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Global warming destroyed Atlantis By Jesús Morfín Garduño
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Several indications are gathered in this anthropological essay that lead to formulate the controversial hypothesis that the global warming occurred 14 thousand years ago destroyed a highly technical... More > prehistoric world civilization. In coherence with archaeological and geological data, as well as ancient cultural traditions, it is argued that the appearance of the Neolithic (polished stone age) only 8 thousand years ago came to be the repetition of a new cycle in the evolution of our human species, starting from the participation of the white race (which would have evolved during the 90 thousand years it remained isolated by the Würm Glaciation in Europe), whose integration to the rest of mankind appears to be the sense of known history, propelled by prehistoric messianic religions of human sacrifices. A general historicity starting with the Neolithic, based on the psychology of religions, enables mankind to rebuild the Earth's environment until it recovers its relative climatic stability.< Less
A Messiah Among the Maya By David B. Brown
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Understanding the sacred belief system of the Maya has historically been complex and confusing. This study reviews the BC Maya murals found at San Bartolo, the prolific inscriptions and bi-reliefs at... More > Palenque and the enigmatic structural design at Teotihuacan to see what they have in common. From the in-depth research performed it is determined that the esoteric aspects that connect them all is...the Judeo-Christian gospel belief system. This tome provides detailed consideration of the imagery provided in artwork and structural design used in architecture to teach the fundamental tenants of the gospel to students who visited these sites anciently. This work is destined to be seminal to major changes that are about to take place in Central American archaeology and a long overdue rewriting of Western Civilization history.< Less
ISRAEL: GOD, JEWS and LAND; The Symbiotic Bond of YHWH, SEED of Abraham and Land of Israel By Mika'el ben David
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The Land of Israel belongs to Israel, given to them by GOD YHWH. Hebrew & Christian Bibles & Koran state this truth but is denied by Arab Christians and Muslims. Genesis 15:18,"Unto thy... More > SEED have I given this Land". Koran:Sura 10:89 "We settled Israelites in a blessed land and provided them with good things" & Sura 34:12 "We said, give thanks House of David" & Sura 5:21 about Moses & Israel, "Enter my people, the holy land which Allah has assigned for you". After 2,000 years of exile, Israel returned to their Land only to fight wars and wars of public opinion. Jews are denied any connection to the Land. They attempt to de-legitimize and disenfranchise the Jewish people and to erase any memory of 3,500 years of Jewish existence on the Land by changing names of cities, burial tombs, holy places to destroying historical and archaeological sites. They are literally trying to erase Israel's history. This book is about the eternal bond between GOD, HIS people Israel and the Land.< Less
Badinan Castles By Abdulkareem Findi
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Badinan castles and some archaeological sites by Professor Abdul Karim Fendi. The book is historical archaeological tourism in Badinan area from Iraqi Kurdistan to monitor the most important ancient... More > castles in the region and the rest of them at present and demonstrate the emergence and their life cycle and their uses throughout history, climate tribes, states and ordinary time of it as well as the labels of those castles and drawer people to make them known by fluctuations in the circumstances. It is an important book for anyone interested on the Kurdistan region in general and each archaeological archaeological affairs fond particular.< Less

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