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The Wulfmarsh Weekend By Tax Fries
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Jazz Age students – Ralph, Daphne, Jenny, and Algae – visit Daphne’s ancestral home in the Cambridgeshire countryside on the eve of Hallowe’en and the bicentenary of a curse... More > hanging over Wulfmarsh Hall. The Wulfmarsh Weekend is set in a secluded stately home in the Cambridgeshire fens of the 1920s. The youthful protagonists, having survived the traumas of the Great War, challenge the strict mores of their society and question the judgment of its political and spiritual leaders, whilst becoming entangled in a cliché-ridden mystery.< Less
The Jack O' Lantern Men By Lee Allen
eBook (ePub): $2.84
(2 Ratings)
Hear our words. Say your prayers. Late on Hallowe’en night, Frank is delivered to the Jailer, standing accused of a crime for which he will hang. He has a tale to tell, and begs the Jailer to... More > speak to his daughter. His daughter, Laura, has her own tale to tell. Through their words, the Jailer hears of the events that will lead him to his last execution. All the while, the Jack O’Lantern Men wait in the wings for the last act to play out and the curtain to fall.< Less
Vampire Tales By Paul Birkin
eBook (PDF): $1.77
A vampiress who seduces and converts a librarian. Is she looking for free dvd rentals and why does she enjoy eating marmalade from the jar? Another wants to be a private eye, her first case involves... More > a man who dies surrounded by garlic. What really happened to Jack the Ripper? Would a vampire really search for two centuries to find his lost love? Romance, humour, horror, lust and blood weave a trail through six tales of vampiric goings-on for you to relish. After all vampires are for death not just for Hallowe'en.< Less
Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtains By Rich Lawden
Paperback: $16.70
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When the legendary ‘Hallowe’en Hoax’ "Ghostwatch" first aired in 1992, it brought about an unprecedented reaction that shook the nation to its very core. Amongst its... More > record audience, one unsuspecting seven-year-old was fated to carry his fascination of the show into adulthood - devoting no less than five years to the development and filming of a retrospective documentary chronicling the show’s conception, production and impact. This is his story. Well, most of it. A companion piece to the well-received retrospective documentary of the same name. With a Foreword by acclaimed author Stephen Volk, and the sequel story "31/10".< Less
Lycopolis By Ali Luke
Paperback: $13.81
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One Hallowe’en, a group of online roleplayers summon a demon, The Prince of Nightmares. Seth, who’s in charge of the game, says it’s "just for fun". But disturbing things... More > start to happen in real life: red marks appear on the foreheads of the gamers, and they’re all having nightmares about a dark forest. Secrets come out, friendships are broken, and the boundaries between the real, the virtual and the imaginary become increasingly fractured as the Prince becomes more powerful. Kay, a student at Oxford, is the only person who realises what Seth is doing – and it’s up to her to stop him. ****EXCERPT**** In bed, Seth fixed his eyes on the ceiling, staring up through the dark. Sleep tugged at him, eddies dragging his thoughts around and around, fracturing them into a sinking swirl. Lines of computer code. Long sleepless nights. A list of names, waiting for payback. And before all that, a child, lost in a forest ...< Less
The Mardi Gras Mystery By H. (Henry) Bedford-Jones
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The Mardi Gras Mystery is the 81st book in the Nancy Drew series. Set in New Orleans at Mardi Gras, it concerns a mysterious art theft.In The Mardi Gras Mystery, Nancy's boyfriend, Ned Nickerson, is... More > invited to spend the vacation with Brian Seaton, an Emerson College friend. On their way to the Seaton Mansion, Brian stops at Warren Tyler's house to pick up his father, Bartholomew Seaton, and at the same time shows Ned a portrait of his late mother, Danielle Seaton, by the famous artist Lucien Beaulieu. The painting is in the possession of Mr. Tyler since he found it in a barn he bought.The friends leave for Seaton Mansion or "The Bat Hallow". They wear fancy dress for the Mardi Gras celebration. Later that evening they go to the Silver Yacht Club. That night the portrait is stolen. Excerpt from: Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book.< Less
Thriller: Ghosts of the Dark Sky Bogs and Barrens By Peter Moss
Paperback: List Price: $15.00 $13.50 | You Save: 10%
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This book celebrates aboriginal people, ancient peoples, archipelagos, anti-cancer drugs, the anti-cancer industry, autumn, Bala, barrens, bedrock, bees, bears, bog people, bogs, books, Canada,... More > Casino Rama, Coke, cranberries, cranberry bogs, darkness, The Dark Sky Park, Essiac, energy, energy drinks, Bala Falls, Georgian Bay, the Georgian Bay Coast Trail, ghosts, Go Home Lake, granite, Gravenhurst, Hallowe’en, Highway 169, hiking, Hollywood, Indians, Iona, journalists, The Kee, lakes, Lucy Maude Montgomery, Manitoba, Manitoulin, the Milky Way, Mohawks, the Moon River, Muskoka, the Muskoka Archipelago, Muskoka Lakes, Musquash, Musqua Ukee, Northern Ontario, outcroppings, Parry Sound, petroforms, petroglyphs, Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands, rattlesnakes, rivers, snapping turtles, super-fruits, Swastikas, Thanksgiving, thrillers, Toronto, UNESCO biosphere preserves, Viagra, Wahta, Wales, water, wilderness, women, writers, youth, Zen meditation, and zero calorie soft drinks.< Less
The History of the Condition of Women [vol. 2 of 2] By Lydia Maria Francis Child
Paperback: $9.95
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Comprising the Women of Europe, America, and South Sea Islands. CONTENTS include: Ambrones--English--Americans--Falconry--Athenians--Flitch of... More > bacon--Austrians--Franks--Betrothal--Gauls--Germans--Bona Dea--Blue stocking--Goths--Bravery--Greeks--Britons--Greenland--Celibacy venerated--Hair--Chivalry--Hallow E'en--Iceland--American Indians--Cimbri--Convents--Irish--Courts of Love--Italians--Cromwell--Crusades--Knights--Danes--Lacedaemonians--Dutch--Laws--Learned women--Liburnians-- Marriage deemed unholy--Middle ages--Military spirit--Morlachians--Northern nations that conquered Rome--Nun initiated--Tournaments--Troubadours--Tricks --Tyrolese--Russian settlements--Saint Dunstan's Well--Salique law--Satires--Scandinavians--Scotch--Sibyl of Cumse--Sibyl, Danish--Slave countries--South Sea islands--Spain--Spartans--Swedes--Swiss--Panegyrics on women--Polanders--Portuguese--Pythia--Quaderoons--Queens--Romans--Russians--United States--Valentine's day--Vestals--Visigoths--Walachians--Widows--Winnisberg--Witches.< Less

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