cosolen. It is designed to challenge four to six player characters of 3rd to 4th level. This edition has been updated to fully conform to post-basic rule updates.< Less
Rustlers of the Night By D Team
Paperback: $19.96
Prints in 3-5 business days
Burrowing, climbing, flying and crawling come a horde of over 100 ravenous creatures eager to charge into any HackMaster campaign! This special Hacklopedia compiles all the monsters from the pages of... More > the Knights of the Dinner Table magazine issues #58-136 and KoDT Illustrated #12, as well as many creatures from previously published HackMaster adventure modules (including the vicious Kryzaar variants.) Among other features, readers learn about monster social structures, activity cycles, diets, attack modes (including special attacks), morale, and even how to make the most of their kills by salvaging potentially valuable monster remains. With today's quick march of events and rapidity of new discoveries, the expansion of human activity and the additions of arcane learning demand that you not miss out on this exciting tome!< Less
House of Madness By Charles Brown
Paperback: $10.58
Prints in 3-5 business days
This document forms a complete module for use with HackMaster®. It contains background information, an multi-level map, referee’s notes and tactical guides, encounter and map matrix... More > keys,battlesheets as well as new items and a new spell for your campaign. This scenario is designed for a party of mostly 1st and 2nd level characters with 5-8 total character levels and a mix of character types.< Less
Shadow Over Tiwidu By William Tucker
Paperback: $14.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Strange things are stirring in the hills and jealous eyes have turned towards the village of Tiwidu. In Shadow Over Tiwidu, a chance meeting leads players down into a world of blood feuds, deceit,... More > and the tireless pursuit of vengeance all set against the backdrop of a massive multi-level dungeon. The tough choices players make in this adventure not only mean the difference between life and death, but also directly impact the future of Tiwidu. Players will have to use cunning as well as brawn if they hope to lift the shadow from Tiwidu—but just what that shadow is remains to be seen… This adventure is set in and around Tiwidu, as documented in Tiwidu: Village on the Verge and is designed for a group of 1st to 2nd level characters.< Less

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Water into Wine Water into Wine By David Rowe
Paperback: $10.00