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Advanced Edition Companion (Hardcover) By Daniel Proctor
Hardcover: $32.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Advance the Game to the next level of play! The advanced first edition game as you remember it. Labyrinth Lord gives you the play experience of the old editions of the world’s most popular... More > fantasy roleplaying game! The Advanced Edition Companion is a handbook of advanced player and referee options. Play the race and class possibilities from the “advanced” first edition 1978 rules. Introduce the essential first edition monsters, spells, and magic items to your Labyrinth Lord game. All of these options are fully compatible with the core Labyrinth Lord rules, so that you can continue to play race-classes right along with all of the advanced classes and races. In this book you will find... A player’s guide to advanced play Additional core first edition monsters The full range of first edition spells and spellcasters The essential first edition magic items Advanced rules for greater depth of play< Less
The Gap Collector Edition (hardcover) By Joseph Remesar
Hardcover: $32.41
Prints in 3-5 business days
In no-far away future, in an era dominated not by nations but by huge corporations in which Hyperspace and Artificial Intelligences are common, an experimental ship gets lost in a Galaxy’s... More > unknown spot. A controversial man is sent to find and rescue it: William Perez William. More than a Sci-Fi story,"the Gap" is a techno thriller, and an all-too-plausible tale with the most unsuspected and devious of enemies. COLLECTOR EDITION! 10 NEW PAGES - SKETCHES BIG PRESTIGE FORMAT. The Graphic Novel that every fan of Humberto Ramos must have!< Less
King's Ransom (Hardcover Edition) By K. A. Masters
Hardcover: $21.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
"King's Ransom" is a tale for all ages about sacrifice, gratitude, and a father's love.
Ocho! (Hardcover Edition) By Lois and Bill Sullivan
Hardcover: $26.59
Prints in 3-5 business days
In 1958 Lois and Bill Sullivan took a trip down in Mexico. This was no ordinary trip, this was the trip of a lifetime. Bill invented and built a large cab-over camper vehicle to facilitate... More > traveling. They were not rich, they sold the house to finance the trip. They lived in Mexico for six months. Oh, and did I mention that they took the children. In 1958 they were the proud parents of eight children, the oldest one was ten years old. The whole family went on this odyssey. This book is the story of that adventure.< Less
Desert of Deceit - Hardcover Edition By Gavin Parmar
Hardcover: $38.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
It is the spring of 2011 and a nuclear-armed Iran, has just taken another frightening step forward on the global stage. An undercover CIA agent discovers the Iranians have been secretly shipping... More > spent nuclear fuel rods away to a secret reprocessing plant. UN Inspectors are immediately expelled from the country as the Iranians prepare for war. The embattled American President is severely tested in the explosive situation while the CIA struggles to defuse the situation. But its effectiveness is quickly tempered following the revelation of a mole. This mole, in the highest levels of the company, is leaking information to America’s enemies. Events spiral out of control when the Iranians acquire advanced F-18E fighters which will soon be transporting thermonuclear bombs. Targets are randomly attacked as they flex their newfound muscle. Overwhelmed Black Ops and an embattled CIA are the only hope as the world plunges forward towards nuclear war in the Desert of Deceit.< Less
Pumpkin Bunch - Hardcover Edition By Peter Tucker
Hardcover: $26.90
Prints in 3-5 business days
Peter E. Tucker’s Pumpkin Bunch is sure to enchant children of all ages. This lavishly illustrated, wonderful story of good triumphing over evil belongs in every child’s bookshelf and... More > will be cherished by readers and collectors for years to come.< Less
The Snuggly Duckling Hardcover Edition By Mark Melikan
Hardcover: $26.55
Prints in 3-5 business days
Sadly, the Snuggly Duckling is a little different than other members of his family. They don’t want anything to do with him because he’s not like them. Snuggly sets out to find a new... More > family that will accept him as he is. After exploring the forest, the frog pond and the barnyard, he can’t find anyone who will accept him. As darkness sets in, Snuggly may have to spend another lonely night alone. Suddenly, he sees something move in the bushes. Could this be his new family?< Less
Semper Fi - Hardcover Edition By Gavin Parmar
Hardcover: $39.96
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Philippines are overwhelmed by terrorism. The Guerrillas are winning the war in the hearts and minds of the people and mounting victories against the Army. Embattled, the Government calls upon... More > America for assistance. The USMC and CIA are quickly sent in to help win the war. Daily, the war is being fought in villages, rice paddies and apartment buildings. Undermanned and hamstrung by restrictive rules set by the Filipino Government, US Forces must use every means in order to stop the tide of rising violence. Suddenly, Al Qaeda unleashes its secret weapon: a stealth warship. The vessel rapidly inflicts heavy losses as it randomly attacks Filipino and American targets. The situation becomes even more dramatic as Al Qaeda reveals their hostage: a US Marine Gunnery Sergeant. Desperate and facing insurmountable pressure, the Corps takes on a risky mission. Several men attempt to board and sabotage the vessel while trying to locate the captured soldier.< Less
Africa Burning - Hardcover Edition By Gavin Parmar
Hardcover: $38.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
The year is 2011 and Libya has dramatically changed. The Government of Libya has opened to the world and allowed the oil money to change the political and social landscape in the land. The... More > Mossad is invited to quash the Hezbollah militias setting up operations in South. But, as they and Black Ops close in on the desert's secret, a massive invasion forces blows its way from Chad into Libya. Now both operations must stop Hezbollah's wicked plans as they struggle to navigate an unholy land wrapped in civil war. But all is not as it seems. Black Ops soon discover Hezbollah's secret is a far more advanced WMD than anybody could have guessed. Using their courage and skill as well as the help of unlikely allies, Black Ops and the Mossad must work with what little they have and stop this weapon before Tel Aviv is completely destroyed. All the while their involvement is fanning the flames of Africa burning.< Less
Elandil's Tears Hardcover Edition By Sue Demitropoulos
Hardcover: $34.98
Prints in 3-5 business days
The once benevolent and virtuous Kingdom of Sterre has become the Dominion of Sterre, governed by a petty Drahma led by the malignant First Citizen Iole Roïs. A band of royal Loyalists seek out... More > the true leader of Sterre, the heir of the last king. To their surprise they discover that it is a peasant woman living in a distant land—Elandil. Elandil has suffered recent tragedy of her own and has no desire to accompany them on this hopeless quest. But when their captain, Thongill Cathan, offers her a last chance at recovering her kidnapped daughter she agrees. This leads to a journey of discovery and an adventure that she had never imagined.< Less