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The Awesome Messiah is All God: The Messiah is the All-Loving, All-Knowing, All-Present, and All-Powerful God - 1st book series By Sarah More
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The Messiah also called Jesus Christ is All God. He was the One who created heaven, the earth, and all the universes. He created human beings in His own image. When they fell into sin, He came down... More > in the form of a Human Being to save them from their sin. Putting on human flesh did not make Him less than God. He is 100% God and 100% a Human Being. He took your flesh because He loves you more than He loves Himself. He does not want to lose you to sin and the flames of hell. When you read this book, you will experience a greater and deeper relationship with Him. Please come to the One who loves you so much that He surrendered Himself into the hands of sinners and was crucified so that He can win your heart. He loves you that much.< Less
Sixteen American Unitarian Tracts By Various Authors
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This volume consists of unedited reprints of tracts from the American Unitarian Association, 1827-1834. Includes: One Hundred Scriptural Arguments for the Unitarian FaithOmniscience the Attribute of... More > the Father Only Joseph Hutton.The Doctrine of Pronouns Applied to Christ’s Testimony of Himself, Noah Worcester. The Evidence Necessary to Establish the Doctrine of the Trinity, S.C. Thacher.The Apostle Paul a Unitarian The Doctrine of Two Natures in Jesus Christ, Alvan Lamson. The Divinity of Jesus Christ.The Apostle Peter a Unitarian.Outline of the Testimony of Scripture Against the Trinity, Henry Ware, Jr.The Doctrines of Trinity and Transubstantiation ComparedThe Doctrine of Atonement, Henry Turner.Presumptive Arguments in Favor of Unitarianism, M.L. Hurlbut.See back cover or preview for full table of contents.< Less
Bible News: Or, Sacred Truths Relating to the Living God, His Only Son, and Holy Spirit By Noah Worcester
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This is a reprint of the 1854, fifth edition. Noah Worcester (1758-1837) was a fifer with the American Revolutionary forces at the famous battle of Bunker Hill, and subsequently a Congregationalist... More > minister in New Hampshire. In 1810 Worcester published the first edition of Bible News, the product of decades of wrestling with the doctrine of the Trinity and its alleged basis in the Bible. An controversy ensued, and his denomination condemned him as an apostate. With little hope of ever preaching again in New Hampshire, Worcester was invited by some leading Unitarian clergymen to edit a new periodical, The Christian Disciple. Worcester moved to Brighton, Massachusetts, and edited that publication from 1813 to 1818. Worcester continued to periodically revise the Bible News.He is also well known as an early American advocate of pacifism, to which he devoted much energy in the last two decades of his life.< Less
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It is the belief of many that doctrinal issues should be left for the theologians to debate. If believers shy away from doctrinal issues, how then can we checkmate heresy when introduced into the... More > body of Christ? THE CONTROVERSIAL DOCTRINES is a book that presented a critical examination on some of these doctrines in the light of the Scripture to see if they can still stand after going through the magnifying lens of the Scripture. We need to know the truth and the truth can only be known through the Scriptures. The book successfully bridged the gap between the theologically sound and the so called laity as it is written in a simple yet spiritually sound format.< Less
A Brief Declaration and Vindication of the Doctrine of the Trinity By John Owen
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This volume in an unedited reprint of A Brief Declaration and Vindication of the Doctrine of the Trinity (1669), as reprinted in Volume II of The Works of John Owen, D.D. (ed. William H. Goold,... More > Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1862) John Owen (1616-1683) was an English Nonconformist divine. He was born at Stadham in Oxfordshire in 1616, and was educated at Queen's College, Oxford. (B.A. 1632, M.A. 1635) He served as chaplain to Oliver Cromwell, as a minister, and was prolific controversial and theological writer, famous for his attacks on Catholicism, unitarianism, and Arminianism. Owen's massive refutation of unitarian ("Socinian") theology, Vindiciae Evangelicae, is available here.< Less
An Elucidation of the Unity of God By James Gifford
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This volume is a reprint of: An Elucidation of the Unity of God, Deduced from Scripture and Reason, Addressed to Christians of All Denominations, Fifth edition, Enlarged. To which is subjoined, A... More > Letter from the Author, to his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury. Third edition, with Additions. by James Gifford (1739-1813). The first edition was published in 1783, and the first edition of A Letter was published in 1785. This posthumous 5th edition was published by his son William. This is a good quality reprint - the above preview doesn't accurately represent the print quality.< Less
The True Believer's Defence, Against Charges Preferred By Trinitarians, for not Believing in the Divinity of Christ, the Deity of Christ, the Trinity, &c. By Charles Morgridge
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This volume is a reprint of two books published in 1837 by Charles Morgridge: The True Believer's Defence, Against Charges Preferred by Trinitarians, for not Believing in the Divinity of Christ,... More > the Deity of Christ, the Trinity, &c. and Appendix to the "True Believer's Defence;" Or a Reply to "The True Faith Vindicated," a Work purporting to have been written by Phineas Crandall, Pastor of the Second Methodist Episcopal Church in New Bedford. Also included are brief book reviews of these works published in The Christian Examiner, 1837-1838. Other historical reprints of works on the Trinity and related topics are available here.< Less
A Discourse in Vindication of the Doctrine of the Trinity By Edward Stillingfleet
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This is an unedited reprint of: In A Discourse In Vindication of the Doctrine of the Trinity: with an Answer to the late Socinian Objections against it from Scripture, Antiquity and Reason. And a... More > Preface concerning the different Explications of the Trinity, and the Tendency of the present Socinian Controversie.(1697) Stillingfleet (1635-1699) here enters a controversy that had begun in 1687 with the publication of Stephen Nye's A Brief History of the Unitarians, and had been stoked by many later controversial pamphlets and books, including The Faith of the One God, published by Thomas Firmin. (Available here.) Stillingfleet defends traditional formulas about the Trinity from unitarians' charges of contradiction and poor fit with the Bible and early Christian tradition. For more historical works on the Trinity visit:< Less
Lardner on the Trinity By Nathaniel Lardner
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This book is a reprint of a 1793 volume containing the following two works by the famous theologian, patristics scholar, and apologist Nathaniel Lardner (1684-1768): A Letter Written in the Year... More > 1730, Concerning the Question, Whether the Logos Supplied the Place of an Human Soul in the Person of Jesus Christ. To which are now added Two Postscripts: The First, containing an Explication of those Words, the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God, as used in the Scriptures. The Second, containing remarks upon the third Part of the late Bishop of Clogher's Vindication of the Histories of the Old and New Testament. (1759) and Two Schemes of a Trinity Considered, and the Divine Unity Asserted. Four Discourses Upon Philippians 2:5-11 (1784)< Less
A Sequel to the Apology on Resigning the Vicarage of Catterick, Yorkshire By Theophilus Lindsey
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Theophilus Lindsey (1723-1808) was a famous Unitarian clergyman and theologian. In 1773 he resigned his post as an Anglican clergyman, and shortly thereafter wrote his Apology to explain and justify... More > his decision. This book, published in 1776, is a lengthy and more detailed follow up to his Apology. In it he argues for a Unitarian interpretation of the Bible, with a non-trinitarian God and a humanitarian christology. He interacts with the interpretations and arguments of numerous earlier Trinitarians, Socinians, Unitarians, Arians, and subordinationists.< Less

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