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King Arthur's Tribe: A New Anthropology of the Veneti By Piero Favero
eBook (PDF): $9.14
Why has the character of King Arthur been so successful over the centuries? The answer can be found in the aura of mystery surrounding his figure. Indeed, there are no certainties about him. We do... More > not know when he was born and where his kindgom was. In order to solve the mystery, it would thus be of great help to identify “the tribe that created his myth”. Could it have been the Veneti? The Veneti were a very ancient and fascinating people, scattered in various areas of Europe, and this volume thus sets out to offer an innovative study on the Veneti of the Atlantic and Baltic areas through a comprehensive analysis of historical, archaeological and mythological aspects. Authoritative international sources have been incorporated to guide the reader toward an intriguing reinterpretation of the ancient Veneti which reveals unsuspected aspects of a far-gone world, which was so different from ours. What emerges is a forgotten heritage that culturally links distant areas of Europe.< Less
Shadows In The Forest: Woodland Warriors Of The Mississippi Valley By Tim L. Jarvis
Paperback: $19.95
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Shadows In The Forest is written in two parts. The first part is dedicated to the woodland Indians who called the Mississippi Valley their home for centuries. Using primary source documentation,... More > award winning author Tim L. Jarvis provides a history of this once great and powerful Algonquian speaking Illinois Confederacy. The second part is dedicated towards conducting a historically accurate portrayal of a non-nation specific woodland Indian. As a living history interpreter, the author wants to share the knowledge that he has gained through research, along with his personal experiences from years of living history reenacting and experimental archaeology, to help you as the reader become a better living history reenactor. The goal is to provide the reader with quality information on how to conduct a more accurate woodland Indian portrayal.< Less
King Olaf's Kinsman A Story of the Last Saxon Struggle against the Danes in the Days of Ironside and Cnut By Charles W. (Charles Watts) Whistler
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: The Reverend Charles Watts Whistler MRCS, LSA, (November 14, 1856... More > - June 10, 1913) was a writer of historic fiction that plays between 600 and 1100 AD, usually based on early English/Saxon chronicles, Norse or Danish Sagas and archaeological discoveries.Charles Watts Whistler was the oldest son of the Rev. Rose Fuller Whistler, who was Vicar of Ashburnham in Sussex and a Vice President of the Sussex Archaeological Society and, later, Rector of Elton, Hunts (to which cure Charles Watts Whistler succeeded, below). Excerpt from:< Less
A Manual of 18th Century Textile Dyeing: A Collection of Original 18th Century Dye Recipes, with Modern Instructions for Use by Dyeing Enthusiasts Today. By John Edmonds
eBook (ePub): $16.88
This manual is the result of many years research and practical investigation of commercial dyeing of the 18th century and earlier. It is based largely on the work of William Partridge, a master dyer... More > in New York in 1800. The original recipes are given together with modern instructions for use by todays dyeing enthusiasts. In 1823 Partridge wrote that he would like to have published an illustrated version of his treatise on dying (sic). The cost then would have been prohibitive. Today we can fulfil Partridge's dream, at least in part, with the aid of modern photography. This manual includes approximately 160 recipes, many of which are illustrated, together with photographs of surviving 18th century dye swatches. John Edmonds has supplied replicas of historic dyeing for scientific analysis in studies of archaeological artifacts. He was awarded the 2003 Open Prize for the Presentation of Heritage research by the British Association for the Advancement of Science.< Less
The Best of Beautiful Greece for Tourists By Getaway Guides
Hardcover: $32.50
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Greece has always had a charm that enchanted the world since the ancient times. The birthplace of Greek mythology, ancient Greek civilization, and Greek philosophy, society and culture, this country... More > has greatly influenced both the ancient and the modern world. This country is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It has numerous ruins and archaeological sites, which gave modern societies a glimpse of how complex and advanced Ancient Greek society really was. These were proof that they had far more superior technologies and way of living than most parts of the world during the ancient times. Some of these sites are believed to be where Greek myths came to life. Tourists and academics alike flock to this country to study and marvel at these ancient sites. Another attraction in Greece is the food experience. Traditional Greek cuisine is world-renowned for its exotic, exciting, and interesting array of food flavors, tastes, and textures.< Less
The Women Debrowska By Leigh Podgorski
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Anatola Debrowska has a family spinning into separate orbits and a life spiraling into soul-stealing monotony when the 25 year old son she gave up at birth suddenly materializes on her doorstep. The... More > reunion does not go smoothly. When Pyotr returns abruptly to the East Coast, Anatola follows. With sister Clarisse in tow, she finds him disheveled and drunken, and together they trundle him off to Aunt Alka’s house. There a treasure trove of Debrowska-Debski archives left by Frances, the family matriarch, is revealed. Anatola breaks through Pytor’s defenses, and the archaeological dig begins. The archives lead Anatola on a journey that begins in Debowiec, Poland in January 1756 and follows the family as it is torn apart by loyalists and revolutionaries, riches and poverty, oppression and war and the partitions of a beloved homeland. The Women Debrowska interweaves the personal story of a family with the history of a nation, driven by an endearing spirit of hope that refused to be conquered.< Less
Florida's Lost Archaic Indian Mounds By James M. Gray
Paperback: $14.95
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Indian artifact collecting is a hobby enjoyed by thousands of people and it goes a long way in helping to preserve artifacts from history that might never be found otherwise. It is illegal to dig for... More > artifacts without a landowner's permission, or on state-owned and controlled lands or submerged lands. The Florida Division of Historical Resources, Bureau of Archaeological Research does have the ability to grant permission to conduct archaeological investigations: but it is seldom done except for professionals. To obtain an archaeological research permit, you or someone in your organization must have professional archaeological expertise that meets the "Qualifications for Recognition as a Professional Archaeologist' of the Register of Professional Archaeologists. In spite of all this, you can use the accompanying copies of a Florida Site File form and use it to your advantage; even if only providing a history of and improving the value of a collection.< Less
Exploring Murcia Cehegin By Clive and Rosie Palmer
Hardcover: $15.84
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This is the hardcover copy of our paperback on the small town of Cehegin in Murcia. It looks at the town's history from prehistory to the present, principally through the Iberian/Roman/Visigoth... More > settlement of Begastri, exhibits in the Archaeological Museum and a tour of some of the town's emblematic historic buildings from the Christian Reconquest onwards.< Less
Reconstructing Hnefatafl By Damian Walker
Hardcover: $17.39
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Hnefatafl, the ancient Norse game of strategy, has intrigued scholars for more than a century. In this book, the author goes back to the historical sources, and looks at the archaeological evidence... More > as described by the archaeologists, to try and piece together a game that satisfies both the historian and the game player.< Less
Reconstructing Hnefatafl By Damian Walker
Paperback: $10.05
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Hnefatafl, the ancient Norse game of strategy, has intrigued scholars for more than a century. In this book, the author goes back to the historical sources, and looks at the archaeological evidence... More > as described by the archaeologists, to try and piece together a game that satisfies both the historian and the game player.< Less

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