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Passing Fancies By M.K. Dreysen
eBook (ePub): $4.99
A time for testing. A time for betrayal. Far to the north, where the ice grabs, and the volcanoes rumble, a queen has carved out a tiny kingdom. A borderland at the edge of an Empire, mostly... More > forgotten by those who stand at the center and grasp for power. Mostly. There are those who remember that the queen placed her kingdom at the edge of nowhere for a reason. Those that know that Megan built her kingdom to constrain the power of the leading magician of the age. The most powerful, the most insane magician of the age. One of that mage's former cult remembers, and vows to free her master. She will do anything, and everything, to free her master and avenge the insult that has held him prisoner, encased in stone for a generation. Will Megan, and the friends and family she's gathered around her, stop the cultist before she succeeds? Assuming first that they'll find out who she is...< Less
The Guardians of Karma By Mohan Vizhakat
eBook (ePub): $1.60
Action packed mythological science fiction based on ancient scriptures of India. Set during prehistoric times around 10500 BCE, beyond the mists of vedic India - the forgotten era of technologically... More > advanced ‘first wave’ civilisations. Apart from a gripping storyline, the book also unfolds the concept of 'Karma' in the form of 'Socratic Dialogues' connecting science, philosophy, spirituality and action. Are the epics and mythological legacies of India just reconstructions during vedic age, based on fragmented records of real events that happened during prehistoric times? For example is it possible that the destruction of 'Tripura' as described in Indian scriptures and 'Atlantis' of Greek mythology are both reconstructions of the same event that happened before the worldwide deluge or pralay towards the end of ice-age?< Less
The Coloring Book of (Scientifically Accurate) Paleofauna By Diane Ramic
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The prehistoric world and those creatures that inhabited it have held the interest of paleontology fans of all ages. Our knowledge of these animals expands with each passing year, but outdated and... More > incorrect ideas still persist in modern media. This coloring book strives to challenge those inaccuracies by introducing media that included research to produce scientifically plausible, yet still slightly stylized, prehistoric animals. Inside this book, you will find 100 illustrations of animals from the past, from the Cambrian to the most recent ice age. It is an expanded version of the first book, "The Coloring Book of (Scientifically Accurate) Dinosaurs," and features 24 of the dinosaurs in the first book, as well as a few new ones. Each page contains an illustration of varying difficulty, and a few facts about the animal in question.< Less
Waterfall Walks Calender By Wolfer Gray
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Waterfall Walks 2020 Standard 11" x 8.5" Coil Bound Calendar. Waterfall Landscapes from the Waterfall Walk Guide Books by Wolfer Gray. This colour edition calendar is a series of landscapes... More > of the waterfalls from the One Walk, Waterfall Walks in the Yorkshire Dales, a series of one walk guide books by the same author whose theme is waterfall walks in the geological and archaeological landscape of Malhamdale and the surrounding area where the route of a walk encompasses views of waterfalls, geological and archaeological features sat in a back drop of scenic beauty formed by ice age glaciation and the deposition of carboniferous limestone scenery that attracts many visitors to the area. This series of waterfall walks are in Malham and the surrounding areas of Littondale, Wharfedale, Kettlewell and Inglebrough areas are described in terms of geological, archaeological and industrial features seen on the walks. Archaeological features such as Iron Age huts, barrows, amongst waterfalls, water sinks, and tarns.< Less
When Good Lesbians Meet Bad Lesbians & More Stories By Vince Stead
eBook (ePub): $3.99
1. When A Woman Blackmails Another Woman 2. Jacob's Discovery 3. Carmen’s Delimma “Just tell me what you want, Bethany,” Carmen replied coldly. Bethany smiled wickedly and... More > licked her ice cream cone. “I’ll tell you what: I am the same age as Derek. All I ask is that you do everything I say, from now on.” She took another lick of her ice cream cone. “Be my sex slave, and I won’t breathe a word of this to Mr. Childers.” Bethany went on to promise she wouldn’t reveal their special relationship if Carmen agreed. They eventually shook hands and went their separate ways. And that was how it had all started. Bethany would skip school and go to the Childers’ home when Mr. Childers was at work and Trevor was in school. There she would dominate Carmen, commanding her to please her in any way she saw fit. Then one Tuesday evening when Bethany’s parents were out of town, she called Carmen. “Come over to my house right away,” she insisted.< Less
Varlarsaga - Vol. 3 - Consolation By K S Mulholland
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The conclusion of the epic tale of Varlar:The World. Corin has discovered a map/manuscript that contains a tale of past ages and perhaps a key to his quest. Escaping the Hermitage upon the back of... More > Darkelfari, a beautiful jet-black horse, he makes his way through the wilds in search of his elvish companions. By ever-darkening ways and with the unexpected aid of a strange Wizard, he is reunited with the Elvish forces who are, at that time, hard-pressed by vast Goblin armies all along the coasts of the North World. When it seems all must perish, some are spared to break through to the ocean and the awaiting Elven armada. Defeated, yet unbowed, the Elves vow to regain their strength and come again, against an overwhelming foe. Yet for Corin, there is another trial to be endured. Far away with only Darkelfari as companion; back beyond the Northern mountains, to confront The Mighty Fear, buried in the deep ice of the forbidding realm of the Ice Giants.< Less
The Heroes of Asgard By Annie Keary
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The Heroes of Asgard by Annie Keary and Eliza Keary; Illustrated by Charles Edmund Brock. Odin stepped forth calm and unruffled, spread his arms towards the sky, and called out to the spirits of the... More > wind, Cease, strange Vanir, cease your rough play, and tell us in what manner we have offended you that you serve us thus. Annie and Eliza Keary's tales from Scandinavian mythlogy, The heroes of Asgard, was first published in 1870, and are drawn from the northern mythes. IN the beginning of ages there lived a cow, whose breath was sweet, and whose milk was bitter. This cow was called Audhumla, and she lived all by herself on a frosty, misty plain, where there was nothing to be seen but heaps of snow and ice piled strangely over one another. Far away to the north it was night, far away to the south it was day; but all around where Audhumla lay a cold, grey twilight reigned. By-and-by a giant came out of the dark north, and lay down upon the ice near Audhumla.< Less
Photos of Devil's Lake State Park in Baraboo, Wisconsin By Gail E. W. Schmiedlin
Paperback: $25.95
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This book shows the North Shore entrance of Devil's Lake State Park. The lake was developed during the ice age. Pot Hole trail shows how the ice formed holes when it melted and eroded the rock.... More > The nature center pictured on one of the first pages is a wonderful location to get information on the wild life, plants, fish and history of the park. It is a must see to learn and see how the park came to be. It has photos of historic prints when the park was a hub of activities with a hotel, railroad station and homes on the lake. The trails are shown on maps in various photos. Scenes of the lake were taken from the railroad tracks, East Bluff trail, the North and South Shore. Various buildings shown have historic significance. Elephant Rock is the only famous rock formation shown but no one should miss Balance Rock and Devil’s Doorway as well. It is a hub for rock climbers, hikers, campers, fishermen and picnics on the beach. Wisconsin welcomes you to visit and enjoy!< Less
Linwae's Journal By Dennis Ruiz Jr.
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In the age of fairies,Linwae is the sole survivor of a lost water fairy race and she narrates you through an extraordinary journey of how Princess Ethinia of the ice fairies and Prince Ardian of the... More > fire fairies find each other, fall in love and then learn that their two opposite worlds can coexist; but they also realize that their love will also cause a war between the ice and fire fairies. Linwae has envisioned this fairy tale in a dream and she writes down her visions in this book that accurately shows the future. Since these visions haven’t all happened yet, she can only call this her story about two fairies who will determine the fate of their races. They have the power to recreate a lost race of water fairies, but at what cost? Hopefully, they won’t suffer the same fate that the water fairies did and will make the right decision. They will have to make the biggest choice of their young lives… love for each other or life for their civilizations?< Less
The Long Journey By Elsie Singmaster
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The Long Journey (Danish: Den Lange Rejse) is a series of six novels by Danish author and poet Johannes V. Jensen, written between 1908 and 1922. The books deal with the authors theories on... More > evolution, backdropped against a description of humanity from pre-Ice Age up to the voyage of Christopher Columbus. The work is fictional, weaving in Jensen's stylistic mythic prose with his personal views on Darwinian evolutionary theory. There are three editions of the text; first, the original six-volume Danish novels; secondly, a three-volume English edition, translated by Arthur G. Chater, published during 1923-1924; and finally, a two-volume edition published in 1938. Under the three volume English edition, books 1 & 2 fall under the title "Fire and Ice", while books 3 & 4 are called "The Cimbrians". Excerpt from: Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book.< Less

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