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A Story of Life, Fate and Finding the Lost Art of Koka Ninjutsu in Japan By Daniel DiMarzio
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Ninjutsu is arguably one of the most controversial topics in the martial arts world. There are numerous organizations teaching Ninjutsu worldwide. Some claim to teach traditional Ninjutsu while... More > others teach a modern interpretation of the art. These two scenarios are not uncommon. It is almost impossible to authenticate traditional Ninjutsu claims while the modern styles are a new interpretation of the past. Much rarer is finding a reclusive Ninja school in the heart of Japan that almost no one in the world has heard of. A Ninjutsu organization that has remained veiled in secrecy for ages and is about to go extinct. A Ninjutsu family that has the backing of Japanese historians, the government and a museum. A find like this is unheard of. Author Daniel DiMarzio unknowingly stumbled upon just that while living and working in Japan. For the first time in English, with the permission of his teacher, he brought this Ninjutsu organization to the Western world by publishing this book in 2008.< Less
HISTORICAL RECORDS: Classical Shinobi-jutsu By MTD
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Class houndouts compiled related to:The Ninpiden - Ninjutsu Scrolls written by Iga Ninja Hattori Hanzo-1653; The Bansenshukai - Ninjutsu Scrolls written by Iga Ninja Fujibayashi Tasutake;1676- The... More > Shoninki - Ninjutsu Scrolls written by Iga Ninja Natori Masazumi-1682.< Less
Introductory history to the nine schools of the bujinkan By Paul Richardson
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A brief introductory history history to the 9 different ryu within the Bujinkan Dojo, A biography Of Takamatsu Toshitsugu, Also some history of the Iga and Koga Ninja
Black Dove By Stuart Campbell
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This is the first book of the Black Dove Trilogy. 14th century in Feudal Japan; the country is under the stranglehold of the brutal Kamakura Shogunate. For the common people this is a period of... More > extreme oppression and control. Iga is a province ruled by a ruthless Daimyo - Saito Sakamura. Sakamura uses his army of highly skilled Samurai to enforce his control. He believes he is untouchable and completely secure in his mountain protected valley. However his control is about to be challenged by a series of seemingly unconnected events orchestrated by an invisible force. Black Dove is a story of hope, intrigue and overwhelming courage. It depicts a period in Japanese history where ordinary people developed seemingly super human powers. A period when these skills were used to help free their beloved country from the brutal stranglehold of the blood thirsty and power hungry Shogun. This is a story that gives us hope that no matter how high the odds, even one person can make a difference.< Less
Ninja By Blago Kirof
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"... They come like Wind, they go like Lightning". (Sun Tzu, "The Art of War") In medieval Japan there were a few dozen families of Iga and Koga provinces specializing in... More > Ninjutsu. Most of them belonged to the category of "goshi" - inferior level of the samurai class with its own hereditary estates. In Koga goshi clans were 53. In Iga dominated three Ninja clans - Hattori, Momoti and Fudzhibayashi. They were not only cold-blooded assassins and spies as well as trying to present them some authors. Not accidental their art was preserved more than 1,300 years. The key to this art is their device: "Patience above all else". This visual history of the ninja introduces us to their ideology, lifestyle, training and weapons. It is interesting for both children and adults.< Less