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Instant Magick for Everyone By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $12.21
Learn how to produce magical results in the real world. The matrix of event is at your service! No yoga classes can help you in the case that the promise was ballet. Discover how to become a... More > "clear" or free spirit in a simple as well as personal way. In the Dark Side of Instant Magick, Klaudio Zic explains the drawbacks of getting instant results of our wishes from a standpoint of experience. It is by expanding the perspective on the possible drawbacks of getting what we think we want instanter that we become true initiates. Excellent reading for those experienced in instant magick as well as a colorful warning to the incipient magician. Wishes and promises may have nothing to do with true mind but true mind can in a way use the wish-fulfilling process to impart lessons of its own as well as to emerge victorious. The Denderah relief represents the victorious Leo or true mind that we call Archangel Michael as sliding over the sneaking little ego represented by Hydra constellation.< Less
26 Signs of the Zodiac By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $26.00
26 How many stations does the zodiac have? 22 including the Moon and Sun. 26 including Pluto. 43 including Eris. Since most people still peruse Pluto as planet; 26 is their zodiac. #EU26 Why... More > #EU26? Because on #brexit and #grexit Europe could settle for 26 members, the precise number of zodiacal stations . Thus, for every European country - one pertaining zodiacal sign. EUROPEAN ZODIAC How do we reckon zodiacal signs? The zodiacal ascendant Eridanus is river Po in Italy. Interpolating the rest should be no problem. A tip for rogue Hydra: it finds itself between Monoceros and Leo: see on Triune Ascendant and our Reptilian Unicorn series. EU TAROT The digital version has already its countries appended to the deck . Are there any serpents in Ireland? To whom do we append Serpens and Ophiuchus? As Italy and USA share the selfsame ascendant – Caput leads while Cauda follows – it is of utmost importance to be selective in prediction as concern this radically offset part of the winter sky.< Less
VIP 2013 RTRRT Catalog By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $20.13
108 personal tuition tips. Basic tuition is available on the following topics as well as those of custom interest; for RTRRT initiates and general public: on special demand. The Academic Zodiac is... More > integral to RTRRT initiation; therefore basic reality rendering. 1) Stock market; diamond, gold and shadow market [55 Cancri e; e.g. Orcus] 2) Diamond market fluctuations [Sila-Nunam, 55 Cancri e ] 3) All the loves in one’s life [ ¼ hour exercise ] by date and quality 4) Birth, marriage, death [ 5 min ] directing exercise 5) Next marriage prediction [ 10 min ] exercise 6) Stock market crash estimation 7) Ecliptic [non-eastern] ascendant 8) Precessed [eastern guardian angel] ascendant 9) The precession of the 88 ascendants 10) Basic traits of the 16 ascendants 11) Ascendants in synastry [vide 16 vs Hydra] 12) Ascendant directions and ephemerides 13) Finding the second of the upcoming event 14) Basic directing – 500 directions< Less
Atenas en tres días Y un día para tres islas By Ana Pérez Lucas
Paperback: List Price: $8.94 $5.36 | You Save: 40%
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Este libro no es una simple guía de viajes, ni tampoco una narración cualquiera de un hecho vivido. En realidad es ambas cosas, un libro que ayudará al lector a recorrer la... More > capital griega y a la vez un relato de una fantástica experiencia vivida que le transportará a esta bella ciudad sin salir de casa. Un agradable y breve paseo por la historia, cultura, gastronomía y arte griegos que le animarán a conocer un poco más esta ciudad europea, que nos muestra sus innumerables encantos a cada paso.< Less
Mythos By Gilbert Gallo
Paperback: List Price: $25.44 $19.08 | You Save: 25%
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Mythos è il gioco di ruolo semplice e coinvolgente che vi permetterà di vestire i panni degli Eroi della mitologia greca. Acquisite poteri divini tramite i culti misterici! Salpate alla... More > conquista del Vello d'Oro! Gustate i Pomi delle Esperidi dopo aver sconfitto l'Hydra di Lerna! Con poche regole semplici ed efficaci, vestirete in un attimo i panni di Eroi da leggenda. Cominciate a leggere, e preparatevi a sfidare il Fato...< Less