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How to Cure Black magic ( Voodoo , Sihr ) using Quranic Verses , Ruqyah ( Exorcism) and Taweez ( Amulets , Talismans ) By Patient of Sihr
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This book Covers in detail and in Depth about Black Magic / Voodoo / Sihr , How does it place and what are its Symptoms and how to cure it Using Quranic Verses like Ruqya Verses ( Exorcism ) ,... More > Taweez and Herbal Medicines like Honey , Olive Oil , Black seed Oil , Senna , Sidr , Zam Zam Water. It has a List of Verses which Provide strong Protection Against Black Magic / Voodoo / Sihr . It has a list of Shifa Verses as well as Manzil ( A collection of 33 Verses of Holy Quran )Verses which Provide very strong Protection Against all kinds of Black Magic / Voodoo / Sihr A comprehensive list of Prophetic Prayers as well as Protection Prayers which are to be read in the morning as well evening for security & safety Against all kinds of Black Magic / Voodoo / Sihr It also has a list of very strong Taweez / Talisman / Amulets which Provide Strong Protection against Black Magic / Voodoo / Sihr It has 9 Interviews with Different Muslim Exorcists from Egypt , Saudi Arabia , India as well as Pakistan.< Less
I Was a Teenage Pharisee By Mike D. Moore
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Every kind of religious group has its zealots. Some of us were those zealots. Teenage pharisees. And we bought into the thing whole-heartedly to our own spiritual detriment. We Plymouth Brethren folk... More > grew up without televisions, pop music, movies, dancing, cards, alcohol, voting and a thousand other little things. We sacrificed these things so as to please God and know Him and be able to share Him with others. And it really didn't work out very well. We became prodigal's elder brothers. Unhappy, closed, cold, bitter, disappointed people. Old before our time. People who needed Jesus. This book takes a look at what was missing in a legalistic church culture of this sort, and what it was like to go out looking for it. What it's like not to throw the Baby Jesus out with the holy water. It has quotes all throughout it from people who experienced different kinds of Plymouth Brethren groups all over the world.< Less
The Logos the Word in a view from Eterniyt's Eye By pb Brightstar
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Jesus inspired me to write the Logos the Word, in a view from Eternity's Eye, He came into my heart,and whole being to dwell with me. Jesus revealed to me many revealations He gave me the giffs of... More > the Holy Spirit to spiritually discern things He told me, and he made me His friend. I have personal relationship with Jesus daily prayer and pick up my cross to follow Jesus, trust in Him, believe and obey Him. Many people went astray from the Good Shepherd:The Logos- The Word brings back the lost sheep tho Jesus. You learn the True Gospel truth of the Word of Jesus and Word of God as He spoke in the Gospels. As this is part I you learn that Jesus is Alive and if you have Him in your heart and you can speak to Him each day. You learn to have personal relationship with Jesus and understand His True Gospel from a view in Eternity. Repentance is needed to find Jesus and to be Baptized with water and the Spirit. It is a joyful walk to know Jesus< Less
The Doctrine of Repentance:Pathway to God By Thomas Watson
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Repentance is purgative; do not fear the working of this pill. Strike your soul, said Chrysostom; strike it and it will escape death by that stroke. How happy it would be if we were more deeply... More > affected with sin, and our eyes swam in their orb. We may clearly see the Spirit of God moving in the waters of repentance, which though troubled, are yet pure. Moist tears dry up sin and quench the wrath of God. Repentance is the cherisher of piety, the procurer of mercy. The more regret and trouble in spirit we have first at our conversion, the less we shall feel afterwards. Christians, do you have a sad resentment of other things and not of sin? Worldly tears fall to the earth, but godly tears are kept in a bottle (Psa 56.8). Do not judge holy weeping as superfluous. Tertullian thought he was born for no other end but to repent. Either sin must drown or the soul must burn. Let it not be said that repentance is difficult. Things that are excellent deserve labor.< Less

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