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Traditional Punjabi Dishes By Jay Rai
eBook (PDF): $3.05
Jay Rai's Kitchen series of Indian Recipes travels this time to the Punjab and incorporates all the sizzle and spice of the North of India. A unique blend of Indian flavours. Lots of Meat, Chicken... More > and vegetarian and rice dishes packed full of spice.< Less
Goan Masala Dishes By Jay Rai
eBook (PDF): $3.07
Jay Rai's Kitchen series of Indian Recipes travels this time to Goa and incorporates all the sizzle and spice of the West Coast of India. A unique blend of Indian and Portuguese flavours. Lots of... More > fish, chicken and vegitarian and rice dishes packed full of spice.< Less
Indian Recipe By Manoranjan Panda
eBook (ePub): $8.99
simple but delicious recipe for Indian flatbread. Serve with Indian curry, main dishes, or even use to make sandwich wraps.Chapatis or rotis are fresh homemade bread, made with wheat or other grain... More > flours and baked without yeast. There's nothing like a flaky, crispy Roti, Naan or a Paratha to go with your favorite Pakistani & Indian dish. Learn how to make them step-by-step. Recipes< Less
Indian Food Recipes By V. T.
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Want to prepare home made Indian cusine? Well this ebook can help you. It compiles tons of recipes from REAL Indian Chef, sharing about the history, and lots of recipes of authentic Indian food,... More > ranging from Indian Curry to fishes and chicken. Learn cooking Indian food, impress your love ones and who knows, you may even open your Indian restaurant! Get this ebook today!< Less
Indian Cook Book By Mary Kennedy Core
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Many regard curry as one of the new things in cookery. This is a mistake. Curry is an old, old method of preparing meats and vegetables. Nor is it an East Indian method exclusively. In all Oriental... More > and tropical countries foods are highly seasoned, and although the spices may differ, and although the methods of preparation may not be the same, nevertheless, generally speaking, the people of all Oriental countries freely indulge in curried food. However, in India curry reaches its perfection. The people of India since Vedic times have eaten curry and always will. They eat it very, very hot, and Europeans who live in India soon find themselves falling into the habit of eating very hot and spicy foods. Whether it is good for one to eat as much hot stuff as one is expected to eat in India is a disputed point. In moderation, however, curry is not harmful, and is a very satisfactory and appetizing way of preparing scrappy and inexpensive meats. If carefully prepared, everybody is sure to like it. ....< Less
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Indian chicken biryani recipe is one of the popular choices for Indian Tamil parties, weddings and other festivities. It is really simple and easy to make chicken biryani. This is a delicious Indian... More > rice dish which is often reserved for very special occasions such as weddings, parties, or holidays. It has a lengthy preparation, but the work is definitely worth it< Less
The Indian Cookery Book By Anonymous
eBook (PDF): $2.13
The Indian Cookery Book by Anonymous. This vintage book was printed and published in India and contains some black & white images of old India. The words in the contents pages have large spaces... More > between them, but this was unavoidable, however, the actual content of the ebook is normal. Contains many recipes for the following dishes (I have used the actual spelling from the book):Rice; Kitcheerees; Pellow; The following curries - Gravy; Doopiajas; Cofta-Ka-Carree; Country Captain; Hindoostanee; Hussanee; Kurma; Malay; Vindaloo; Madras. Also, Chahkees; Saug; Bhahjees; Dal; Burta; Soups; fish dishes; dishes made from joints; vegetables; pastry & Puddings; garnishes, sauces & stuffings; Pickles; Jams & Marmalades; Home-made Liqueurs including cream of cinnamon, Dantzic Brandy, Curacao, Ginger Beer, Lemon Barley-water etc. This ebook also gives some tips on how to treat stings, bruises etc, as well as how to make cologne.< Less
Delicacy of Indian Chutney By Jaya
eBook (PDF): $1.25
Indian Chutney is the central element of Indian cuisine. Indian cuisines are incomplete without chutney. It is not considered as a main dish but it actually the taste enhancer of food. As most of... More > the ingredients are mostly natural and not cooked, chutneys have lots of good health benefits. They are usually full of vitamins and other nutrients. Little or no use of oil makes the chutney almost cholesterol free and rich in antioxidants. This book will give the classic ingredients and preparation of 20 traditional well known chutneys from different parts of India which are used to be served as Indian delicacy. The chutneys are taken from traditional preparation in Kerala, Andhra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Orissa, West Bengal, Bihar and Punjab.< Less
Tina's Indian Twist By Tina Pillay
eBook (PDF): $10.00
If you thought Indian food was only about spice, chillies and masala. Think again. Here is a book with the simplest of recipes ideally suited to the Western palate. I’ve carefully put together... More > a small bunch of those Indian recipes which, with a little alteration, will appeal to every palate, while still comfortably retaining its Indian roots and flavor. This book is special because the dishes here are typical everyday-food, except, of course, for the Murgh Malai Kebab and a few other exotic recipes laced with White butter. Every recipe is doubly-delicious, simple and full of flavor- Guaranteed. Come along!< Less
10 Easy to prepare Japanese dishes By Stewie Lenor
eBook (PDF): $3.36
Most people are familiar with the eastern kitchen, mainly Indian or Chinese food, That you get from the take out. Have you ever tried Japanese food it is not only sushi you know. If you want to give... More > it a try and want to prepare it yourself then this is something to have. These are some of the finest main dishes from the Japanese cuisine. It's the way they prepare it at home as opposed to the restaurant so you get that homely feeling while eating it. They're are easy to prepare and don't take long to cook. Enjoy...< Less

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