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Camino De La Luna – Unconditional Love (Without Pictures) By Pearl Howie
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In June 2016 I decided to sell my house of 22 years and leave my comfort zone. Slowly the Camino de Santiago showed itself and I decided, with no rucksack or hiking experience to start... But... More > that’s another story, the one that led to this. My Camino taught me to let go, to travel light and wash my clothes in the shower, but most importantly it taught me to trust my heart and my feet, to let my journey unfold naturally, instinctively, intuitively. In the words of the theme song from my favourite TV show, “Nobody knows where they might end up” when they follow their heart. Riding high on reaching the true destination of my Camino I raced to the airport to leave a country I'd fallen in love with but which I’d had enough of (for the moment). There were two flights out that night; Seattle or Vancouver. My heart was calling me to Seattle, the Emerald City, the home of my TV family, but it all depended on my cab driver and how fast I could run with a loaded rucksack.< Less
Falling for New England By Dave Underwood
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Karen always dreamed of visiting New York, and 2016 was the year the dream would finally come true. After a week in the Big Apple, our journey took us to Niagara and across to Quebec, where we... More > grabbed a car and headed south to explore the New England states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts. Our time in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont was split between two bases - Acadia National Park in Maine, and White Mountains in New Hampshire, both in historic Bed and Breakfasts beautifully located in small villages away from busy commercial hubs. We timed our visit perfectly. The landscape was ablaze with colour, from the snow-capped peak of Mount Washington down to the coastal forests of Mount Desert Island. Mild, sunny days gave way to cool, clear nights that were perfect for touring, and these were some of the finest memories of our trip - from the biggest, sweetest, juiciest scallops and lobster in Maine, to crunchy carpets of gold, red and brown on the hiking paths of White Mountain.< Less
Camino De La Luna - Truth (Without Pictures) By Pearl Howie
Paperback: $9.96
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The sixth and penultimate in the "Camino de la Luna" series (or eighth if you count "free Feeling Real Emotions Everyday" and "Japan Is Very Wonderful")... More > "Truth" continues the journey. “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself — and you are the easiest person to fool.” Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize winning physicist The moment I felt my real feelings, back in a Native American healing in 2016, I discovered what a great liar I was. Lonely, depressed, desperate… the lowest of the low… No matter how my life looked to anyone else the only thing that mattered was being real with myself. But I was still lying, so poetically, so romantically, tricking myself, that my lies grew even more dangerous. Luckily life protected me from myself, from acting on what I thought was real. Instead I got on a plane to Spain and started hiking, each step bringing me closer to the truth, which I would finally understand on the other side of the world. Also available as a full colour paperback.< Less
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The Yakushima Guide By Clive Witham
eBook (ePub): $11.52
Yakushima: A Yakumonkey Guide is the classic English guide to Yakushima now in its 3rd Edition. Everything you need to enjoy your visit to Yakushima is right here and right up-to-date! The 3rd... More > Edition includes: Getting to and getting around Yakushima. All types of accommodation from the free mountain huts and campsites to top-class resorts and everything inbetween. All the best restaurants, cafes, bakeries and bars are featured by area so you never need be far from lunch or dinner. See the sights with sections on waterfalls, rivers, beaches, parks, hot springs and museums. 16 hiking trails from gentle strolls to major expeditions, including the trail to Jomon Sugi and Miyanoura dake, have their own individual maps and full details of each route. All trails now have our original Yakumonkey coding system so you can easily combine trails to see the best of Yakushima. This really is a must-have guide and any visitor would be at a distinct loss without it.< Less
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The Mornings After By Ali L. Hall
Hardcover: $17.68
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In my mind, pregnancy would be a time of reading The New Yorker aloud to my baby in utero, Bach streaming gently in through a pair of Bose headphones laid tenderly over my belly, as a doting husband... More > shopped at Dean & DeLuca’s to satisfy my every craving. Instead, I endured pregnancy with psychotherapy, Reiki, and hikes with my dog Buddy. My pregnancy came on the heels of a short marriage and a quick divorce while I was living in Salt Lake City, Utah. The father of the baby wanted nothing to do with it, proclaiming that he was done with the “World Series of Pain,” his name for our relationship. The Mornings After is an account of my nine-month journey during which I prepared emotionally for motherhood, faced the mistakes of my past, and lived a life in stark contrast to that of my conservative, religious neighbors. My family and friends were thousands of miles away, but their love and support never wavered. This is how it felt to bring someone new into the world, and how it changed my life.< Less
Luckier Than Most By Harry D. White
Hardcover: $29.95
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This is Harry's story who was raised during the Great Depression and spent his childhood struggling and sacrificing. Uprooted 19 times by the age of 16, Harry spent his childhood on freight trains... More > and hitch-hiking around the country, being sent out to beg for food to feed his family, working the fields of California and living out in the open under an old oak tree. His determination to distance himself from an unhappy childhood led him to a life in the Army and into two war zones (World War II and the Korean Conflict). His decades-long career in bomb disposal and the U.S. Army Infantry exposed Harry to more danger than one can imagine. But when it mattered most, good training, luck and God always seemed to be on his side. Through it all, Harry held on to his steadfast belief that life is what you make it, determined to find happiness and by golly, he did! Reading Harry’s story - which in many ways is his generation’s story - you’ll realize why Tom Brokaw called this “The Greatest Generation.”< Less
Thriving & Surviving in San DIego By Gianna Butterfield et al.
Paperback: $12.00
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This book is the result of our inquiries regarding dichotomies in San Diego. The 7th graders at High Tech Middle Media Arts set out to hike all the way from Border Field State Park to Cabrillo... More > National Monument-23 miles! On the journey, we observed and inspected our personal dichotomies by finding images that showed them in our city. In the beginning of the project, we were stuck on dichotomies that were a little more shallow like Water vs. Land and Mountains vs. Beach, but upon deeper investigation we were able take our learning to the next step. We began to notice things that weren’t as obvious, but were more interesting and figurative like Freedom vs. Entrapment, Peace vs. Chaos, and our group’s collective dichotomy-Wealth vs. Poverty. Through this project, we came to find that Thriving and Surviving is one large difference that is very prominent in San Diego. Inside this book, you will not only see our journey through San Diego, but our journey of learning and growth.< Less
How Online Quiz Maker Can Make Your Coaching Business Successful? By saket singh
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Long gone are those days when coaching institutes were limited in number and attracted sole dependency of students upon them. These day coaching centers have drastically increased in number, making... More > this business a “not so lucrative” deal anymore, the only way to excel is by making your approach technologically forward. The thought of making your coaching center stand out from that of others can take you a long way into earning profit out of it. Online Quiz Maker is one such tool that can give you a lot of scope to transform your regular classes into an automate wonder. Attracting students through technologically backed learning and teaching techniques is a sure way of giving hike to your coaching business. Through this informative guide, you can get a detailed idea of how Online Quiz makers are your one shot scope to success. To get a secure Online Quiz maker software, visit -< Less

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My Wars My Wars By Richard Bushong
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