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Alan's Hair Tonic By David Dunbar
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The poetry and short stories of David Michael Dunbar. *Disclaimer: Any resemblance between persons on either cover of this book and Alan Styles, former mayor of Salinas, California, are entirely... More > coincidental.< Less
The Hair Fairy: My Angel By Celia M. Gold
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Celia’s mother helped her look her best. Whether the problem was hair, or something bigger, she stuffed her disturbing emotions deep into the corners of her soul. Her struggle with her hair... More > was a way to cover her emotional troubles. She finally begins to understand, and process the source of her pain, while in a journey of self-discovery. Through a chance encounter with a Hair Fairy she finds hope.< Less
Growing Hair Fast for Beginners By Jody Judd
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For centuries, long hair has been symbolic of beauty in women. However, not many people are blessed with thick, luxuriant hair. On top of that, an improper diet, underlying health conditions and... More > certain hair treatments can also worsen the quality of your hair. Finally, add to this the fact that there is no such thing as a miracle cure or product that can suddenly make your hair grow longer, and faster. So is it impossible to grow hair faster naturally? Well, not really. All that you need to speed up the growth of your hair is a change in your diet and lifestyle along with proper hair care and you can enjoy the crowning glory for years to come. So if you are wondering how to make your hair grow faster, this book covers some easy tips to help you on your way to a long shiny lustrous and healthy mane! Scroll up... and click on "Buy Now" to deliver almost instantly to your Nook or other reading device.< Less
100 Hair Growth Tips By Bouzid Otmani
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100 Hair Growth Tips Our hair plays an important role in boosting our confidence. It also says a lot about our personality, and many of us aspire to long, flowing locks. Long hair is glamourous,... More > sexy and always in fashion. Hair growth however, can be frustratingly slow, especially if we have been unfortunate enough to fall victim to a rather over-enthusiastic hairdresser! This concise and informative guide covers 100 of the most popular approaches to dealing with hair growth. Packed full of practical hints and suggestions, ‘100 Hair Growth Tips’ will help you speed up the hair growing process and enable you to gain the maximum impact from your tresses.< Less
Mobile Hair Salon Company By Tim Roncevich, Steven Primm
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The Red Hair Woman By Dr. William D. LOGAN - WDLB3 Production
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There is something interesting about women with red hair that makes them stand out in a crowd. Yes, you could say the same thing about a blonde, who I find to be more common and sought after for ads... More > and so on. You will find a blonde on most magazine covers, catalogs and so forth. This is what they called the American Beauty Queen. However, when a red-head appear from out of know where, people look and take note of her stunning beauty. She is not just a common woman. She has found her place in history as a woman to be looked upon. Many red headed women they have been pushed aside because they don't fit in what we call attractive, but look closely. Look into her eyes and tell me what you see? Although her eyes may be blue, but there is a certain fire in her eyes that you will not find in a blonde. She is that Ruby Red of a gem, a gentle rose in a garden, the garnet stone in the month of January. She is the Woman in Red!< Less
Does Jesus Have Long Hair? By Joda Collins
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This is a short article. I suggest you download it for free before you buy it. Just click on the word "Preview" or "More" under the book cover photo. Typically we ask, Did... More > Jesus have long hair? However, since he is still alive and those that saw him after the resurrection did not identify him as one with longer or shorter hair than he had during his earthly life, we can surmise that if Jesus had long hair on Earth, he has long hair now. Is the one on the Throne of God a long haired God?< Less
Male Pattern Baldness: The Best Kept Tips On Baldness Cure With Special Hair Growth and Hair Treatment Tips for Thinning Hair ...Homemade Hair Loss Shampoo! By Brian Jeff
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The hair can generally be seen as a covering which grows on the scalp of the head; the skin and virtually any part of the body with the exception of, the palm of the hands and underneath the feet for... More > obvious reasons so to say. However, there are factors affecting Hair Growth. Well, we all know one way or the other, we all have to lose some hairs, but besides that currently, hair loss is a common problem since hair is considered as a plus that boosts a person’s physical looks; therefore, this is one thing that many people will like to correct in a flash. Hurry, get your copy of this book today and terminate the growing loss of your hair keep your fashionable look for long time to come, as you begin to implement ...The Best Kept Tips on Baldness Cure with Special Hair growth and Hair Treatment Tips for Thinning Hair and Homemade Hair Loss Shampoo!< Less
Hair Dressing and Tinting 1915 Reprint By William A. Woodbury
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Hair Dressing and Tinting by William A. Woodbury, the classic 1915 hair styling book has been reprinted by This popular early 1900's textbook covers the fundamental principles of... More > hair care - showing the ready adaptability of the ever changing mode of wearing the hair. William A. Woodbury was a famous dermatologist at the time and authored many books on hair and skin care. Learn hair care and styling techniques that are still used today - Early History of Popular Hairstyles; Hair Care and Shampoo Recipes; Fundamental Principles of Simple Hairdressing - learn how to style a Pompadour; Hair Pieces; Hair Curling and Waving Recipes - including Marcel Waving; Coloring Hair; Herb and Mineral Recipes; Henna;Vegetable Recipes to Color Hair and to Darken Eyebrows and Eyelashes; and more. This book has clear instructions and beautiful illustrations.< Less
Angel Hair Greats: Delicious Angel Hair Recipes, The Top 70 Angel Hair Recipes By Jo Franks
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You'll love this book, the recipes are easy, the ingredients are easy to get and they don't take long to make. Foodlovers turn to Angel Hair Greats for information and inspiration. This is a very... More > satisfying book, however I would recommend you eat something before you read this book, or you won't be able to make it through without reaching for a skillet or saucepan! Angel Hair Greats is packed with more information than you could imagine. 70 delicious dishes covering everything, each employing ingredients that should be simple to find and include Angel Hair. This cookbook offers great value and would make a fabulous gift. This book will also give you enough inspiration to experiment with different ingredients since you'll find the extensive index to be extremely helpful. The recipes are superb. Wonderfully easy to put together and you don't have to make or purchase a ton of condiments before you have a chance to play with them. Yummy!!< Less