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GREEN BIRD AND TRANSMEDIA PERFORMANCE This is a post production book that looks at gadgets as well as stories we can tell with well as the most advanced tech gadget ever created: the... More > human body. The body moves, shed symbols, and creates neural, empathetic reaction in audience members called 'mirror neurons'. They were discovered like a new solar system in the seventies. Within this old script by Gozzi (reinvested like an inert computer program from the printed page to the young body) we find a playground of shifting symbols. Why not amplify and enhance these 'masks' with projected, interactive, and audio media? This is the essence of transmedia: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This project started with a lot of talking and ended in a lot of listening. So here is to old skool architectural context to storytelling: the theater. Transmedia is nothing new.< Less
Frames and Ecstasy By PHILLIP BALDWIN
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....this is a book on the relationship of architecture to communication and experience. With the digital media technologies the three elements of subject, frame and grid expand to include the new... More > telematic spaces. The ancient greeks used these elements to the effect of simulating 'experience space'. There is the tendency of these three elements in the historical desire to look beyond the actions with the aid of a distant vanishing point. Even the Greek theaters were situated so that they framed the infinite sea and mountain vistas beyond the stage structure of the amphitheater. This is a book about the environments of communication and how this has become flattened.< Less
The Producer's Guide to Transmedia: How to Develop, Fund, Produce and Distribute Compelling Stories Across Multiple Platforms By Nuno Bernardo
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The Producer's Guide to Transmedia offers advice on how to fund, develop, produce and distribute content across multiple platforms, drawing on Nuno Bernardo’s ten years experience of Transmedia... More > storytelling and production for global audiences. This guide analyses how multiplatform can bring extra revenues and help producers connect directly to audiences and create entry points through which consumers can become immersed in content. It encompasses a series of case studies discussing ideas and concepts of how Transmedia can be key to promoting and engaging with audiences around a traditional TV show, feature film, game or consumer brand. Nuno Bernardo is an award-winning and Emmy-nominated Transmedia writer and producer, and the creator of the world’s first international interactive online teen series, Sofia’s Diary.< Less
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This is a book that looks at gadgets. It is a book of project proposals and project completions. It is a book written over the period of three months while lecturing on the themes within... More > Shakespeare’s Tempest. Within that play we find terra incognita, geomantic wish fulfillments, uncaged libido, revenge, and illusory wilderness: everything we would find within our new social media. It is a book that looks at the mobile, pervasive, obsessive, limiting, thanatic, libidinous, tribalizing, swarming, informative, dis-informative, prosthetic, novel, and primitive. This book is a series of essays, observations, and project proposals that views the telematic from a world that swims in the 'fiat currency' that was unhinged from real gold over forty years ago. It pokes at the world of 'shadow currency' in the form of narratives. Have stories, education, criticism, and expression been unhinged from the 'gold' of the human?< Less
#critical transmedia 9. toward a public solipsism By PHILLIP BALDWIN
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And what is at the very essence of the legitimacy of game theory? It is a type of prisoners dilemma. The overall banal self-destructive idea that any culture wishes to judge artists in their... More > 'individuality' and wasting their time in plastic media instead of watching reruns, buying iPhone 7, or mowing the lawn. What the legitimacy of the artist has to do is validate some aspects of artifice, shamanic totem loving, and some fluid manipulation of forms in and for themselves outside of 'utility'. What the utilitarian society says these people are at once both 'useless' and 'profound'. They are outside of the calculus of utility. But I contend they are square within the eye of the commodity hurricane. What the meta-financial community does to them and can bet upon their profundity goes beyond use. individual profundity, somewhere along the line, will hit the jack the lottery. The financial community bets on the utility, fame, youth, beauty, of the attending artist in the spectacle of the night..< Less
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This anthology, book of essays, and project book is a reaction to an unsettling paradigm shift: 'fragvergence'. As huge symphony orchestras, gigantic 'legitimate' theaters, museums, movie theaters,... More > and even rock and roll shows crumble in interest and funding to that little $800 screen in your pocket we look up and feel 'alone together' we furiously glue ourselves together from our ranting on the couch on facebook, snapchat. We no longer make out in a dark movie theater but sit in our shrinking apartments with out lovers and spouses and watch the Netflix we want to watch. In NYC's East Village, with a stream of young millennials marching like insects with face to screen, 'they look like ants following a pheromone trail with their heads down and nobody is looking at the city as interface or each other!” the shift has happened. Boohoo. The ape in the ant-heap might self correct. But how? And why? This is that finger pointing. In kinesthetic, old skool book form. Smell that new paper!< Less
Whirlwind Creative By David Lackey
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Whirlwind Creative, a multi-disciplinary studio specializing in the design of exhibits, media, graphics and interactives. What we design in space, you will experience in time.
Whirlwind Creative By David Lackey
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Whirlwind Creative, a multi-disciplinary studio specializing in the design of exhibits, media, graphics and interactives. What we design in space, you will experience in time.
VJam Theory: Collective Writings on Realtime Visual Performance By VJam Collective
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VJam Theory (collective writings on realtime visual performance) presents the major concerns of practitioners and theorists of realtime media under the categories of performance, performer and... More > interactors, audiences and participators. The volume is experimental in its attempt to produce a collective theoretical text with a focus on a new criticality based on practitioner/artist theory in which artist/practitioners utilise theoretical models to debate their practices. For more information visit< Less
Xbox, Hip Hop and Dreadlocks: "Reconnecting the Generations" By Randolph Lewis
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Drastic times have seen drastic measures in American History. Families have evolved and the teenagers of today appear to be so much different than the youth of yesterday. But are they really that... More > different than yesterday’s youth? This book takes a look at the three factors that influence youth: Music, Media and Peers.In Xbox, Hip Hop and Dreadlocks we introduce, analyze and develop strategies geared toward improving our ability to approach, communicate and interact on a positive level with the youth of today.< Less

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