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Zebra Tales -The Wisdom of Mr. Stripes By Daria Kathleen
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Zebra Tales - The Wisdom of Mr. Stripes, the first book in the Mr. Stripes series, is a story designed to encourage, and empower children to listen to their inner knowing, using the light within to... More > guide their decision making. Our culture has taught most people to look outside for answers. Many have become disempowered, and influenced by the herd. Instead of thinking things through, and making choices that are authentic, they seek another's opinions above their own. Mommy Zebra teaches little Zebra about the inner light. This light of Love won't be found in material things like TVs or PHD degrees, cell phones, or ice cream cones, a new pair of pants, or romance. But you will perceive it in giggles and laughs, and maybe when playing with your toys while taking bubble baths. Zebra Tales builds self confidence at a very young age, and reinforces that Love lights the way in day to day experiences.< Less
Extreme Sports Coloring Book By Jasmine Taylor
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This ready-to-color illustrated extreme sports coloring book is for children of all ages who love the adrenaline rush of taking their sports to the ultimate edge. Enjoy the heart pumping thrill of... More > activities like wing-suit flying, rock and ice climbing, creeking, paragliding, base jumping and much much more. Benefits - Make your work look great using colored pencils, pens, markers or crayons - Illustrations on separate pages to protect your colorful masterpiece - Artist name & date box on back of each illustration - Share and give your colored art work to friends, family and loved ones as gifts or precious keepsake - Full color examples on back cover - Enjoy therapeutic, stress relieving effect coloring can bring - Relax, unwind and spend time together Just hit the buy button and start your coloring journey now!< Less
Warrior Queen of Mars and other Stories By Alexander Blade
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Princesses, Warrior Queens and Goddesses best describes the Tales you will read in this classic science fiction compilation that features four complete stories from the best and brightest writers of... More > the genre. 1.....Warrior Queen of Mars...Iceland was the perfect place for a secret military operation...We had thought of it, but so had the Martians many ages ago. 2.....The Golden Princess...Somewhere out of nothing, Professor Ross was making Gold. It just couldn't be but it was. Enough to make Nick Hall gamble on it...until the Drums came. 3.....Daughter of the Snake God...Allan Curtis and Jo Matthews faced deadly danger even before they arrived in Peru; a murder, Nazi tanks, and Sacha! 4.....The Ice Queen...Somewhere in the frozen wastes was a fortune in furs. But guarding them was a girl, a white Tiger, and a lost World!< Less
Mindprint, the subconscious art code By Edmond Furter
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Visual archetypes are the DNA of culture. In artefacts and artworks, where archaeo-astronomers see ancient star maps, archaeologists see cultural traditions, and anthropologists see initiation... More > secrets, appear a standard sequence of types, on an axial grid. Structural archaeology uses constellations as myth maps to find the structure of our perception. All inspired artists, in the Stone, Ice, Bronze and Iron Ages; Babylonians, Egyptians, Chinese, Celts, Mayans, Vikings and moderns, subconsciously express mindprint, our eternal artefact. The sixteen clusters of attributes are demonstrated in 200 examples of famous art and rock art works from every continent and culture. Archetypes are statistically proven, and their 'camouflage' is explained in terms of archaeology, anthropology, art history, psychology, philosophy, archaeo-astronomy, esoterica and spirituality. Readers will never look at art, artists or culture as a cumulative, learned or evolved craft again.< Less
100+ Early Swimsuit Sirens - Vintage Postcard Scrapbook By FishesEye Publishing
eBook (PDF): $3.45
A picture anthology of well over 100 vintage photos and postcards of bathing belles from the Golden Age of seaside tourism. Lovely ladies in beachwear fashions from the late 19th and early 20th... More > centuries. Female glamor models in lacy retro one-pieces, striped swimming costumes, plus a few daring topless girls, naturists, sun-worshippers and saucy cartoon prints! Beach and studio portraits in black and white, sepia, and hand-tinted color, many from famous French photographers. Sexy water nymphs of yesteryear to delight and entertain. Fascinating, funny, nostalgic, sometimes risqué - erotic even! "A ready-made postcard collection to download." Highly unusual and entertaining! Great gift, ice breaker... In PDF ebook format, with optional rolling slideshow functionality! In presentation mode this e-book makes a novel alternative to a screensaver.< Less
Persistence of Memory By James Nichols
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This saga recalls how a shy, naïve, seventeen year old lad’s rustic boyhood passions for fishing and ice hockey are unexpectedly upstaged by a chance encounter with a charming girl he... More > meets at his summer stock-boy job. Steeped in provincial, small town sensibilities, he finds himself swept away into youthful infatuation. An ardent pursuit of his darling soul-mate evolves into an odyssey of self-discovery full of joy and tears. Persistence of Memory is a tender, coming-of-age drama set during the turbulent Sixties, where youthful idealism inexorably conflicts with adult values of the Vietnam War era. It recalls a slice of vanished Americana when both personal and national innocence were lost. And yet this touching little story reveals how a random romantic encounter can profoundly color one’s entire life.< Less
Avarice of Discovery By Stas Rolla
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Neoteric xenoarchaeology. The study of long dead, advanced alien civilizations. A job that sounds far more glamorous than it is. For Adelaide Rowland, a chance for fresh start. The planet of Zolidon... More > is as far away as one can get from Earth. The planet is in an ice age. A human colony rests on one of the mountains, too small to have an official government. A fortress sits on the nearby mountain top, the focus of Adelaide’s new colleagues. All they want is the money discovering new forms of weapons and warfare can bring. But the fortress is not the only abandoned structure on the planet. Deep in the valley, underneath centuries of snow, lies a vast city. It is here that Adelaide begins the job she has always wanted. It is here where her conflict with her fellow archaeologists begins. And it is here where she will have to make a choice: join in the decadence of her comrades, or find some way to get them off the planet.< Less
The Critical (Winter 2007) By The Critical
Paperback: $7.97
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Buy the latest issue of The Critical today! THE BEST OF WINTER 2007 ISSUE INCLUDES: ASH WEDNESDAY by Lydia McGrew ‡ WHY WE LEFT THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH by The Rev. John Yates and Dr. Os Guinness... More > ‡ Jordan Hylden on SCHISM ‡ EVANGELICALS AND CATHOLICS by Joe Carter ‡ Ben Domenech on BOBBY JINDAL ‡ Erick Erickson on MITT ROMNEY ‡ S.T. Karnick on FREEDOM OF SPEECH ‡ Pejman Yousefzadeh on GUNS ‡ Victoria Gardner Coates with DOUGLAS FEITH ‡ THE ICE CREAM SOLDIER by Joshua Treviño ‡ HEARTBREAK HOTEL by Michele Catalano ‡ Ryan T. Anderson on SAINT BONO ‡ Tony Woodlief & Dan McLaughlin on THE BLIND SIDE ‡ AMAZING GRACE reviewed ‡ with Poetry, Photos, and Notes on Heroism and the return of an inconvenient Cross THE CRITICAL IS: -A new and exciting publication featuring the finest writing of the blogosphere -A collection of articles, poems, reviews, and other writing on a wide range of topics -A quarterly journal of thoughts deserving permanence in a fleeting age< Less
Encyclopedia of Antarctic vol 1 By Pia Kuusela
eBook (PDF): $203.82
compared directly with one another. The back and head of the adult in fresh plumage are bluish-black, including the backs of the flippers; its stomach, breast, throat, and flipper undersides are... More > white. The black color quickly loses its sheen, turning to jet-black. By the end of the summer, and just before the annual moult, the plumage has faded noticeably, with tips of feathers then appearing white to brownish. The fledgling and yearling are similar in color pattern, the fledgling of a bluish hue where the yearling is black; both have a white chin, which is lost during the first moult at about 14 months of age. Seemingly, the characteristic long tail of this species is used to increase maneuverability while moving through water usually congested with ice floes and brash.< Less
How Everyday Things Came About By Zahid Ameer
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Through the ages, human ingenuity has excelled at finding ways of making life more comfortable, and taking the drudgery out of day-to-day existence, this selection shows how 100 amenities, e.g.... More > passport, silk, doors, watches, ice cream, locks, mirrors, newspapers, envelopes, toothbrushes, trousers, sugar, refrigeration, beds, knives, perfume, umbrellas, plates, postcards, wigs, toys, bridges, calendar, false teeth, windows, pens, libraries, soaps, playing cards, lavatory, scissors, safety pins, hospitals, chairs, canned food, bridges, cigars, cigarettes, dentistry, antiseptics, advertisements, compass, dolls, gardens, glass, flags, lamps, maps, matches, nails, paint etc. etc., which today we take for granted came about, some by happy accident, others by a long process of trial and error.< Less

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Learn Work Play: Twenty Years of ETC Stories Learn Work Play: Twenty... By Brad King et al.
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