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Flying Saucers From the Inner Earth By Raymond Bernard
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To the Future Explorers of the New World that exists beyond North and South Poles in the hollow interior of the Earth. Who will Repeat Admiral Byrd's historic Flight for 1,700 Miles beyond the North... More > Pole and that of his Expedition for 2,300 Miles beyond the South Pole, entering a New Unknown Territory not shown on any map, covering an immense land area whose total size is larger than North America, consisting of forests, mountains, lakes, vegetation and animal life. The aviator who will be the first to reach this New Territory, unknown until Admiral Byrd first discovered it, will go down in history as a New Columbus and greater than Columbus, for while Columbus discovered a new continent, he will discover a New World.< Less
Rainbow City And The Inner Earth People By Michael ` X & Michael X. Barton
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The TRUTH OF THE INNER EARTH REVEALED! In 1960, UFO writer Michael Barton, known to his readers as Michael X, published a small book titled RAINBOW CITY AND THE INNER EARTH PEOPLE, a curious... More > mashup of various hollow-earth theories, the Hefferlin Manuscript, and the Shaver Mystery. Michael X tells us that the Inner Earth is far from an enlightened homogenous group. Some of the inhabitants are Masters, some are deros, and some are ordinary humans. A fascinating book that everyone interested in the inner-earth should have!< Less
The Flat Earth Trilogy Book of Secrets I By Gregory Lessing Garrett
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This book is an Anthology of Gregory Lessing Garrett's writings and others on the topic of Flat Earth Plane Cosmology of all types, including Enclosed Earth, Hollow Earth, Concave Earth, Infinite... More > Plane Earth, The Enochian Earth Model, etc... The hope is that the ideas expounded in this Flat Earth Trilogy series will provide compelling justifications for the claim that no curvature can be found on the Earth, which points to the empirical conclusion that we live on a plane and not a spinning ball in science fiction outer space. The details regarding the possible topography of the Earth are discussed in depth in this book, but ultimately, the absolute true topography of the Earth is not known by anyone. -Gregory Lessing Garrett< Less
An Account of a Voyage from the Arctic to the Antarctic Pole by way of the Center of the Earth By Shawn P. Wilbur
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"The Account of a Voyage" was originally published in 1721 as "Relation d'un voyage du pole arctique au pole antarctique par le centre du monde." It is an early entry in the genre... More > of hollow earth adventures, although the terrors of the earth's interior take second place to the wonders the voyagers discover in the process of emerging again at the South Pole. Originally written in a rather challenging style, with each chapter composed of a single paragraph, itself made up of a very small number of extremely complex sentences, the translation maintains much of the character of the original, while making some practical concessions to modern grammar and readers' patience.< Less
The Beetle Horde By Victor Rousseau
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Only two young explorers stand in the way of a madman's horrible revenge—the releasing of his trillions of man-sized beetles upon an utterly defenseless world. The journey takes them through... More > the South Pole into the hollow earth!< Less
The Goddess of Atvatabar By William Bradshaw
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In the days before the turn of the century, Lexington White - heir to the uncountable millions of the White fortune - sailed from New York in the specially commissioned ice-breaker Polar King for the... More > arctic wastes of the North Pole. The expedition never found the object of their quest. Instead, they found a world within the world, lit by the fires of an unquenchable inner sun, filled with creatures beyond imagination, peopled with civilized empires at the height of cultural and spiritual development and ruled over all by the immortally unapproachable Goddess. It was a perfect world, filled with the innocence of Ideal Love, and the purity of the Union of Twin Souls. And Lexington White was a man of the outer world, an agent of change in the untouched inner world of Atvatabar. Desire, conquest, and enlightenment ignite in a firestorm of passion that erupts into full-blown civil war with the ultimate prize at stake: the Goddess herself.< Less
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'The Phantom of the Poles' expounds William Reed's theory that the poles were unreachable because they were non-existent and instead there were entrances, at the Earth's axis, to its hollow interior.... More > This is a view which has been offered by others (often in rather different form) both before Reed and right up to the present day. The unorthodoxy of the view on its own makes this an interesting read, while Inner Earth theorists may find notions worthy of further investigation.< Less
The Apocolypse of the Anti-Christ By David Michael Zink
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The theory based on Admiral Byrds as well as Olaf Jensen who traveled through the poles to a land with a different race like that of those in Genisis, Just may hold the secret to the world.
The Contained By Scot Amundsen
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Humans have discovered the greatest lie ever told. The lie about the shape and dimensions of this Earth we live in. A handful of stalwart truth-seekers are demanding full investigation and full... More > disclosure. Follow their adventures through cyber space and onto the streets, where they employ the natural world as their secret weapon against the logical fallacies of scientism.< Less
The Gilak's Guide to Pellucidar By David Critchfield
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The 7-book Pellucidar series was written by the master storyteller, Edgar Rice Burroughs. Those books told the story of David Innes and Abner Perry's adventures in the savage land at the Earth's... More > core. This new book by David Critchfield is the one and only guide to Pellucidar. It's full of information about the Earth's core: articles, maps, book summaries, family trees, languages, beliefs, publishing histories, a glossary of terms, and a list of articles written about Pellucidar. It's a must for fans of the series and a handy reference for Burroughs scholars and artists. The book is illustrated by Harry Roland with all new Pellucidar art. Visit Roland's website at Enjoy your trip below.< Less

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