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hostages in the church By SAMUEL O. LARAIYETAN
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The oxford advanced learner’s dictionary defines a hostage as a person who is captured and held as a prisoner by a person or group, and who may be injured or killed if people do not do what the... More > person or group is demanding. The status of a hostage usually determines the response of those who have responsibility to negotiate for the release of the hostage. If the hostage is an important personality, negotiation for the release and payment of ransom will be done with minimum delay. If the hostage is not an important personality, negotiation for the release may be delayed hence captors look for people of substance. They look for “big fish”. By nature, every human being is by birth a hostage. Every human being who has not experienced spiritual re-birth is a hostage. Nicodemus was a hostage and he didn’t know this until Jesus told him he needed to be born again.< Less
"Not speak is already tell something - Hostage Negotiation Rules" By Davide Bellomo, Sabrina Magris
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This book contains the basic rules and at the same time some of the most innovative methods dictated by "the negotiatior" to bring the hostage back home. Negotiation is like a Chess Game,... More > where the slightest mistake, is the risk that may kill a person. Negotiation is not an option. It does not mean to stop and see what is happening or whether things may sort themselves out in the end.< Less
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Successful Negotiation Skills By Paul J Spencer
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This book has been designed to provide you with the core skills that an artful negotiator uses to create true win-win negotiations. The principles are the same whether it is a child negotiating for... More > extra pocket money to go to the cinema and the bowling alley, a customer negotiating the best deal for a car or a hostage negotiator saving peoples lives. The skills you will learn in this book can be used immediately and you will see amazing results in your negotiations but the best way to master the art of negotiation is to book on one of our negotiation skills courses where you will practise many types of negotiations and become artful in the skill.< Less
The Three Pillars of Successful Mediation By Pr. Daniel Erdmann
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Course Manual / Presentation - Mediation and Crisis Management: There are currently various concepts with regard to what mediation and crisis management actually is. A major part of those approaches... More > is characterised by adding a multitude of techniques, systems and models that were originally not associated with mediation. In order to be a successful negotiator, we need to distinguish between the concept of “broadening the system horizon of skills”, and the idea of concentrating on the “core competences and basic skills” of a professional. Therefore, I will introduce to you the self-conception of modern negotiation and the secret of interdisciplinary intelligence, building a link from Mediation to Crisis Management, with a focus on effective communication skills.< Less
In Danger of Dying By James Chapman
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A spectacular bus crash, escaping convicts, hostage taking, armed bank siege and romance are all included in this action filled suspense thriller with a twist at the end. Negotiator Scott Bradley has... More > been assigned to secure the hostage's safe release but he has much more than just the convicts to watch out for in this pulsating crime thriller. With the scenes unfolding through his eyes you get the chance to peek inside the dark and dangerous world of hostage negotiation. 'Great set of characters and an ever moving plot. Suspense continues right up until the end.'< Less
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The positive solution of the tragic kidnappings and the dramatic terrorist acts which are upsetting the world represents one of the most relevant problems of contemporary society. In such events the... More > professional negotiator plays an essential role. The thorough research of an absolutely sure solution is up to him as he is creative, able to read, listen and manage the situation to victims’ advantage. Starting from these considerations, the author puts forward a well-researched handbook dealing seriously and competently with the subject of negotiation and also giving out a detailed picture of the involved elements and figures. The variety of information results in a complete reference book which outlines the main features of one among the most fascinating and complex professions.< Less
Lair of the Fox By Dan Pollock
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From an acclaimed thriller writer (Duel of Assassins, Orinoco, The Running Boy) comes an action-adventure tale Clive Cussler called “as exciting as you'll want to read.” A terrorist... More > crisis explodes in Istanbul. Fanatical Kurdish freedom fighters have seized a three-masted movie ship right on the Bosphorus. A worldwide media storm ensues. The film's glamorous leading lady contrives to swap herself for the hostages. Authorities are aghast, counter-terrorist forces assemble, and a young American diplomat, insulted by the fiery actress during delicate negotiations, vows to risk everything to become her unlikely rescuer. The N.Y. Times Book Review has called Lair of the Fox “a can't-put-down book.”< Less
The Real Rebalancing: American Diplomacy and The Tragedy of President Obama’s Foreign Policy By John R. Deni, Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College
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As this monograph goes to press, the nuclear agreement negotiated between Iran and the so-called P5+1—the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council consisting of the United... More > States, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, China, plus Germany—is the subject of heated debate within Washington. The negotiations that produced the agreement perhaps best exemplify the efforts by the Barack Obama administration to use diplomacy to address the most vexing security challenges of the day. The United States and Iran have struggled to overcome mutual hostility and distrust stemming from the 1953 coup against the Mohammad Mossadegh government and the 1979-80 hostage crisis, not to mention Teheran’s use of Hezbollah as a proxy against American ally Israel. Yet despite this, the administration persisted over several years to first intensify and broaden economic sanctions against Iran, and then to engage in painstaking negotiations with an authoritarian country that routinely and methodically employs...< Less
The Talking Game By Alan Charles Edward
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The Partnership is a group of consulting forensic psychologists based in Harley Street, London. They deal with a hostage negotiation during a bank siege, assess an airline pilot who has averted... More > three mid-air disasters, treat a police officer experiencing trauma, evaluate the background to a killing committed by a man suffering from epilepsy, react to a tragedy stemming from the premature discharge of an arsonist, and assess a man accused of master-minding a drug smuggling operation. There are rotten apples in the barrel, and a vulnerable girl is sexually abused by one of the team.< Less