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This is the SECOND EDITION with 90 full color pages updated and added. "Prog rock had Roger Dean, ’80s death metal had Dan Seagrave, and now, the new wave of American heavy metal has Tom... More > Denney, who creates some of the most intense and intricate album covers since the psychedelic ’70s. Full of writhing monsters, skulls, tentacles, and voluptuous women, Denney’s work harkens back to rock and roll iconography of old, but the California-based artist manages to create work that perfectly encapsulates the dirty crunch and smoke-blurred atmosphere of bands such as Lair of the Minotaur, Kylesa, Sourvein, Soilent Green, and other such bands." "Tom Denney, I have nothing but the utmost respect for him. there is world of music ignored by 95% of the population and Tom is at the forefront supporting bands and keeping the underground music scene alive with his amazing and unique artistic vision. A huge value to the art and music world." - Jason Corley,-(16)-< Less
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Darling Heathens By David MacRae
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AMBITIOUS salesman Ian Buchan has four passions. His job, his wife, his children ... and a series of lovers. Life becomes even more complicated when he is promoted to run a factory which is jinxed by... More > a series of accidents. The outdated plant makes metal forgings in Britain's Black Country. But as the 20th Century draws to a close, heavy industry is on its last legs. Even the owners want the factory closed. At the heart of the story is risk-taker Buchan: managing, motivating ... and seducing. With the help of his women he comes up with a daring plan to save his factory. It is plain that author David MacRae had a ringside seat for events he crisply describes. The action switches from bedroom to boardroom. Triumph mingles with tragedy. Buchan’s background music is provided by hammers pounding on the factory’s anvils. Are they beating out an anthem for success, or sounding his retreat?< Less
Silver Cross By Mary Johnston
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Silver Cross Records is alternative rock and heavy metal label founded in Belgrade, Serbia. ly started in March of 1993 label was disbanded in 1997. In the middle of war in Yugoslavia this label... More > propagated anti-war messages to the public in Serbia, in the form of anti-war music projects.The main project for this label is “Witness of the 1st Discussion” compilation album which includes 9 bands. The message "dedicated to all young people fled from their country running away from a senseless war." Excerpt from: Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book.< Less
Event Horizon of Yin and Yang By Tina Guo
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A beautiful, full-color collection of poems, dreams, musings, and vibrant photo art by Tina Guo, world-renowned classical cellist and heavy metal electric cellist. She has been described by 'All... More > Access Magazine' as "a musical prodigy" leaving audiences "utterly speechless and amazed" and by 'Quills, Quotes and Notes' as "a young woman of such intense passion for her art. I feel immense awe and hope fulfilled to know that this world will be, in the near future, cradled in the hands of such gifted and philosophical young people who delve into a far deeper meaning and understanding of life." Visit for her audio and video clips, as well as her tour schedule.< Less
Bruce By Albert Payson Terhune
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Bruce Dickinson, a British heavy metal singer, has released six studio albums, two live albums, one compilations, ten singles, three video albums, fourteen music videos, and one box set. In 1979,... More > after playing in local groups, Dickinson joined hard rock band Samson. He departed after two years to become Iron Maiden's lead vocalist. His debut with this band is considered a "masterpiece", which was followed with a series of top-ten releases. In 1989, while Iron Maiden were taking a year off, Dickinson and former Gillan guitarist, Janick Gers, composed a song for a film soundtrack. His solo debut, Tattooed Millionaire (1990), was an effort that favoured a hard rock/pop metal approach, different from what fans assumed would be an aggressive, Iron Maiden-like album. Four songs—the title track, "Dive! Dive! Dive! Excerpt from: Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book.< Less
The Art of Idiocier By Brian Newton Fuller
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If you thought Brian Newton Fuller's first book, The Art of Idiocy - Public School Years, was a laugh riot, then get ready to lower your standards once again for his follow-up, The Art of Idiocier -... More > Beyond the Public School Years. With more sordid and twisted tales of bad decisions resulting in comic outcomes such as: - College - when your alcohol level is higher than your GPA - Working summer jobs with future felons - Learning a temp job from a drunk person - Finding out that the biggest drug dealer from high school is now a licensed pharmacist - Discovering the perils of a whiskey enema - What epididymitis and daytime television have in common - Heavy metal music, hookers and stand-up comedy - A rock and roll drive-by - And not one, but two ventriloquist stories. These, along with a few fiction stories that "just ain't right", make The Art of Idiocier - Beyond the Public School Years ... another book written by Brian Newton Fuller.< Less
The Rothko Room By Russell Cruse
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Having picked up the wrong man at the airport, Vanessa Aldridge can’t imagine what her boss will say. But when her passenger kills two men, steals the car and abandons her in the centre of... More > Rome dressed only in her lingerie and high heels, she reckons she might be able to take a guess. In jail and out of a job, a visit from a consular official persuades her that the worst is over; and so it is, if you don’t count being kidnapped and forced to cross the Alps on horseback. And she hasn’t even met Arthur Shepherd yet. Arthur’s a cleaner working for Lambeth Council. His chief accountabilities include knifing, shooting, strangling or occasionally shoving under buses, anyone who might prove an embarrassment to the nation. When a number of his colleagues find themselves on the sticky end of a variety of sharp, heavy or very high velocity bits of metal, Arthur reasons he could well be next. The Rothko Room is a tale of murder, music, fine art, tea and toilets.< Less
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We have to go deep into the gloom of the murky ASStral Arena that most people do not want to even consider, accept those that like heavy metal music and devilish symbols tattooed all over themselves.... More > Here you will find the headquarters of the Reptilian Alien Invaders that have made 'deals' with some of the Religious and Political Kontrollers on the many RoundWorlds in the Physical Realm. These Kontrolling Kreatures actually eat the little humans like humans eat GMO Doritos. As we move thru all the yukky glokk and smelly gruesome odors of knarled formations, we finally come to where the Queen HESELF is hiding. SHE is a Scaly Reptilian Deformity with grotesque features from all the lifetimes of battling and murder and having a really bad attitude. What SHE represents is what is seen on the surface world of the Restricting Religious Regimes, those that Totally Kontrol all the RoundWorlds in disguise of something genuine, but the very radical opposite fact is definitely so.< Less
Rock Urbano, el antes y el después By Rafael Escobar Contreras
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Historia de los grupos que surgieron en torno al movimiento músical llamado Rock Urbano, del movimiento anterior conocido como música progresiva, surgida en tres zonas diferenciadas:... More > rock del norte, mesetario y andaluz, y el movimiento posterior llamado heavy metal. Más de 150 biografías que comprenden el periodo que va desde inicios de los años 70 hasta finales de los 80, ilustradas con más de 200 fotografías.< Less

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