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Hunter A By A.J. DIXON
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Losing your parents at 11 isn't easy, especially losing them to bloodthirsty vampires, and even worse: being turned into the thing you hated the most at twelve. Becoming a vampire hunter at fourteen... More > was a personal choice, but one Aleena never regretted one day in her life. That is...until she met Aiden. Then, her whole life got turned upside down. Quite literally. Aleena was never one to fall in love. But, after meeting the obnoxiously handsome Aiden, she takes different looks on her life and realizes that maybe it isn't such a bad idea for love to come her way. Aiden loathes the new hunter as much as she despises him...but he can't deny the fact that he's extrememly attracted to her. After pettioning a her aid in a very difficult sutiation involving the Royal family, the two become closer than Aiden would've guessed.< Less
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Hunters By P. D. Ingledew
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The saga continues... The Prophecy told of thirteen, thirteen that would sculpt the future. These were named the Cursed Thirteen. And the Cursed are hunted. Two of the Thirteen must strive to... More > protect their brethren and persuade them to join their struggle. Bonds that once held the Cursed together and guided them on their path are now breaking apart. The links are weakening as relationships begin to dissolve. Sides are being taken, sides that will change the fate of the world. The World is already changing though, no longer can vampires hide their existence, for their war has spilled over and Man has now been dragged into its midst. The survival of the human race is at threat, war has begun. Hunters is the fourth volume in the stunning Crimson Lore series. A visceral adventure that pulses with blood, danger and the unique vision of one of the most imaginative new voices in vampire/fantasy fiction.< Less
The Hunters By Richard McNail JR
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WARNING! This book may include language and situations considered offensive and disturbing. Not intended for anyone under 21. Under 18 require parents permission. Nick Malle lived an ordinary... More > secluded life writing stories for all to enjoy. After winning his first award, a fan crazed cult begin stalking him and kidnap his family. As Nick tries to track them down, the characters from his stories come to life and cause even more problems. Read this tale as Nick battles the cult, his own imagination, and the law.< Less
Hunter A By Ray R Wise
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A man suddenly wakes up in the middle of a barren field with no memory and no identity.His only weapons,a backpack and mysterious Maul which orders him to track down and eliminate "Target... More > 13". It then activates a small digital countdown on its side, and states he only has a window of 72 hours to complete his mission. Along the way he meets a female warrior,Nikki,who is bent on avenging her murdered family.She accompanies him on his quest and together they battle various demons and creatures not of this realm. Meanwhile time is running out. What will happen when the clock reaches zero? Will it hold the key to Target 13's where abouts? Or only lead to more questions?< Less
Hunter By Sean McPherson
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A man travels across alternate universes to chase down his wife's killer. All the while, he helps out those who are going through the same tragedy; and finds that he has to prevent one of near... More > infinite magnitude.< Less
Hunters By Maddy Croy
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Two house cats escape their household and become wild cat clan members.
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Hunter By RWG
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College rule (also known as medium ruled paper) is the most common lined paper in use in the United States. It is generally used in middle school through to college and is also popular with adults.... More > This is a good choice for teen or adult notebooks and composition books (known as exercise books outside the US).< Less
How I broke Bath, and other stories By The Hunter
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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True stories of the life of an accident magnet.

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