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Matrix Magic By Olatunde Adeyemo
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The use of choice examples to show the practical application of matrix algebra and related mathematical tools in specific problems, it serves also as an introduction to linear programming, fluid... More > mechanics, vector analysis and rf cicuit design.The full workings and code are made available for the use and adaptation of the reader. Here we walk through examples of using linear algebra and matrices to solve problems like cost estimation, we show how similar techniques are used in electrical theory and circuit design. We show how ballistics can predict the range of a football and the time of travel of a bullet. We see how we can generate 3d transforms of rotation and reflection of objects about general axes and mirrors. We look at the problem of signal rejection in transmission lines and give worked solutions.< Less
Evening Falls, Green Pictured Rocks By Scott Dudley
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There is no hidden theme to fish out. What it means to you is what it means. If it is meaningless, okay. My process in creating is simply to quiet myself from as much background noise as I can... More > muster. This noise is external: media, interpersonal drama, day to day operations, and work. The noise is quieter, but far more distracting internally where future and past exchange steel chair cage match blows to grab the championship belt of the title of ‘Most Important Thoughts’, where ego masquerades as soul, where clutter impedes clarity. So I quiet to the degree that I am able and then like a Mockingbird, I try to whistle the sounds I hear in that quiet place, limited by a range of tonality and tempo that necessarily comes from taking material produced in collective supra-consciousness and playing it out as words, through my own clutter. What I hear far exceeds my ability to communicate.< Less