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Korea 1950-53 Recounting REME Involvement By John Dutton
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The story of the War in Korea and of the part played by the REME from 1950 to 1953 as told by various individuals of that Corps, makes fascinating reading. The support and devotion to their... More > colleagues is most apparent, but typical of the British soldier, these experiences are balanced with a sense of sympathy for the unfortunate Korean civilian population caught up in the conflict, and it wouldn't be a true story of the British soldier without its sprinkling of 'squaddie' humour. John Dutton has provided an excellent compilation of personal accounts in this comprehensive story of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers at war where the positioning of Light Aid Detachments and Field Workshops was just as important to senior commanders in their tactical planning as was the medical back-up of a Regimental Aid Post or a Field Ambulance.< Less
Okanogan's Dash... 1944 - 1979 By Frank Jablonski
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Okanogan's Dash is what went on aboard the attack transport USS Okanogan (APA 220). With over 4,000 serving in her over 25 years much happened. Many of the crew just rode, some died and one was born... More > but most youngsters became men and went on to lead meaningful lives. Once home to us all, she sails no more.< Less
Influences & Incentives By B.J. Reynolds
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A Baby-boomer recalls family and friends from age 3 to 63. Growing up in the midwest, this regular Joe gains farming experience the hard way, enjoys sports participation, and learns basic values. ... More > Our Omaha teenager gets transplanted to California in the midst of his athletic endeavors in baseball and basketball. After a stint in College he becomes a Military Police Training Sergeant in Inchon, Korea, prior to starting a 40 year career with Xerox, Kodak, and other Manufacturers. The memories include life and death experiences, surviving downsizing, and outsourcing America's manufacturing. And finally, Joe gets a second chance at happiness, marriage, and a new family. Although unique, you'll definitely relate.< Less
Let Slip the Dogs of War By John W. Connor
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A few weeks after North Korea invaded South Korea, Gen. MacArthur authorized the creation of a Provisional Raider Co. to blow up bridges and railway tunnels behind enemy lines. Of 800 volunteers, 115... More > made the cut, enduring weeks of grueling training. Raiders went ashore at Inchon with the Marines, and X Corps at Wonsan. They conducted long-range intelligence-gathering patrols in which they also inserted and removed Korean agents. During the Chosin Reservoir campaign they took and held open the mountain passes for the withdrawal of the Marines and the 7th Division. The Raiders were evacuated from North Korea on 14 December 1950, and assigned anti-guerrilla activities in South Korea. At Chang-to they were cut off and surrounded by two North Korean regiments. On 1 April 1951, all Ranger and Special Operations units were disbanded because the army high command believed they were not being utilized properly. This is their story, as told by a member of the unit. 32 photos, 7 documents.< Less