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infra india By chakrapani srinivasa
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Delicious India By Manju Madhan
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Delicious India holds mouth watering Indian recipes which makes everyone to have a try.The book is easy enough to follow even for a beginner
Satori in India By Paroma Guha
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The semi-autobiographical tale of Kapil's trip to India to trace his ancestors and explore his own understanding of the Buddhism that came to define his beliefs, Satori in India contains some of... More > Kapil's most lyrical descriptions. From his reports of the strangers he meets and the all-night conversations he enjoys in seedy bars in Kerala and Madras to the moment in a rickshaw he experiences Buddhism's satori – a feeling of sudden awakening – Kapil's affecting and revolutionary writing transports the reader. Published at the height of his fame, Satori in India is a hectic tale of philosophy, identity and the powerful strangeness of travel.< Less
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MOUNTSTUART ELPHINSTONE The History of India Mountstuart Elphinstone was born in October 1779, and joined the Bengal service in 1795, some three years before the arrival in India of Lord Mornington,... More > afterwards Marquess Wellesley. He continued in the Indian service till 1829, and was offered but refused the Governor Generalship. The last thirty years of his life he passed in comparative retirement in England, and died in November, 1859, at Hook Wood. He was one of the particularly brilliant group of British administrators in India in the first quarter of the last century. Like his colleagues, Munro and Malcolm, he was a keen student of Indian History. And although some of his views require to be modified in the light of more recent enquiry, his "History of India" published in 1841 is still the standard authority from the earliest times to the establishment of the British as a territorial power.< Less
Escape to India By Paul King
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Mitch has a secret. A loss he cannot reveal and a sense of guilt for his actions, or non-action. He travels to India to die or to find a reason to live, or a reason not to die. He is deeply affected... More > by the people he meets while there and by the country itself. This is not a spiritual journey but a real one of flesh and blood; of pain and loss. He sets about helping a young woman and an adventure begins. A chase across India ensues but the truth will not come out. His day is as troubled his night as he seeks escape in the pages of dead authors; Eliot & Virginia Woolf. There are many kinds of love. Can one save him. A young child's love for one, a pretty young woman another. He must find his way out of the shadows or die. He chose death.< Less
History of India By Dr. Prakash M Badiger
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THE historical backdrop of Ancient India is a past filled with thirty hundreds of years of human culture and advance. It partitions itself into a few unmistakable periods, every one of which, for... More > length of years, will contrast and the whole history of numerous a cutting edge individuals. The most punctual date guaranteed by current researchers for its most established scholarly landmark, the Rig-Veda, is about 2000 B. c. Indeed, even at that remote age, Hindu human progress more likely than not been hundreds or thousands of years old, furthermore, from that time the artistic works of progressive periods shape a consistent photo of the way of life and the historical backdrop of India for three thousand years, so full, so clear, that he who runs may read.< Less
India's Struggle By Therlee Gipson
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I have written over 160 books; I think this is the best book that I have ever compiled. This book is titled "India’s Struggle" dividing people alone Racial and Tribal lines.... More > Let’s, begin with the truth. All humans are created equal. Unfortunate, some Tribes were born in an environment that put them at a disadvantage situation, because of isolation from other Tribes That was understandable at that Period in History. They were looked upon as the Untouchable, Outcast, Cursed and etc. I believe this is how the Caste System was created. Thank God for Gandhi and Mother Teresa dedicating their lives helping these people. I truly understand what the Black Race had to overcome from discrimination and oppression for hundred of years just because of their skin color. Blacks had the same dilemma as the Untouchable and poor people in India.< Less
Jan in India By Otis Adelbert Kline
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Raise in strange isolation with his only companion a great ape, Jan of the Jungle escaped to find himself alone against the jungle. There his muscles and his ingenuity were to be challenged to their... More > utmost. With all his fighting skill, there remained only one challenge left to him: trace his origins and locate his parents. As JAN IN INDIA opens, Jan is with his reunited parents and his finance, Ramona. On a world-wide tour by yacht, through treachery, Jan is cast into the shark-infested waters off India, and Ramona is stolen by the Maharaja of Varuda to be his bride. Follow the exploits of Jan of the Jungle as he strives to save his future wife from a hideous death at the fangs of the Black Tigress in a Temple of Kali!< Less
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India has become the breeding ground of myriad Godmen and Godwomen who cheat the gullible public in the name of God and amass wealth and build their own private empires. The author, a former police... More > officer,who had the unique oppertunity to investigate in to the dubious affairs of certain godmen and their Ashrams, debunks the claims of such Godmen and exposes them in their true colours. An interesting and revaling book and it is his fourth published work.< Less

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