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SIBBRA is a race whereby participants balance baskets on their heads and walk or run with them for a given distance. Balancing means; strictly not touching or supporting the baskets with the hands... More > once the signal to start is given. Violation of this rule, makes racers lose points. I adapted SIBBRA from the traditional way women in Africa and other parts in the Southern Hemisphere balance baskets of food, bunches of bananas and other things on their heads. It is a practice I too grew up with. Women balance things on their heads in order to carry more with their hands. I have created SIBBRA into a sport to share a cultural symbol of labor turned sport, from the Southern Hemisphere with the world.< Less
Yaa Traps Death in a Basket By Malaka Grant
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In a time when demi-gods and mortals lived in the Earth together, there lived an awkward little girl named Yaa whose only virtue was her kindness. When her parents sent her away on a fool’s... More > errand, Yaa meets a wild boy and three spirits whose actions would change her life forever and shape the course of humankind for years to follow. How could a shy little girl with clumsy feet and little imagination change the world? See what happens when Yaa traps Death in her basket to find out!< Less
Weaving Away the Poetry Basket By Jackson T Matimba
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She sat at the railway station, weaving and weaving A round and reed basket she is weaving, growing and growing every mo- ment Like a pumpkin growing she is weaving, weaving away the poetry bas-... More > ket. Round it she circles as it grows bigger, her path like the earth orbiting the sun She orbit and spin, her path now like the Jupiter as it orbit the sun; She is weaving like Arachne making her web, waiting at a railway sta- tion. She goes forward she goes backwards, she is weaving, she goes up and down. For how long will she weave and weave?< Less
The May-Basket Secret By Sara Jayne Cole
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This book was originally written for my son Everett when we moved in 1979 and he was a lonesome little boy. I drew this book to tell our experience. Now he is a father and I am printing it for his... More > son.< Less
Anansi and the Basket of Wisdom By Djenaba Gregory-Faal
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Anansi is asked to help with an important task--to bring wisdom to the world. But, in this popular fable, Anansi's greed gets the best of him and his sly ways backfire. Young readers will be... More > charmed by the beautiful illustrations and the special audio link that narrates the story and songs found in the book. This whimsical Anansi tale follows how wisdom is brought to the earth and features both lively illustrations and a link for audio narration by storyteller and author, Djenaba Gregory-Faal. Anansi stories have been handed down from generation to generation among the Ashanti and Gyeman people of West Africa. Over the generations, the stories came across the ocean with people of Africa, and eventually, Anansi tales became a testimony of his ability to trick and overcome dominant creatures. Anansi came to symbolize rebellion and his cleverness is an important point of pride throughout the world.< Less
A Basketful of Herbal Snippets By Becky Cortino
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Discover new ways to enjoy herbs every day! Steeped in years of herbal fascination, this book presents a luscious Herbal Inspiration ‘sampler platter,’ served up for you to relish the... More > true Wonder of herbs, based on Herbal Treasures of Hickory Hollow's most popular programs presented by herbal enthusiast Becky Cortino. Culinary & Crafting Ideas Using Herbs from Your Garden Quick & Easy Ways to Enhance Your Home & Life with Herbs... *Planning Your Herb Garden *Harvesting & Using Fresh Herbs *Preserving the Harvest *Herbs in the Kitchen *Herbed Oils, Vinegars & Butters *A Cup of Herbal Cheer *Herbal Iced Tea *Favorite Herbal Tea Cookie Recipes *Potpourri: A Beautiful Blend *Garden Art: The Garden Seat *Scent-imental Christmas tree Come along on this winding garden path, to discover more beautiful ways to enhance your home and life with herbs...< Less
96 Gift Basket and Container Ideas By Janet Satterfield
eBook (PDF): $1.25
Ideas for creating gift baskets or containers for all occasions and all ages.
Home Based Gift Basket Business By V. T.
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Want to start a small business from home? Why not start your own gift basket business? It can be very profitable if you manage it well! This ebook compiles lots of tips from REAL gift basket... More > business owners, sharing how they start their business from home, and slowly grow it bigger. Read through the ebook, make notes, and start planning for your new business. Get this ebook today!< Less
Many Gift Basket Ideas For Evertone By xu chen
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Baskets that are in actual baskets do not need to be wrapped, but if you wish, you can wrap them in cellophane. Simply gather the cellophane around the basket and tie at the top with ribbon. This... More > method also works for baskets made with hats, boxes, bowls, pots, plant pots, etc. Decorative boxes and tins usually can stand alone without wrapping. Rubber storage containers can be wrapped in cellophane as above or can be wrapped with wrapping paper. Some baskets like tote bags, backpacks, shopping bags, etc. are best left unwrapped. Instead, finish them with colorful bows and ribbons. We've tried to be innovative and get away from the usual fruit basket arrangement. Many of the baskets are designed around themes and some don't even use baskets at all!< Less
Wire Wrapped Flower Basket Pendant By Laurie Silva
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Weave a wonderful basket of wire and fill it with sparkling flowers. This design can be used as a pendant or brooch. Includes step by step instructions, photos, and design suggestions.

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