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I Am That I Am By C.L. Mareydt
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Inspirational Non-fiction by C.L. Mareydt Inspired from a personal vision & the experienced presence of God. Second book in the series. Written to inspire & invoke a sense of spiritual... More > urgency & wonder. AVAILABLE IN ALL MAJOR BOOKSTORES ISBN 978-1-4357-2798-4 ---> Available to Purchase as Ebook!< Less
The Presence of Mind By Rosalina Violet Accrosience
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'I am not absentminded. It is the presence of mind that makes me unaware of everything else.' ... More > G.K. Chesterton The Presence of Mind follows the delightfully dysfunctional and thoroughly creepy Rosalina. Here was a little girl with only her x-rated Mind for company; her not-so-imaginary imaginary friend. A donation of 75p from the sale of every book and e-book will go to charities working with children with mental health problems.< Less
Finding the Presence of Christ By James Altmaier
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This book is for the born-again Christian who is seeking a deeper walk with Jesus. It discusses the simplicity of abiding in Jesus. Jesus wants more than anything to walk with each believer in... More > fullness of Him. This book will not show you how to accomplish this but rather will show you how to allow Jesus to enter and transform your life as He desires. What is detailed in this book is what has been called many things in the Bible and over the Church's history. Christian Perfection, Christian Meditation, Abiding in Christ, Pray continuously, Abide in Me and I will abide in you, Be still and know that I am God, Cleaving of soul and spirit, Worship in spirit and truth, Union with Christ, Deeper walk, spiritual growth (If this website does not allow you to download a free copy, then you can click on the author's name to get to a website where the download is free.)< Less
Will - I am, the Alpha and the Omega! I am God! By Mario Reinaldo dos Reis Nunes
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Put in your hands the keys of knowledge, power and love for your happiness and venture. These lessons should be prepared for an extensive internal course comprising 365 weeks or 7 years, requiring... More > a real INITIATION INTERNAL. Ye shall know that-I 'M- is the presence of GOD in EVERY HUMAN. One should never forget this. I am (it) life, light, SUBSTANCE, intelligence and activity (in him we live, we move and there be), unconsciously. The goal of these practices is to prepare ourselves to consciously feel our Union with the father-I 'M- God INTIMATE. When God give life to the Human kind, He gives for ever, for the Eternity with 144 years. And when you die before these years, you go to one of the Samsara wheel. Which can be the level of the animal, or the level of the vegetable or the mineral level, and you stay there until the 144 years finish. And thereafter you start again until you accomplish the all 144 years. That is what the Psalm 144 talking about.< Less
I Am ALWAYS With You! By Helena Bergamin
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The ABC's on how to develop our spiritual life and consciousness to the point where we can tune in to sense God's Presence and listen for His voice every day.
i am a 100% designer By Brad Kisner
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Held every spring semester in preparation for the NeoCon design exposition and conference to follow in the summer. The course looks at desiging the Harrington College of Design booth and presence at... More > NeoCon. This year the schools 100% designer campaign was used as the driving themeatic, and students were charged with expressing the campaign in and around the physical space of the booth, encompassing branded experience and physical presence.< Less
I am: God In Action By Mario Nunes
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Lessons should be prepared for an extensive internal course\comprising 365 weeks or 7 years, requiring a real INITIATION\INTERNAL. Ye shall know that-I 'M- is the presence of GOD IN EVERY HUMAN. One... More > should never forget this. I am (it) life, light, SUBSTANCE, intelligence and activity (in him we live, we move and there be), unconsciously. Want to help humanity how to all aspiring? Because this is a simple, effective and powerful. I'M THE PRESENCE THAT PREVENTS THIS. I'M TRACKING POSITIVE AND PEACEFUL SITUATION. With a small number of people of good will who are dedicated to pacify the human mind, but in conscious, and impersonal incognito and saying: I am the presence that controls the MINDS OF MEN, this small Group would avoid wars between Nations. "All things are possible to him who believes ". The legend of Sodom and Gomorrah is so meaningful to compare it with these cases, when it was said: "FOR FIVE GOOD BEINGS DOES NOT DESTROY THE CITY". This means that these groups can prevent wars.< Less
I am The Alpha and The Omega By Mario Nunes
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I... More > AM…                                                                       TO THE READER I place in your hands the Keys of Knowledge, Power and Love for your happiness and good fortune. Yours is not to blame if you wish to use. The conditions are always the same principle: Know, Want, Dare and especially Silence. These lessons should be prepared for a extensíve internal course that would include 365 weeks or seven years, which requires a real INITIATION INTERNAL. Who put them into your hand, the reduced to 365 days, carrying, of course, with the case of responsibilities. You must know that - I AM - is GOD'S PRESENCE IN EACH BE HUMAN. Never forget this. I AM (it) LIFE, THE LIGHT, SUBSTANCE, INTELLIGENCE AND ACTIVITY (In him we live and move and we have to be), in an unconscious way. The purpose of these practices is prepare ourselves to consciously feel our oneness with the Father - I AM - the Innermost God.< Less
I AM GOLGOTHA By Alan Combes
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Set in idyllic surroundings, River View Cottage has had more than its share of human misery. And yet passers-by regard it as an innocent house built when the railway came to town. But in River View... More > there lurks a presence: one which follows every move of its occupants. Is it an innocent observer or a malevolent resident? From its dark beginnings one summer in the 19th century until the arrival of Leonard Broome in the 1970’s, the story of River View unfolds. When disaster finally occurs, what kind of strange entity arises phoenix-like from the ashes? Now the mystery appears to have been solved, has the source of evil been extinguished once and forever? You have never read a mystery like Golgotha; fear and black humour contest every chapter. The book’s unique voice takes you places that other ghost stories would never go.< Less
Experiencing His Presence - Stage One By john palmer
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This is the first stage of seven stages of prayer. It is the beginning of interacting with God.There are five books in this book including: God is Our Co-Therapist, Unconditional Surrender,... More > Independently Co-Dependent on Him, Our Interactive Mutual Love and I Am The Good Shepherd. The books contain meditations written just for the reader while in daily prayer.< Less