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Earth-2 By Vincent Wu
Paperback: $10.70
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The humans did not take care of Earth, now they have to move to Mars. However, once they are used to Mars, they made the same mistakes and have to move to another planet. They find an identical... More > Earth, which they call Earth-2. They settle down with the residents, which the humans call humanoids. However, aliens invade. The humans and humanoids are in a bad situation. Can they save Earth-2?< Less
Norvell & Associates Certified Public Accountants Usa Singapore Alabama By Ronnile Bricks
eBook (PDF): $0.99
Vero Välttää Huijauksia Ja Petoksia IRS huijauksia: Olla tietoinen sähköpostihuijausyrityksiä, jotka käyttävät IRS nimi tai Logo niitä. Huijaus... More > tavoitteena on huijata ihmisiä paljastamaan henkilökohtaisia ja taloudellisia tietoja, esimerkiksi sosiaaliturvan, pankkitilin tai luottokortin numerot, joita huijarit voivat käyttää syyllistyvät identity theft ja varastaa rahaa.< Less
Alfræði íslenzk I: AM. 194, 8vo By Kristian Kålund
Hardcover: $25.12
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The first volume in the series Alfræði íslenzk, an initiative to publish the encyclopaedic works of early Iceland. This volume is a complete edition of the manuscript AM 194, 8vo,... More > now in the Arnemagnæan collection in Copenhagen. The manuscript covers various scholarly topics, from geography to medicine. Ed. Kålund. WARNING: This 300-dpi reprint, though well legible, is not identical in quality to the original edition. Judge the quality of the scan for yourself at before purchase.< Less
Alfræði íslenzk II: Rímtöl By Kristian Kålund
Hardcover: $32.90
Prints in 3-5 business days
This work contains Iceland's three computistical treatises. Edited by Kålund, with a long introduction on medieval time-reckoning by Beckman. WARNING: This 600-dpi reprint, though well legible,... More > is not identical in quality to the original edition. Judge the quality of the scan for yourself at before purchase. (This is the hardcover edition of this book, which is also available in paperback.)< Less
Druidas y Hebreos: ¿La misma religión? By Anónimo
Paperback: $18.72
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Primera traducción al español de este extraño libro de autor anónimo, editado por John Nimmo en Londres, en 1829. Su título original fue “Identity of the... More > Religions called Druidical and Hebrew”. En el mismo, el autor analiza los parecidos y semejanzas entre estas dos religiones con respecto a sus ritos y creencias, a fin de demostrar que ambas son una y la misma religión.< Less
Simfoni Kehidupan By Rafflesia FS
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Mariana was a successful career woman also as a young entrepreneur but eventually she went bankrupt because the company that she founded was deceived and corrupted by her own husband named Arman. She... More > was also billed by a huge debt made by her husband actually to support his mistress. Fearful of being pursued by debt collectors she fled to Jakarta and disguised herself as a housemaid at a house owned by a wealthy lawyer. When Dewanto, her master began to fall in love with her, Mariana decided to escape before her real identity is revealed< Less
Edda Snorra Sturlusonar vol. 2 [W&U] By Jón Sigurðsson
Hardcover: $34.98
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This second volume of the tripartite edition is misleading in its title. Rather than containing Snorra Edda proper, this volume contains other texts from Wormsbók and Uppsalabók, namely... More > the Grammatical Treatises, Uppsala Edda, and various fragments of Eddic material in an extended sense: AM748, Orms-Edda fragment, AM757, AM1εβ, Laufáss-Edda, and a fragment concerning the old faith. Each of the grammatical treatises is accompanied by a facing neo-Latin translation. Ed. Jón Sigurðsson. WARNING: This 300-dpi reprint, though well legible, is not identical in quality to the original edition. Judge the quality of the scan for yourself at before purchase.< Less
la batalla por geo By Ariel Gastaldi
eBook (PDF): $3.39
Geo world was plunged in total darkness, the large wild beasts ruled the great planet from the depths, there was no control and the dark forces had the power to master it all. Tired of so much... More > impunity the great Morpheus Dios took the reins from the plane Astral, thence could create and control mystical beings with great powers capable of exterminating all living evil in Geo. During a century busco and redefined the beings that give life to the new races that inhabit this world, the Astral plane will be based on this new identity of light since evil cannot travel to other planes of the universe.< Less
Living the Spirit of the Lord’s Prayer: An Interpretation of Mother Teresa’s Faith and Practice 活出主禱文精神 - 一種對德蕾莎修女信仰實踐的詮釋 By Lee Ting Lu
Paperback: $23.50
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德蕾莎修女不只是宗教的;也是普世的,德蕾莎修女的思... More >想跨出了印度,跨出了基督宗教;德蕾莎修女與甘地、泰戈爾一樣成為了印度的代名詞。德蕾莎修女或許因為她不是哲學家,所以她並沒有完整的哲學思想著作,但是主禱文的思想卻成為她最好的哲學思想根源。她一再的透過主禱文所帶出的禱告果實來陳述她的呼召與異象,這正是她一生信仰實踐源自耶穌基督主禱文的思想所在。 Mother Teresa is not just religious but also universal, her thought is beyond the boundary of India and the Christian religion; Mother Teresa , like Tagore and Gandhi became identical with India. Perhaps Mother Theresa was not a philosopher, she did not have her complete philosophical writing, but the inspiration of the Lord's Prayer became the best fountain of her philosophical thought. She brought out her calling and vision, through the fruit of the Lord's Prayer repeatedly , which is derived from the thought of Jesus Christ, the Lord's Prayer .< Less
Corvus Cornix Second Edition By Natalia Lipovetsky
Paperback: $15.77
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Corvus Cornix is a Latin name for a Hooded Crow. This book is a fantasy about a very special crow who lives in Moscow. It is made of real-life events and interesting details about animals who live... More > close to people in the city. The author tries to find parallels between her own life and life of a grey hooded crow who possesses many human-like abilities. Being part-human comes at a price, so the bird is on quest to finding self-identity. The book has been written with a light heart. It does not have even one profanity. Author believes that you, the reader, would enjoy it too. All illustrations are created by the author. The book is in Russian.< Less

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