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Travels With Myself By Tahir Shah
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TRAVELS WITH MYSELF is a collection of selected writings by Tahir Shah, acclaimed Anglo-Afghan author and champion of the intrepid. Written over twenty years, the many pieces form an eclectic... More > treasury of stories from Latin America, Asia, Africa, and beyond. Some consider the lives of women in society, both in East and West. The women-only police stations of Brazil, for instance, as well as the female inmates waiting to die on America’s Death Row, or the young widows who clear landmines for a living in northern Cambodia. More still look at Morocco, where Shah and his family reside in a mansion set squarely in the middle of a sprawling Casablanca shantytown. And, yet more reflect on the oddities and contradictions of the modern world. Such as why, in India each summer, hundreds of thousands line up to swallow live fish; or how the Model T Ford sounded the death knell of lavish Edwardian ostrich-feather hats.< Less
Gothic Vampire Lesbian Sex Magic By Lady Babylon, Lady Ophelia
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Gothic Vampire Lesbian Sex Magic Left Hand Path Sorcery for the Solo Practitioner By Lady Ophelia & Lady Babylon. This is a manual of autoerotic magic of the highest calibre- Magister Cain. ... More > Lady Babylon and Lady Ophelia reach deep into cup of pleasure and bring forth the ultimate description of Tantra and the Great Rite. 'When you realize the difference between the container and the content, you will have knowledge.'The Book of the Book: Idries Shah. Published 1st April 2009.< Less
Imperial Secrets: Remapping the Mind of Empire By Patrick A. Kelley
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Major Kelley chooses three empires with which to compare our current intelligence circumstances. Each of these faced challenges in understanding peoples; Rome in the first and second centuries AD,... More > the Ottomans in the 16th to 18th, and Britain in India in the 18th to early 20th. Kelley feels these warrant study in light of our need to deal with peoples whom we may seek to influence. The author also asks: “If power shapes knowledge, does knowledge also shape power?” This is a delightful exercise in erudition in which key postmodern insights and reasoning are used to gain political understanding. Full of surprises and insights, Kelley takes his readers through an enchanted forest peopled by Foucalt, T.E. Lawrence, J.S. Bach, Borges, Idries Shah, Hobsbawm, Jung, Baudrillard, and many more. One hopes our educated, certified, and degreed military and intelligence leadership can penetrate a work this rich, deep, and ultimately useful. (Originally published in color by the NDIC Press)< Less