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Try Harder By Peter Sankey
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Buff was an incredible safe-cracker. He could tease open the strongest vault without trying. After a couple years in prison, though, he was determined to live the rest of his life on the right side... More > of the law. Unfortunately, his former employers had other plans for him. Now, forced into pulling one last job, he must try harder than ever... if he hopes to survive the most dangerous heist of his career.< Less
The Harder They fall By Will Ryan
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Five years ago, Adam Kane’s life fell apart when he was dishonorably discharged from the military. Forced to return to San Francisco, a disgraced and broken man, he thinks his life can’t... More > get any worse. He’s wrong. A terrifying attack sets him on a collision course with an enemy more powerful and dangerous than he can imagine, but the only man who has a chance of stopping it doesn’t even exist yet. All across America a shadowy organization is seizing control of the illicit drug trade, growing ever more powerful, while the most devastating attack in US history is being planned in secret.< Less
The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall By I M
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Teaching Resource/material. Classroom. Notes. Subject : English Language Learning Methode : Noticing Nota Bene K12 "special feature, special phrasing, a peculiarity". a phrase or a fixed... More > expression that has a figurative, or sometimes literal, meaning. Categorized as formulaic language. Expressions such as these have figurative meaning. When one says "The devil is in the details", one is not expressing a belief in demons, but rather one means that things may look good on the surface, but upon scrutiny, undesirable aspects are revealed. Similarly, when one says "The early bird gets the worm", one is not suggesting that there is only one opportunity; rather one means there are plenty of opportunities, but for the sake of the idiom one plays along, and imagines that there is only one. Alternatively, the figurative translation of this phrase is that the most attentive and astute individual, or perhaps the hardest working or most opportunistic receives the most desirable opportunity.< Less
Its Hard. Go Harder. By Candace Denise Mays
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It's Hard. Go Harder. is a book for aspiring and start up entrepreneurs. This book outlines best practices, dispels myths, and provides empowerment.
It's Hard. Go Harder. By Candace Denise Mays
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It's Hard. Go Harder. is a book for aspiring and start-up entrepreneurs. This book outlines best practices, dispels myths, and provides empowerment.
Henry Listens Harder By Mary T. Wilkinson
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The story, Henry Listens Harder, is in the form of a lyric poem, complete with color photography. It is designed to help children overcome their fear of noises in the nighttime. When Henry complains... More > to his mother of noises in the house at night, she tells him to "listen harder." Then he will realize that the noises he hears at night are the same noises he hears in the daylight. Henry also uses his simple faith in a Heavenly Father to trust that he will be safe through the night under God's care.< Less
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My poems in LIFE IS HARD, POETRY IS HARDER explore the human condition. The complex nature of the psyche, society, and humanity have always fascinated me. This finds reflection in my poetry through... More > recollections of childhood experiences; descriptions of states of mind; observations of social conditions; and also depictions of people and places. My hope is that the readers of this book will find poems which move them, speak to them and which they can relate to.< Less
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How to Study Smarter Not Harder By Maria Consuelo Babas
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EXAM ALERT! Another week of no sleep and dog-cat episodes with your struggling child. Both of you are cramming all night every night, flipping through pages and pages of notes and textbooks and... More > trying to make sense out of everything. You and your child are exhausted Frustration levels are high. She can't get it fast enough and you are at a loss on how to help. There must be a better way. And, there is. This book contains principles and “actionable knowledge” on study techniques that can be applied immediately. The book was crafted based on the author's personal experience on coaching her child as a working mom and eventually as a full-time home maker. It combines concepts and concrete examples on how to execute the tactics proposed by the author. It carries with it the stamp of approval of the author's 10-year old daughter which gives every parent the confidence to use the strategies outlined in the book. Roll up your sleeves as you learn more on how to become a Ready Get Set Go Parent! Happy studying! < Less
harder better faster stronger By kanye west
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