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How The Illuminati Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave By Illuminati Formula
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When the mind and emotions are put under extreme stress they "break" and create a new mental-emotional state. It is within these mental states that the mind can be conditioned. That someone... More > would do this intentionally is unthinkable yet it has been done and tested to the degree of a science. "Trauma Based Mind Control" has been used by criminal organizations to maintain secrecy and ensure every order is followed to the letter. Through this process you get the Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave. Trauma Based Mind Control creates separate personalities within the individual that will carry out their duty with robotic exactness and then "sleep" so that the individual has no memory of their actions. These people are used as messengers, drug mules, sexual blackmail slaves and are placed in positions close to the worlds most powerful people. In short, they are used to manipulate and control the lives of the world elite. Order This Book NOW!< Less
The Illuminati By Adam Weishaupt
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No secret society is more controversial than the Illuminati, yet almost nothing of the truth of this mysterious ancient Order is available in the public record. Propaganda, disinformation, paranoia... More > and downright fantasy are rife. Some have even described the Illuminati as pan-dimensional, shape-shifting Reptilians from another world! The Illuminati have become the peg upon which anyone can hang their favorite and most outlandish conspiracy theories. They are the “men behind the curtain”, the ultimate puppetmasters, fascists, communists, bankers, Jews, monarchists, anti-monarchists, lizards... They support “big” government, high taxes and the sinister New World Order, based on a single global currency. They want to build death camps and reduce the world’s population to one billion souls. So much for the penny-dreadful nonsense churned out by the simple minded pied pipers of Conspiracy World. The truth of the real Illuminati is enormously more fascinating, and concerns the Holy Grail itself.< Less
Illuminati By Brandon Baranowski
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The Illuminati are believed to be a secret sect that holds the truth to the ultimate question. In the book "Illuminati," Brandon Baranowski explores the folklore behind modern day... More > religious ideals and illuminates the fictional mythologies from fact, separating scripture from historical doctrine. From Satan to God, creation to Doom's Day, Baranowski covers it all. Prepare to explore the scripture like never before. As a bonus, for every physical copy purchased a tree will be planted or save a tree and purchase the e-book instead!< Less
Illuminati By Michele Porcu
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There are so powerful people able to infiltrate in all spheres of social life and world politics ... who they are and how they affect the world In 1990, federal agents burst into an American games... More > taking away all the computers, some of which never returned, even when the allegations that led to the blitz decay. Among the seized games, there is one card, "Illuminati", the very famous Illuminati Cards. That the real reason of the kidnapping are the cards, which report very similar to other become very well known then the explosion images of the Twin Towers, the plane crashed into the Pentagon or the tsunami in Fukushima, no one officially says, but, in light of what in 2001 and 2011, it seems very likely. And can there be a connection between this episode and exclusive meetings of the Bohemian Club, which brings together names like Rockefeller, Kissinger and many American presidents, or the Bilderberg Group, which owns the financial elite and the European and world politics?< Less
The Illuminati By Jean Christophe Serafino
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Une des plus ancienne et plus secrète des organisations des Maîtres du Monde, qui ont Tous un siège social officiel dont on connaît l'identité. Mais en ce qui... More > concerne les Illuminati, on ne sait rien avec certitude, il n'existe aucun élément de preuve tangible. Tout ce que l'on peut écrire à propos des Illuminati n'est donc que déductions et croisement d'autres éléments comme des pistes historiques, ainsi qu'une étude du mode de pensée des élites, de leur façon caractéristique de voir le monde de très haut, à très long terme, et à travers le prisme de leurs croyances.< Less
Edmund Husserl: dal "soggettivismo trascendentale" al "mondo della vita" By Nicola Illuminati
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Edmund Husserl cerca di costruire delle nuove fondamenta per il pensiero filosofico, le sue prime opere, legate ad ideali positivistici, hanno come obiettivo il rigore e la certezza. Successivamente... More > teorizza un' ontologia che tenta un superamento della metafisica di stampo cartesiano che prevedeva una dicotomia netta tra la res extensa e la res cogitans. Mantenendo una differenza ontologica tra il “soggetto” e l’”oggetto” cerca di descrivere una dinamica di rimandi, un dialogo tra le istanze che non si esaurisce in una visione del soggetto isolato dall’ oggetto conoscitivo ma un “soggetto” che è immerso nel “mondo della vita”.< Less
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Web of the illuminati By Kevin Tucker
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Since the ancient times, dark forces have plotted for control of mankind. Their end goal is to have a one world religion that revolves around nature and self-worship. It will have a one world... More > government led by a dictator, who will demand total allegiance to him and his prison planet system. If the illuminati have their way, everything is controlled by the state including you. Welcome to the New World Order.< Less
The Illuminati Zone By William Fevers
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Is there really such a thing as coincidence? Is there a secret government manipulating events from behind the scenes? Are the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse preparing to ride? Author William... More > Fevers lifts the veil on the most diabolical conspiracy of all time and exposes * the occult significance of 9/11 * the truth about extraterrestrials * the secrets of Bohemian Grove * the real assassins of JFK and John Lennon * the Satanic roots of rock 'n' roll * and other startling revelations to shake you awake and open your eyes to the truth. There's a signpost up ahead. Your next stop - THE ILLUMINATI ZONE!< Less
Illuminati Halloween By Gary L Morton
Paperback: $11.00
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His girlfriend kidnapped and his best friend murdered, amateur private eye Joe Holiday tracks a mysterious Satanist wing of the Illuminati to the end of the conspiracy, Halloween and their ultimate... More > creation.< Less