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Në aspektin e formimit kultural, të referencave, të eksperiencave, është në një tjetër Galaksi, me vite drite larg nesh … Por se identiteti shqiptar... More > është prezent dhe i afirmuar në vepren e tij, pa e mohuar edhe pjesen evidente frankofone. Kemi të bëje me nje Artist të intuiteve, instinkteve, të perjetimeve, të kujtesave, të erëzave, të gusteve, të shijeve dhe të shqisave, poet i energjive, i valëve, i atmosferave, i dashurive … nuk futet në shkollen puro rationale dhe cerebrale. Autori është magnetik dhe na tëhjek në stuhinë ose tsunamin e tij poetik, marramendjen e vargjeve, fyshek zjarret e tij leksikore, dhe efektet e pa ndërprera të surprizes, të papriturës.< Less
Daihatsu Hijet OWNERS MANUAL 1999-2007 S210P Chassis By Trebor Snetram
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Owners manual for chassis number S210P produced from 1999 to 2007. Fuse, liquid capacity, towing, maintenance requirements and other useful information for S210P owners.
Daihatsu Hijet English Electrical Service Manual S200P S210P S320V S330V By James Danko
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Factory Service manual for the following Daihatsu Hijet trucks & Vans: TE-S200P LE-S200P TE-S210P LE-S210P TE-S200C LE-S200C TE-S210C LE-S210C LE-S320V GBD-S320V LE-S330V GBD-S330V LE-S320W... More > LE-S330W including Dump & Jumbo Options. Engines covered in this manual include EF-SE, EF-VE, and EF-DET Turbocharged units. Both 2WD & 4WD, including A/T & M/T vehicles. Every circuit and electrical component is broken-down for easy and fast troubleshooting. Complete handy Pin & Connector guides along with all wiring color codes make troubleshooting a breeze. Easy to read and follow Diagrams let you see what you are looking for right down to the Connector, Pin, and wire location. With this manual you will be able to troubleshoot the entire vehicle in no time. 90% of problems with the Hijet are electronically related; sensors, relays, broken or shorted wires. Have your truck or van back in factory running condition in no time. Over 280 Pages printed in large scale for easy viewing. Written by a Mechanic for Mechanics!< Less
Daihatsu English Factory Service Manual Full Version By James L. Danko
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S83-S100-S110-S120-S130-S140 660cc Series: This is the new full mechanical version loaded with hundreds of easy to follow picture diagrams and explanations written in plain and easy to understand... More > English. Identify your vehicle and decode all main items! Vehicle-Engine-Transmission-Differential & More! Rebuild your engine, change a clutch. Troubleshoot your engine, and find a part you need. Locate where parts are located!< Less
Daihatsu EFSE, EFVE, EFVN, EFDET Series Engine Factory Service Manual 1999 to 2009 By James Danko
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Daihatsu EFSE, EFVE, EFVN, EFVD, EFDET Series Engines Factory Engine Overhaul Service Manual. Rebuild your HIJET S200 Series trucks and vans with this step by step engine overhaul manual. Hundreds of... More > illustrations let you rebuild you SOHC & DOHC version engines to factory specifications. Also covers Daihatsu passenger cars MIRA, MOVE, MAX and TANTO vehicles. A must for any professional rebuilding Daihatsu engines.< Less
2016-2019 Summit X Cab, Standard Cab LS By Trebor Snetram
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This is another excellently written manual by Trebor Snetram that gives operator and maintenance information for this vehicle sold in the US as a Daihatsu Summit X Cab, or standard cab, and in Japan... More > as a Daihatsu Hijet, Jumbo Cab, or regular cab. This manual is very critical for owners seeking to keep their vehicles in top running condition. Fuse, fluids, capacity, types, maintenance requirements and features that you might not notice.< Less

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