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Humanics The Humanicsonomics By Munayem Mayenin
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Humanics: The Humanicsonomics calls the world and world humanity towards rising for a state of humanity where all humans are at liberty and in equality under the law in natural justice, where one is,... More > in and for all and all is, in and for one and the entire humanity has grown into a real one-humanity-physiology, that is constructed by each and every human soul, making a cell in that physiology, in which each one is as infinitely valuable, necessary and vital as all others and in which all exist as one for all and all for one.< Less
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This book will make you think of what could happen in the future of our man kind, and other earthlings on this planet. But what could happen? Will mother nature ever decided to make us leave? Will we... More > ever discover alien life? And will any alien race ever be our friends? THESE ALIENS, ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS!! Well, not all of them at least.... In the year nineteen ninety two, AN ARMY OF EXTRA TERRESTRIAL MONSTERS, INVADE THE EARTH!!! KILLING BILLIONS OF PEOPLE IN JUST ONE MONTH, AND THREATEN TO CAUSE DESTRUCTION, AND DEATH AS TIME PASSES!!! SHADE DEMONS, FIRE BREATHING HUMANOID DRAGONS, OTHER HELLISH ALIEN MONSTERS, INCLUDING THOSE TERRIBLE, SICK, AND TWISTINGLY EVIL DIRE BIRDS KNOWN AS FALCONS, SHATTERED EARTH TO PEACES,.... leaving what was left of humanity with scared wounds, terrified, and drenched in sadness as our hope.... of finding a new home.... is lost.....< Less
Being Human By Chase Lean
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Why isn’t life fair? What are the problems of success? Should you be yourself? Life isn’t like what we were taught as children. Bad things can happen to good people. Loneliness is... More > deadlier than obesity. Passion, hard work and willpower are seldom the keys to success. Join me as we explore the secrets of life and society.< Less
The Practice of Humanity By Dada Bhagwan
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Since we have obtained a human body we should do the duty of being human. There should be humanity within us. When someone hurts us we do not like it, therefore we should not hurt anyone. According... More > to Dada Bhagwan, this is the definition of humanity. In the book ‘Manav Dharma’, He explains humanity with the humble intention that when people understand humanity, their human life will be fruitful.< Less
Standard Humanism By Dariush Dastjerdi
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Standard Humanism & Worldwide Standard Human Society (The bright & brilliant world of 3rd millennium) Standard Humanism is the first international belief of 3rd millennium, covering all the... More > aspects of human life and potential to bring peace & justice… With the slogan of: "We need the best world, because we are the best Human beings - 7 billion human beings"... To human unity and elimination of the ignorance and oppression of "the Satanic 10%" in human societies! Standard Humanism is a kind of belief system! Which: 1 – Spreads to public life thru believe in its 5 principles…. 2 – Thru the NGOs of Standard Humanism works officially. 3 – By establishing "Worldwide Standard Human Society" - in the place of UN - changes and purifies human life of mankind!< Less
Humanics: The Foundation By Munayem Mayenin
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Humanics: The Foundation Humanics is the philosophical architecture, mechanism and system of human affairs management, that sets out to achieve a true civilisation in which civic societies exist in... More > the rule of law, rooted in Natural Justice so that liberty and equality exist simultaneously, along with, purpose and meaning of human existence. A Humanical Society establishes itself by eradicating capitalism and all injustices and dehumanisation, suffering and misery it creates, fosters and nurtures, by discarding off the very idea of ownership, replacing it with belongingship, whereby, for the first time in human history, it creates equality and liberty for all humans as they create a humanical and civic society of equals under Natural Justice.< Less
Human Capital By Graham Little
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Until now it has not been appropriate to place a term 'human capital' on the balance sheet. First was the problem of how to assess it, second the problem that it implied ownership, inappropriate... More > with slavery banned. Human Capital offers a scientific validated approach such that both the problems are fully resolved. Human Capital presents the technology of organization design derived from the first scientific general theory of psychology. It offers clear analysis enabling identification and quantifying of those aspects of human capital expenditure able to be capitalized. Human Capital also explores the direct link that if the concept right then the higher the human capital value on the balance sheet the better the results and the greater the work-life fulfillment of the staff.< Less
The Human Equation By Carlos Febres
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The Human Equation is an attempt to understand basic human behavior and quantified within a mathematical formulation that can explain why we do the things we do. Welcome to your mind.
The Humanism of Confucius By Peter M.K. Chan
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This ebook is an abridged and systematic reconstitution of the words of Confucius as they appear in the Analects, the Great Learning, and the Doctrine of the Mean. It brings his emphasis on the... More > importance of learning, the idea of a kingly person (morally superior individual), the relationship between humaneness, righteousness and propriety, the essentials of government and so on into one systematic whole. A total of 29 pages with Chinese textual documentation, suitable for students of Chinese philosophy, culture and language.< Less
The Human Aura By William Walker Atkinson
eBook (ePub): $1.99
In parapsychology and many forms of spiritual practice, an aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object. Atkinson is brilliantly explaining this phenomenon.

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