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A poetry collection
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A poetry collection
IRON By Roberto Morando
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Photo e-Book. I’m always been a traveler, not a tourist. All times possible, I left the ordinary life with my old motorbike and the reflex digital camera into the tank bag. As a traveler I... More > don’t like to document with my camera everything comes in front of my eyes. I prefer to investigate the things, researching something else into them or just an impression of. The “Watch or See?” series is this. See is an inactive word, when your eyes are open you do it without thinking. Watch and Look are active words, but usually you look for a short amount of time, in order to watch, you must want to do it for a longer period of time. The series is divided into five e-Books: Iron, Stones, Things, Water & Wood. All contained pictures are shots of something else my mind has watched through my eyes. Each e-book contains fifteen pictures with the caption in English, and must be viewed on a device allowing full colors.< Less
An Iron Will By Orison Swett Marden
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An Iron Will by Orison Swett Marden is a classic book which addresses the fact that most individuals don't achieve the success that they dream of. A lack of willpower is the major difference between... More > those who are successful and those who are merely dreams. An Iron Will features advice and wisdom of Marden, who as founder of Success Magazine has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals achieve the success they dream of.< Less
The Ironics By Eric Jensen
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Who are the Ironics? They may be a misfit band of unlikely heroes or a misguided group of mercenaries looking to line their pockets with a bit of coin. How their tales unfold is entirely up to the... More > players and the game master. From E.N. Publishing -- the company that brought you the NPC collection Everyone Else -- The Ironics presents twenty-six pre-generated heroes from all eleven core base classes. Each class is represented by two or more heroes, each with a different focus, presented at three stages of their advancedment - 5th, 10th, and 15th level. Rules-proofed by posters on EN World's own Rules forum, all 78 stat blocks are fully-detailed, with complete information for familiars, mounts, and animal companions.< Less
An Iron Will By Orison Swett Marden
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Are you interested in success? Do you yearn for the wealth, happiness and enjoyment that seem to always come to that OTHER fellow? Have you ever wondered just what it is that makes the difference... More > between a winner and a loser? What sort of attitude does it take to succeed where so many others have slipped into the solemn slough of mediocrity? The great Orison Swett Marden has left us this classic discourse on the nature and psychology of success, advancement and achievement. Loved and time-tested for over a century, the profiles in courage and resolute will presented in this book will astound you. The conclusions reached by the authro may even amaze you! Read for yourself and learn the secrets of AN IRON WILL.< Less
An Iron Will By Graciela Hennig
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visit him at Bologna, because he had but one bed in which he and three of his assistants slept together. Yet "The star of an unconquered will Arose in his breast, Serene, and resolute and still,... More > And calm and self-possessed." CONCENTRATED ENE< Less
AN IRON WILL By Orison Swett Marden
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The education of the will is the object of our existence. The development and discipline of one's willpower is of supreme moment in relation to success in life. No man can ever estimate the power of... More > will.-- As quoted by Marden from this book. This book is all about harnessing the power of your self will to work for you instead of against you. Having a strong sense of will is meaningless if it is misdirected. This work delineates the steps one needs to take to create discipline and willpower to achieve one's goals. It is an absolute must read for anyone who wants to achieve the pinnacle of success in their personal and professional lives.< Less
Dear Communion of Saints: amusingly apt advice for foolish Christians By The Ironic Catholic
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What would happen if we took our life questions to the saints rather than Dear Abby? This affectionate parody asks the foolish questions we all want to ask and provides a few pointed, startling, and... More > funny answers from various saints (or near saints) in the Catholic tradition.< Less

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