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Hacking By Walter Spivak
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In this book, you will learn several skills and techniques that you need to acquire in order to become a successful computer hacker. Hacking is a term that has been associated with negativity over... More > the years. It has been mentioned when referring to a range of cyber crimes including identity theft, stealing of information and generally being disruptive. However, all this is actually a misconception and misunderstanding – a misuse of the word hacking by people who have criminalized this skill. Hacking is actually more about acquiring and properly utilizing a programming skill. The intention of hacking is for the improvement of a situation, rather than of taking advantage of a situation.< Less
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Hacking: Hacking For Beginners and Basic Security: How To Hack By Jacob Hatcher
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HACKING: Ultimate Hacking for Beginners Hacking is a widespread problem that has compromised the records of individuals, major corporations, and even the federal government. This book lists the... More > various ways hackers can breach the security of an individual or an organization’s data and network. Its information is for learning purposes only, and the hacking techniques should not be tried because it is a crime to hack someone’s personal details without his or her consent. In HACKING: Ultimate Hacking for Beginners you will learn: The advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth technology. The tools and software that is used for Bluetooth hacking with a brief description The four primary methods of hacking a website and a brief explanation of each Seven different types of spamming, with a focus on email spamming and how to prevent it. Eight common types of security breaches How to understand the process of hacking computers and how to protect against it Using CAPTCHA to prevent hacking< Less
Guitar Hacks By Jack Davis
Paperback: $8.95
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Guitar Hacks - The Ultimate Guitar Guide - Learn How To Easily Memorize The Fretboard And Become A Guitar Expert! (FREE BONUS INCLUDED) The book is divided into five sections. In the first section,... More > the major seven lessons for playing the guitar are given for all those guitarists who are just at their beginning stage for learning its main features. The second chapter is about the guitar hacks; about seven basic guitar hacks are mentioned in this section. The tips and tricks to memorize the fretboard are given in the third section. The major feature to play the guitar is the learning of some of the chords. There are millions of chords but in this eBook, we have mentioned few of them along with their tips to memorize them. The last section is about the guitar hacks for acoustic music.< Less
Crochet Hacks By Grace Roth
Paperback: $8.95
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Crochet Hacks - Easy Step-By-Step Crochet Patterns for Beginners (FREE BONUS INCLUDED) In this book, Crochet Hacks: Easy Step-By-Step Crochet Patterns for Beginners you will learn how to crochet and... More > get started on projects tailor made for beginners just like you! You will learn how fun and relaxing crochet can be and even learn a little bit about what makes crochet so popular. You will discover: What you need to know to get started crocheting today! What you need to know about crochet hooks and yarn and how to purchase them. Easy to understand hacks that take the mystery out of crochet and make it fun and easy! How to complete your first projects using just a few basic stitches. Easy patterns for beginners and variations to customize these patterns to suit your own tastes.< Less
The Vigilante Hack By Eric Bloat
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Based on The Black Hack by David Black comes The Vigilante Hack. The Vigilante Hack is not a superhero game. While yes, some vigilantes in The Vigilante Hack are considered heroes and some wear... More > costumes, including capes and masks, there is nothing “super” about them. They have no X-ray vision. They cannot run faster than cars. They cannot leap buildings in a single bound and they most definitely are not bullet proof. The vigilantes in The Vigilante Hack are normal people, the same as you and I, who have become fed up with the lawless individuals, thugs, organized crime and villains and have decided to do something about it! They have trained hard, sometimes to the point of obsession, and have struck back at those very people who are ruining their city.< Less
ios Hack By The Rishabh Jain
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Jailbreak is one of the most famous hacking in todays products are touching the skies so iorder to enjoy them with more exciting packages is fun.iphone dev team or pod2g has created... More > jailbreaking tools for idevices.< Less
hacking crux By chashmeet singh
eBook (ePub): $6.99
a very nice book which may hekp you in learing beginner level hacking !!!!!!!
Food Hacking By Daniel Kliewer
Hardcover: $40.00
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Vegan cook book, focus on how to cook rather than recipes
itz hack By mayank singh sisodiya et al.
Paperback: List Price: $10.11 $6.07 | You Save: 40%
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This book is for those who want to become cyber expert in few time

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