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PIVOT By Suzanne Samples
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Clementine Byers is looking for her last line of defense. An insulin dependent diabetic, Clementine struggles to discover her life’s purpose. Throughout college, she experiences boys whose... More > dispose her like old syringes, a trail of career paths that lead nowhere, and a church group that promises to cure her from the disease that has haunted her lifetime. When she thinks that she has explored every possible avenue for happiness, Clementine finds hope in a roller derby team, a Canadian holistic medicine specialist, and a star jammer that she remembers from childhood summers at camp. Although she trusts the Lower Your Blood Sugar Naturally! pills hawked to her by the specialist, Clementine learns to let go of hope. As she morphs into a hard-hitting roller derby pivot known as Xana Doom, Clementine falls in love with derby, herself, and so much more.< Less
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This is a tale about Johnny Hotfoot, a Hotpotch Chameleon who was abandoned as a baby in the town of Redwood Area. As a grown-up he was not accepted as a... More > Citizen of the Community until he is asked to travel to strange lands and claim back the five Vowels, stolen from the Book of Letters by the Word Stealer. This story tells of Johnny Hotfoot’s travels and the bravery which makes him a Hero and, with his wife, Sarah Sweetkiss, he is awarded full acceptance as a Citizen and to live on his Gondola which sails on the Sweetwater River. This is a tale with Heroes, like the Origami Brothers and King Alpha, with his Queen Omega and the bad folk, like the Skinners and Night Hawks, the Vole-Soldiers and the black Rook, also known as the ‘Word Stealer’.< Less
Uffe the Gnome's Adventures By Michael Garrett & Valerie Baadh
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Four adventure stories - designed to get young ones moving - are set in four seasons with our fine friend Uffe, a gnome. Uffe lives deep in the woods, in his cozy home under the roots. Adventures... More > come knocking at his round little gate, and we meet many of his many friends, flora and fauna on the way to the Palace for the autumn festival, towards a mysterious tree of light lit by the elves in winter, following snow melt in the spring, and to the native American Hill of the Hawk in the summer. Set in rhythmic rhyme, each tale creates a dynamic series of inner imaginations to delight young and old alike. Written by Waldorf movement educator Valerie Baadh and her husband, stage designer Michael Garrett, these stories will enchant you for years to come. Originally used as scripts for large-scale circuses in Waldorf Schools, our little book is also used as a First Grade reader.< Less
Insurance Fraudulent Claims Investigators at Accidental Benefits/Motor Vehicle Crash Claims Investigations By Gian Roque
eBook (PDF): $8.92
Accidental claim fraud is one of the most popular insurance frauds that have been dramatically increasing day by day. Unfortunately, there are millions of insured who wants to take benefits through... More > fraudulent activities. They can narrate the whole incident which apparently looks very real and on the basis of it, many of the insurance companies end with the loss of a big amount of currency. The story for fake claim can be narrated in a very professional way, where doctors, witness are ready even to provide their statements or fake medial certificates. Our investigation will not only be zoomed around the insured but it will be based upon all facts and figures where we can grab the whole plan. We believe that we need to find out the pure facts and findings and on behalf of our report, our client not even save the money but also can take proper actions against fraud. However, the companies always try our best that our client become more vigilant and review each and every matter through the hawk eye.< Less
Plays Jocose By Bob Hayden
Paperback: $24.95
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Three full-length plays. Nun, Set and Match takes a look at chicken hawks, legal and illegal, and questions the so-called age of consent laws passed to mollify religious morality. Sister Angelica... More > anchors two stories of teenagers in love with their elders, and has a rogue story of her own. The Letter from Mount Idy follows the lives of two gay and religious boys from their meeting at a state fair, through their trials in the rural mid-west as they marry and adopt children. Gradually, they are accepted by their community, and wonder what all the fuss was about. Oh yes, one is Mormon and the other is Amish. The Man About Town is a fantasy inspired by the life and times of Lucius Beebe, designed to return spectacle to the stage in an era when it was commonplace. Lovers of Wagnerian operas will hate it, while railroad buffs will applaud. As Alistair Cadbury rids New York of the head of the Metropolitan Opera, a sub-plot plays out a gay version of Cyrano, as perhaps written by Dawn Powell.< Less
Staying Afloat By Judy King Villella
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Tugboat captain Calpurnia Allison is piloting her craft into the harbor when she her crew have found a dead body—one that spent several days in Long Beach Harbor. When the police identify the... More > corpse as Thomas Hawke, an unpleasant seaman with a fondness for blackmail, there is no shortage of suspects, where everyone in the harbor knew the dead man and no one liked him. Suspicion falls on a member of Cal’s small crew. Cal is no lawyer, but she knows injustice when she sees it. If she doesn’t derail the police investigation, her struggling tugboat business will be down to one man, and Cal will lose a valued friend. Could she lose her new beau Mike Bollard in the process? Everywhere she looks there are suspects. Author Judy Villella knows the world of ships and boats in Southern California firsthand, and she knows how to keep her readers turning the pages. Filled with the suspense of storms and saltwater as well as the hunt for a killer, Staying Afloat will keep you staying awake until you finish the story.< Less
Read This Book By Steve Wax
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Read this Book is a quirky and humorous sci-fi novel which focuses on two central characters - Clyde West and Greta Hope, and their plight to save the universe - which is utterly screwed. Everyone is... More > losing their “soul” and as Ray Charles once said, “it’s like electricity - we don’t really know what it is; but the soul is a force which can light up a room.” Alas, the world was becoming dark and lifeless. Can humanity survive in a soul-less society? To find out you will cross through alternative dimensions, underground worlds and the second largest sausage factory in Europe. You will learn the truth about God and understand why all the great biblical characters had long bushy beards. You will meet Boris - the vice chairperson of the Ukrainian Stephen Hawking Appreciation Society, Nigel - the philandering Pope, and Lileth, the first woman born on earth. And you will laugh and cry, and then laugh again because you realise it wasn’t that sad after all.< Less
The Night Life of the Gods By Thorne Smith
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The madcap story of a scientist who instigates a nocturnal spree with the Greek gods is arguably his most sparkling comedic achievement. Hunter Hawk has a knack for annoying his ultra respectable... More > relatives. He likes to experiment and he particularly likes to experiment with explosives. His garage-cum-laboratory is a veritable minefield, replete with evil-smelling clouds of vapor through which various bits of wreckage and mysteriously bubbling test tubes are occasionally visible. With the help of Megaera, a fetching nine-hundred-year-old lady leprechaun he meets one night in the woods, he masters the art (if not the timing) of transforming statues into people. And when he practices his new witchery in the stately halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art setting Bacchus, Mercury, Neptune, Diana, Hebe, Apollo, and Perseus loose on the unsuspecting citizenry of Prohibition-era New York the stage is set for Thorne Smith at his most devilish and delightful.< Less
Changelings Book 1 Dragons & Demons Illustrated By James A. McVean
eBook (PDF): $2.36
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ATEH-MALKUTH-VE GEBBURAH-VE GEDDULAH-LA OHLAM-AMEN Someone is slaying wizards and uttering the six words of power: Breaking the ancient magical bonds that bind the Demon horde to the Netherworld...... More > **** Now evil stalks the land, seeking the magic of life that will free the rest of their hellish brethren. The world is in dire peril and the only hope for salvation lies in the hands of a lowly pickpocket. **** When a young orphan - Jack the Hawk - steals a silver flask from a travelling wizard, he is transformed into a magical creature and is plunged into a world of dreadful impending disaster that only he can help prevent. **** As the Changeling he must cross an impenetrable mountain range and seek the aid of mythical Dragons; he must travel to the Netherworld, where the Demons and Angels battle perpetually; and resurrect an ancient hero. **** Jack must return with help in time, or the world will be doomed… **** ATEH-MALKUTH-VE GEBBURAH-VE GEDDULAH-LA OHLAM-AMEN< Less
She Speaks By Annie Evans
Paperback: $11.00
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She Speaks is an anthology of five monologues written by playwright and TV writer Annie Evans. The pieces were produced at such theaters as Manhattan Class Company, Circle Repertory Company,... More > Ensemble Studio Theatre and starred Allison Janney, Judith Hawking, Betsy Aidem, Jane Addams, among others. The monologues are: I CAN’T STOP THINKING TODAY: A props woman grapples with the loss of a mentor while comically creating a conquistador helmet for “Man of La Mancha.” SLEEPWALKING: a young insomniac stumbles across a host of fellow late night New Yorkers while contemplating why she is always awake. LIGHTNING: Desperate to get pregnant, a woman debates tampering with her birth control and the consequences that may befall her from a higher power. BREASTS: A young woman ponders her complicated relationship with her breasts in the aftermath of cancer surgery. LUCY: A scientist haunted by an old affair and her inability to save the African Elephants attempts to move ahead in her own life.< Less

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