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Heroes Journey By Jamarcus Newton
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This is the first installment of the Heroes Journey saga.
The Heroes By Ryan Gerry, Ludwig Bartels
Paperback: $4.75
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An adventure story written by two 3rd graders who are best friends with great imagination. This is the first book written by these aspiring authors. Enjoy this hilarious journey as Ryan and Ludwig... More > battle Little Mrs. Weaky and her evil robots.< Less
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Hero By Shallow Sister
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“Exhilarating. A romance all men should read.” Nick Fletcher – Producer – Chakara An erotic love story set against the backdrop of the Venice Carnival where fantasy toys... More > with reality. A woman seduced by letters from a man risks all for a tryst. She must submit completely to this stranger to see if, by the giving of herself, love can enter her dark soul. This mysterious man who walks in the shadows takes her through the sexual abyss of a clandestine world beneath the frivolous splendour of Carnival. He too has secrets that shackle him to his past. The struggle to repair their damaged selves is racy, intense, atmospheric and dangerous. Their journey is not just of the body but of the psyche as they peel back emotional layers. Will love destroy; or can it heal?< Less
The Hero's Journey Fantasy Roleplaying By James Spahn
Hardcover: $39.99
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The Hero's Journey Fantasy Roleplaying™ is a complete tabletop roleplaying game based on and compatible with Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox™. It provides fourteen classes, a complete... More > bestiary, rules for adventuring, with optional rules to help you tailor your gaming experience and tell the legendary stories that you've always imagined. All you need is this book, a few dice, and a stout heart. Inside these pages you've find a information from previous supplements in the White Box line of products published by Barrel Rider Games that have been compiled, updated, streamlined and integrated with the material found in Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox™ to create a complete roleplaying game. This information has been packaged in a clean, visually appealing design to create a game with the options of fantasy gaming from the 1980s and 1990s while holding to the simplicity and flexibility of the early days of the hobby.< Less
Living Outrageously Your Hero's Journey By Dave Thompson
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Stop living a boring life and start living outrageously - it's time your began YOUR Hero's Journey, to whatever is outrageous for you. In this ground-breaking manifesto, #1 iTunes podcast host and... More > Peak Performance Coach Dave Thompson reveals how ordinary people can achieve outrageous results in their lives and businesses.< Less
SEAGULLS IN CORNWALL A photostory of a hero's journey By Angelika Wingen
Hardcover: $23.19
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A photographic documentation. The author was "invited" by the nesting seagulls on the roof to witness their world as if being part of the family - the world though of the endangered species... More > of wild seagulls. Thrilling, amusing, sad and heartwarming photographs tell this true story of these "miniature flying dinosaurs" by the sea in Cornwall.< Less
Not Quite A Hero By Timothy Tober
eBook (PDF): $6.99
A young rebel, expelled from school at 16 and facing criminal charges, turns to the Army for help. Soon after, he would discover that his real problems were not at home, but rather waiting for him in... More > boot camp. Follow the incredible journey of a boy who leaves home on his 17th birthday and has to fight every day of his life thereafter just to make it through the next 15 weeks of pure hell.< Less
Unlikely Heroes By C.S. Kaddi
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In September 1991, unpaid soldiers of Zaire and many poor, hungry civilians participate in a massive rampage and looting spree. They march through Kinshasa destroying homes and businesses. Trapped... More > inside this storm, an American family awaits rescue. Jonathan, the Rhodesian ridgeback, knows the family is in danger. His duty is to keep them safe. To protect the family from ensuing chaos, he needs Rainbow, the parrot, to gather information outside the family compound. He must also rely on the family pets that reside inside the house—Muki (the Poodle) and Bandit (the adopted kitten). It is a story of self-discovery, of friendship, of finding one’s way home and of being left behind. Jonathan, Rainbow, Muki and Bandit overcome their distrust of one another and work together to calm the fears of the family and guide them to safety. Their heroic and often mischievous deeds will make you laugh and bring you to tears. Through their eyes, we witness the heartbreak, resilience and beauty that is Africa.< Less
IMAGINE RECOVERY A Hero's Journey Through Addiction Workbook By Wendyne Limber
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Imagine Recovery is a workbook for those who are ready to heal and transform addiction to alcohol, drugs, food, sex, work, love and relationships. The work takes the reader/writer through the 12... More > Shamanic Steps of Recovery as one's own hero journey!< Less