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Hexagonal Symmetry By Tony Healey
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10 poems by Tony Healey, best-selling author of the Far From Home series
Victorian Hexagonal Doily By Unknown Author from late 1800s
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This elegant doily was originally designed to be a lamp mat. The pattern is from late 1800s. Click on Preview this book to see the picture. It is on the first page, not on the cover.
Morning Flower Afghan & Pillow - Vintage Crochet Pattern By Vintage Pattern Collection
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Feminine and glamorous, crocheted flower motifs blossom into an enchantingly delicate pattern. This pattern was original published in 1939 “Afghans”, by Spool Cotton Company. This... More > finished piece is approx. 53 x 65 inches. A chart is included for joing the motifs. Afghan: Appr. 53" x 65" Pillow: 15” in diameter Yarn and crochet hook information are updated to today's standards.< Less
Museo Soumaya: Facade Design to Fabrication By Jason Sidelko
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Museo Soumaya: Facade Design to Fabrication explores the process of creating the facade for Mexico City's iconic art museum.
Mysteries of the Wall Clock By Henry Ofoegbu
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All living things make use of time consciously or unconsciously. Human beings are more conscious of time. Almost every home in our society today has a wall clock hanging on its wall. Although we make... More > use of this incredible product of science and technology, many of us have failed to discover or notice the secrets hidden in it. For instance, the Star of David; a historical symbol which holds powerful and unique meaning to the Israelis and of course, a symbol on their treasured National flag is found on the wall clock. The Hexagon, a geometric shape found in nature such as in Honey bee hives, snowflakes, even on the planet Saturn can be found in the wall Clock. The Star of David and the Hexagon have six sides. The Biblical significance of the number six (6) is Man. The question is; how are these shapes derived and what principles were used? Secondly, what significant meaning does these shapes and numbers hold?< Less
Introducing PseuDoh! By Louis Hoelbling
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This illustrates that the strategy of Sudoku is not limited to 4 sided shapes, but can be 3,5,6... I have coined the term PseuDoh! to represent this overall multisided generalization that Sudoku is... More > but a subset of. Includes 20 puzzles.< Less
The Shape Team: Hector Realizes He Needs His Friends By Nathan Cox
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Hector Hexagon realizes that maintaining friendships is important.
God Saw That It Was Good By Tresta Neil
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If a triangle is the shape for the number 3, what is the shape for the number 2? What does symbology have to do with the creation? Everything!! Within these pages you will find the creation... More > story and its symbolism. On the right side of each page is the story for the young reader with colored pictures. The left side of the page is the background to the story, the ancient Hebrew symbols and how to draw perfect shapes. You will discover how God uses sequencing and other beautiful and simple truths in creating. This is an overview book of the numbers 1 through 7 in the “How to Discover” series.< Less
Circle Grid By Sebastien Gouin-Davis
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This is a new take on classic graphing paper. With a grid of nested circles one can easily draw shapes like perfect equilateral triangles, hexagons, and every one of the platonic solids (in 2d of... More > course). This is something that the 90 and 45 degree restrictions of classical graph paper do not allow. Perfect for sacred geometry, or a general refresh on your graphing paper. You are also still able to draw straight lines and 90 degree angles as well.< Less
Birth of Air Force Satellite Reconnaissance: Facts, Recollections and Reflections By Peter Swan, Cathy Swan, Rick Larned
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This history of SAFSP is dedicated to all those men and women who fought the Cold War, in silence – from above. No organization is better at gathering overhead intelligence than the U.S.... More > National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). Today’s NRO grew out of 3 organizations: AF, CIA, and Navy. The AF office for satellite reconnaissance was called the Secretary of Air Force's Office of Special Projects [SAFSP]. This monograph describes the birth of Air Force satellite reconnaissance. When SAFSP was created in response to Presidential recognition of a national imperative, 4 tenets captured the sense of urgency: direct access to national leadership, covert management/operations, highest national priority, and rapid procurement. 
 In addition, 3 management principles led to SAFSP’s success over 30+ years of providing reconnaissance intelligence: strong dedication to mission, empowerment at all levels, and reporting by exception.< Less