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The Hermetic Genesis By Seila Orienta
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This novella informs the reader about the tasks of the Blue Monks, Urgaya, Shamballa Master Yoshuah (Christ) and Master Arion (Franz Bardon), that have not been known until now. The Genesis or... More > creation is shown from the perspective of the hermetic side. Although, this book contains symbolism and metaphors, it clearly tells the genesis of our existence and our purpose in this universe.< Less
HERMETIC TABLET By Volume One Winter Solstice
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The Hermetic Tablet is a quarterly Journal of Western Ritual Magic where people, from all traditions, share their experiences. Some of the contributors are well known names in the occult field, while... More > others are just those who want to share knowledge and experiences with the public. This issue includes articles written by the following writers: Jake Stratton-Kent, Mike Magee, Chic & Sandra Tabatha Cicero, Aaron Leitch, Christine Zalewski, Nick Farrell, Paola Farrell, Jayne Gibson, Samuel Scarborough, Harry Wendrich, Carman Lawrick, Cynthia Caton and Angela Seraphim. The Journal covers a wide range of different subjects all related to Western Ritual Magic, including Goetia, Theurgy, Angelic Magic, Ancient Egypt, and pagan ritual. There is something for anyone, from all spiritual traditions who wants to know about practical Western Ritual Magic.< Less
Hermetic Qabalah By Oliver St. John
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Reawakening the Serpent Power allows the release of the energies required to transcend the ordinary perceptions of the mind for the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian... More > Angel. The Angel or supranatural power of divinity can assist us to reopen the doorway to unity that marks the return to the Garden of Eden. The Serpent Power ascending the twenty-two pathways of the Tree of Life is the hidden key that, when directed by the will of the Holy Guardian Angel, can unlock the gateway that isolates the aspect of consciousness trapped in matter or Malkuth. Thus the way is opened for liberation by reunion with the immortal principle of spirit represented by Kether on the Tree of Life.< Less
The Hermetic Museum By A.E. Waite
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The Hermetic Museum contains the most celebrated ancient alchemical texts. Originally published in 1678 in Latin, it supplied a representative collection of alchemical writers and faithfully... More > instructed Disciples of the Sopho-Spagyric Art on how to find and hold the Philosopher`s Stone. Cornerstone Reprint Series< Less
Actualize It! By The Hermetic Order of the Phoenix School of Metaphysics
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The answer to Life, The Universes and Everything is on page 42. The 12Step Possess for Earthlings... To be Happy Joyous and Free! Includes 21 day work-book
Hermetic Philosophy and Alchemy: A Suggestive Inquiry Into the Hermetic Mystery By Mary Anne Atwood
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This book is one of the best and most comprehensive about Hermetic philosophy and a perfect textbook for your first steps into alchemy. A real suggestive inquiry into the Hermetic mystery. When... More > Atwood made her suggestive inquiry into what was termed "The Hermetic Mystery," she supposed that the adept Hieophants put the candidate into a deep trance and his soul was led into something that was for her the Supreme Oneness of everything.< Less
Xénobie des Îles-sous-le-Vent By Marie-Madeleine Hermet
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Roman au parfum exotique qui se dilue sous les oliviers de la Basse-Provence dans les effluves d'une cuisine épicée. Un roman cruel mettant en scène une femme et un homme peu... More > scrupuleux sur les moyens quand il s'agit de thésauriser, d'amonceler les victuailles qui vont engraisser leur florissante couvée ; mais aussi un roman rédempteur où le regard, derrière la vilénie des actes, sait entrevoir l'infime beauté des êtres.< Less
Swedenborg, a Hermetic Philosopher By Ethan Allen Hitchcock
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This book shows that Emanuel Swedenborg was a hermetic philosopher and that his writings may be interpreted from the point of view of hermetic philosophy. It includes a chapter comparing Swedenborg... More > and Spinoza.< Less
Hermetic Medical Studies 1 By Esoteric Studies
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This is Volume 1 of the Hermetic Medical Studies, and contains 2 complete texts: "The Life and Doctrines of PARACELSUS Extracted and Translated from his Rare and Extensive Works and from some... More > Unpublished Manuscripts" by Franz Hartmann, M.D. "PARACELSUS, His Personality and Influence as Physician, Chemist and Reformer" by John M. Stillman < Less
Hermetic Medical Studies 2 By Esoteric Studies
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This is Volume 2 of the Hermetic Medical Studies, it is a reprint of a 1894 book: "The Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of PARACELSUS THE GREAT" translated by E.A. Waite The chapters... More > include: 1) Book of Vexations 2) Book Concerning the Tincture of the Philosophers 3) The Gradations of Metals 4) The Treasure of Treasures for Alchemists 5) Concerning the Transmutation of Metals and of Cements 6) The Aurora of the Philosophers 7) Concerning the Spirit of the Planets 8) The Economy of Minerals or The Genealogy of Minerals 9) The Composition of Metals 10) Concerning the Nature of Things (in 9 books) 11) The Paracelsic Method of Extracting Mercury from all the Metals 12) The Sulphur of the Metals 13) The Crocus of the Metals 14) The Philosophy of Theophrasthus concerning the Generations of the Elements (in 4 books) and more...< Less