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So Called . Naxalism , its a Govt of India done terrorism against poorer Tribes , and mass kill, ,abuse , high level ,injustice, inequity , against poorer Tribes , from past 66 years , by taking , there rights of life , righ By Ruhel Chisty MRACI CChem A
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So Called . Naxalism , its a against poorer Tribes , and mass kill, ,abuse , high level ,injustice, inequity , against poorer Tribes , from past 66 years , by taking , ... More > there rights of life , rights of land rights of tree, rights of farms +rights of Fresh air, on gun point =from 1947 to till now 2012, Nov, Poor tribes , of Orissa ,Chhattisgarh, Karnataka , Budalkhand , Border of Bihar, UP, !?? to make happy +rise to the Rich Hindu businessmen and Middle rich Hindus ,< Less
Carl Schuricht conducts the beginning at around quarter=100 but veers as high as quarter=120 (see fig.1 on p.233). Then, at around bar 54 he bursts ahead to nearly a quarter=140 (see fig.2 on p.335). As he approaches the 2nd theme, at bar 95 he pulls... By Todd Van Buskirk
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The purpose of “figures” is to present visual information directly relevant to the content of the document, especially information that would be hard to explain in written text. A figure... More > may present information from published sources. Provide a parenthetical insertion within the text of the document at the point where you wish the reader to refer to the figure; e.g.: (see fig. 1). If you do not use original content, a source citation must be included. Citations are references to another textual element from the perspective of the citing document. In order to have citations, there must be a cited-citing pair. From a formal perspective, cited-citing pairs are relations. The relational operation is recursive: for example, citations may refer to other texts in which citations refer to still other texts. Thus, a network of citation relations is spanned at each moment in time and reproduced over time. Therefore, citations have a position in a multi-dimensional space constituted by other citations.< Less
According to me (De Acuerdo a Ti) By ENL students from Bronx Business
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What would you do if you could see through someone else’s eyes? This is the challenge that 10th grade students at Bronx High School of Business took on as they explored different perspectives... More > in their writing. These young writers ask, “how can I help you see what I see?” In compelling narrative accounts, they share significant experiences from their point of view. But students didn’t stop there, they flipped it, and imagined what it was like for the person they shared the moment with. You will read imagined accounts by their parents, sisters, brothers, and respected adults in their lives. You might even look out for the non-fiction account of a brave parent who wrote alongside their child to share their point of view. Prepare to be moved, laugh, cry, and appreciate these emerging writers and their stories. According to me y de acuerdo a ti will leave you wondering if there’s more than just one way to recall a memory.< Less
My Year 2009 By John Verkley
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A year in photo's of my adventures and family
Weekend Success 3: Geometry. Planes. By Sam Mela
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Now parents can tutor their children in math, even if they have no knowledge of the subject matter. Planes in high school geometry is an exceptionally simple and effective method for parents to... More > assist their school age children in geometry. The parent needs no knowledge of geometry in order to help their son or daughter work through the material. All the parent needs to do is step through the workbook with the student, asking the questions and keeping the italicized answers covered. Super simple! Super easy to use!< Less
New Jersey State Parks: History and Facts By Kevin Woyce
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Some of New Jersey's most exciting history can be found in our more than two dozen State Parks. Names such as Wawayanda and Hopatcong remind us of the Lenape, or "Original People." Historic... More > battlefields recall New Jersey's perilous years as "the crossroads of the American Revolution." Abandoned forges still speak of our first great industry, and we can trace the beginnings of our transportation network in the paths of the Morris and the Delaware and Raritan Canals. From the top of New Jersey's highest mountain to our last undeveloped beaches, discover the stories of our parks: who called them home in the past, what happened in and around them, and how they have been preserved for generations of visitors. Illustrated throughout with original black and white photographs of New Jersey's historic landmarks, parks, and scenic wonders.< Less
Air Defense By peter dancey
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Each government has a duty to protect its citizens from attack from the air. Britain was one of the first to address the problem and contributed greatly to modern day systems by the invention of CH... More > radar and AI radars. The Soviets developed the highly effective Surface to air Missile but the problems of maintaining adequate air defense remain the same today as they did 100 years ago in 1915 when they were first addressed.< Less
my Soul is Singing By Lindsey Forss
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"my Soul is Singing" is a collection of poetry by Lindsey Forss. All profits from this book go directly towards funding "Point of Convergence," the D.C. Everest Senior High School... More > literary magazine.< Less
The Curse of Wolf Island By Scott Neesley
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The man ambled over to the great cottonwood tree, surveying the land. The squirrel barked a high-pitched warning to the man from high above, alerting him to the presence of the wolf. The man was now... More > less than twenty-five feet away from the wolf as his black shoes trampled through the crackling leaves. He knew he needed to cut the man off from his only escape route—the boat, so he waited silently until the man passed by him in the leaves. The patient wolf decided the time was right. He uncoiled in one quick flash, sprung off the ground and landed directly onto the man’s long black coat, sending them both tumbling to the ground and back into the leaves. The man’s screams pierced the air, and he grabbed at his wounded leg as the wolf retreated backwards. The man dragged his bleeding, now useless leg behind him as he crab-walked backwards on his hands and feet, screaming for help. Suddenly a terrifying thought came to the man --no help was going to come for him on this Wolf Island.< Less
Compendium II: The Splintered Song By Serena Blair
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All signs point to Torrine. The beginning and the end… Torrine is rife with chaos. Not only is it the seat of the Apprentice’s dark domain, its current state of civil unrest has left... More > the city vulnerable. Though the empress’s bloodlines are questionable, her motives are not. As the clans plot to overthrow her, she struggles to fight for her birthright, praying in secret for an avenger. When a far greater threat emerges from the shadows, all grudges and blood feuds must be laid aside. In order to survive, the four great races must reunite< Less

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