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Historic Preservation For The Betterment of Puerto Rico By Shayna Scott
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This book is a short compilation of many other books on the subject of preservation and the economy and how the information can be applied to better the economy and ecosystem of Puerto Rico.
Preserving Their Legacy By Mat Wilson
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"Preserving Their Legacy" is the product of 32 years of groundbreaking research. The legacies of icons like Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., John... More > Lennon and Ernest Hemingway have been distorted by mythology and "Preserving Their Legacy" will consequently surprise because it will challenge your assumptions with compelling evidence. Cause is inferred from a series of events and sequences. Systematic misrepresentation temporarily misdirects and "Preserving Their Legacy" excavates the concealed past through time-consuming, historical and biographical research.< Less
Reddick Mansion HSR Vol. 1 in B&W By Sullivan Preservation
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Description: Historic Structure Report for the William Reddick Mansion, Ottawa, Illinois Vol. 1 in Black & White.
Reddick Mansion HSR Vol. 2 By Sullivan Preservation
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Description: Historic Structure Report for the William Reddick Mansion, Ottawa, Illinois Vol. 2: Timeline in Black & White
Reddick Mansion HSR Vol. 1 By Sullivan Preservation
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Historic Structure Report for the William Reddick Mansion, Ottawa, Illinois Vol. 1 printed in COLOR.
Preservation Primer Volmue 1 By Danielle Keperling
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In the first of a series of Preservation Primers developed to guide homeowners, contractors, architects, and anyone else interested in the preservation of our built history in their restoration sand... More > renovation projects involving historical buildings - Father/Daughter preservationist team Danielle Groshong-Keperling and Charles Groshong review the common, and devastating mistakes made when working on older buildings. Included are evaluation tools and guides historic building owners can use to survey their building for potential damage to its architectural integrity. The work is influenced by the authors' guiding philosophy that we are here to serve as caretakers of our built history, cherishing and protecting that architecture so it can be handed down to the next generation. These old buildings are more than just interesting architecture, they are the foundations of our culture, the foundations that shaped us, that we shaped, the foundations who give us a sense of those who came before.< Less
Preservation: Operations and Mechanisms By Harvard GSD
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A 2007-2008 Harvard University Graduate School of Design thesis study in collaboration with OMA/AMO (Rotterdam) concerned with the methods and effects of historic preservation worldwide.
Preserved Italian Tanks By Trevor Larkum
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2002 Edition. This book details the many historic Italian armoured vehicles that have been preserved around the world. It contains vehicles on display by themselves (for example, battlefield... More > memorials and relics) as well as those in public museums and collections.< Less
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This study aims to develop, a more dynamic and contemporary theory of conservation, using the Mediterranean regions as case-study, and more specifically the Mediterranean Medina or Arab town. The... More > medina, is considered as another step in the larger chain of evolution that the Mediterranean represents. However, traditional preservation practices, have defined it as the last stage for many Mediterranean cities, cutting their possibility for evolution. Orientalist interpretations have simplified these cities as ‘’Islamic,’’ however their fabric contains the stratigraphy of colliding civilizations rather than a single urban historic layer. For this reason preservation policies that argue for freezing the inherited city in time challenge the very essence of this built environment.< Less
The Trilogy of Exterior Masonry Preservation By LarryD. Jones
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The Trilogy is your guide to the repair, restoration, and preservation of exterior masonry and concrete surfaces for structures of all ages. Whether new, two, or two hundred years old – the... More > chemistry and principles are the same. Author is a primary author of ASTM’s definitive publication, STP 935, Cleaning Stone and Masonry. Author was a featured speaker at the 2010 APT Conference, and was invited to speak on The Evolution of Doomed Practices, which exposed the continuing sale and usage of destructive HCl acid products for cleaning limestone and other acid-soluble materials, previously condemned by ASTM STP 935 and the Secretary of The Interiors Standards for Historic Preservation Projects. Author developed the CSI Monograph “Specifying Water Repellents”, the most extensive treatise on the subject ever written. Trilogy includes a practical guide for determining when surface treatments are appropriate and detailed instructions for achieving optimum performance.< Less