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HBSA journal - Vol 2 No 5 By Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association
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Vol 2 No 5 (May 1992) Contents: The Sharps in England 1853-1881 by De Witt Bailey PhD, Part 1 Percussion rifles, Sub-Committee on Smallarms 1854, School of Musketry Hythe 1855, Sharps Breechloading... More > Carbine, testing and accuracy, Ordnance Select Committee / Borchardt'sche Selbstlade Pistole by Dr GL Sturgess, Early history, Loewe & Luger, DWM, The Borchardt C93 Pistol, prototypes, Loewe production, DWM production, Military Trials, Borchardt Ammunition, Patents / The Metford Letters 1878< Less
HBSA journal - Vol 2 No 7 By Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association
eBook (PDF): $12.14
Vol 2 No 7 (May 1994) Contents: The BSA Pistols by Dr GL Sturgess, least successful BSA project, .45 ACP .34 Belted .32 ACP pistols, BSA Pistol Ammunition, Conclusion / Book Reviews: Military... More > Handguns of France 1858-1958 by Medlin & Huon, The Owen Gun by Wardman / The Sharps in England 1853-1896 by DW Bailey PhD, Part II: The Metallic Cartridge Period, Tipping & Lawden's (and Webley's) Licensed Copies 1860-1879, The New Model 1866, The 1867 Ordnance Select Committee Trials, Design Developments 1868-1877, Sir Henry Halford and His Sharps, Model 1878 or Sharps-Borchardt, The Webley Connection, The Sharps Shotgun, The English Catalogue, Frank Hyde, Conclusion / The Vernier/Ventometer Sight Gauges by Major George Geear, Manufacturer's Instructions on How to Use the Vernier 1889, Parker's New Vernier and Wind Gauge / The Metford Letters 1878< Less
HBSA journal - Vol 2 No 8 By Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association
eBook (PDF): $12.14
Royal Arsenal Woolwich by Wesley Harry, history, buildings, Royal Laboratory, Royal Brass Foundry, Great Storehouses, Mallet's Mortar, Chemical Laboratory, Shell Foundry, Royal Arsenal Railway,... More > Machinery, Departments / Obituary John Walgrave Halford Fremantle, Baron Cottesloe (1900-1994) by Dr Christopher Roads / Farquharson Extractor by Molly Milner, Farquharson Patent Breech-loading Action, letters to "The Field" 1873 / Book Reviews: 100 Greatest Combat Pistols by Mullin, Canadian Military Handguns 1855-1985 by Law, Military Bolt Action Rifles 1841-1918 by Webster, Remington-Lee Rifle by Myszkawski, The Number 5 Jungle Carbine by Petrillo, The 'Montenegrin' Revolver by McDowell / The Metford Letters 1879-80 / The Gabbett-Fairfax Mars Pistols by Dr GL Sturgess, Patents 1895-6, The First Mars Syndicate, Transitional Designs 1898, The Webley Collaboration, Model 1900 Mars Pistol, Model 1905 Mars Pistol, Military Trials, Gabbett-Fairfax and the Mars Auromatic Pistol Syndicate, Mars Ammunition, The Hamal Mystery< Less
HBSA journal - Vol 2 No 3 By Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association
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Vol 2 No 3 (1990) President's Address - Firearms Amendment Act 1988, Health & Safety Executive control of explosives, European Firearms Heritage Symposium, HBSA membership structure / Editorial:... More > New Journal editor / Revolver Shooting 1888-1889 by Richard Milner: Correspondence (1888-1889) to the Editor of "Shooting", South London Rifle Club, Bland's new pistol, Walter Winans, .455 and .380 calibres, military revolver competitions, Webley Government model p.1889 revolver, Webley WG / Book Reviews by DJ Penn & JB Bell: The British Shotgun Volume Two 1871-1890 by Crudington & Baker, English translation of Cartridges for Breechloading Rifles 1868 by Mattenheimer / Soper 3 by J Bell: Soper Ammunition / Maps by Jim Hallam: NRA Wimbledon Meeting 1889, Wimbledon 1940, Woolwich Arsenal, Woolwich Arsenal Range, Eley Cartridge Works at Lea River Valley, William Tranter's Patent AD1868 by JB Bell GE Lewis Catalogue 1894: Remnants of Loaded Cartridges / Rifles for Germany 1873 by National Arms and Ammunition Company< Less
HBSA journal - Vol 2 No 2 By Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association
eBook (PDF): $12.14
Vol2 No 2 (1989) Contents: President's Address: deactivation of firearms, Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988, Home Office "Notes for Guidance" / Editorial: Pistol'89, Pattern Room Collection... More > removal / Hammond of Winchester: Isaac Hammond, Edwin & Henry Hammond, 1866 1871 1878 shotgun patents / Images from Royal Smallarms Factory, Enfield / Soper 2: William Soper, 1865 patent for pinfire and centrefire breech-loading mechanism, reprinted article about Soper Rifle / BSA Martini Rifles: catalogue reprints - No.6 No.12 No.13 No.15 / Wasted Millions: article from the Kynoch Journal 1905 for better military procurement< Less
HBSA journal - Vol 1 No 1 By Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association
eBook (PDF): $12.14
Editorial - Launch of HBSA; Green Paper on Firearms Control; aims of the journal / William Ellis Metford by Dr C H Roads; brief biography; introduction to the Metford Letters / Metford Letters -... More > January 1868 to July 1868 / The development of the Breechloading Action in Great Britain - Part 1 - Early Days by I. M. Crudgington; discussion of sporting gun pinfire actions 1851 -1860 / Armourer-Sergeants' Field Tool Chest. Drawing and list of contents 1869 / Extracts from the Eley Catalogue of 1910< Less
German Tank Maintenance in World War II By Historical Division, EUCOM
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Merriam Press Military Reprint Series. This work will be of interest to persons who want to compare the United States and German systems of tank maintenance. The material for this pamphlet was... More > prepared for the Historical Division, EUCOM, by a group of former German generals, general staff officers, and tank maintenance specialists. The principal author, General Burkhart H. Mueller-Hillebrand, served as aide to the Chief of the Army General Staff before assuming command of an armored regiment on the Russian front. Successively appointed chief of staff of a panzer corps and a panzer army, he saw action in the Ukraine, Poland, and East Prussia. Originally published 25 June 1954 by the Dept. of the Army, Washington, D.C. Contents: Foreword; Introduction; Organization and Equipment; Operating Procedures; Operations; Conclusions; General Reference Map; 2 charts (Organization of a German Tank Maintenance Detachment, Organization of a German Tank Maintenance Company).< Less
FABIUS IN HISTORY By Fabiuis Historical Society
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This is a reprint of the History of Fabius, NY as written by the 8th grade class of 1938-39. Reprinted by the Fabius Historical Society
Saber and Scroll Journal, Volume 5, Issue 4 By Saber and Scroll Historical Society
Paperback: $3.45
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Volume 5, Issue 4 of Saber and Scroll features articles on a wide array of historical topics, from the history of Roman farming to battleships during World War II.
Stokes County Architectural Survey By Stokes County Historical Society
Paperback: $14.95
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Stokes County Architectural Survey is the first in a series of books on Stokes County, published by the Stokes County Historical Society. This book is of Walnut Cove and the surrounding area,... More > including limited genealogical data on several local families.< Less

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Anochi Anochi By Paul Hamburger
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