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How I Found Livingstone: Travels, Adventures and Discoveries in Central Africa including four months residence with Dr. Livingstone By Henry Morton Stanley & Gary Dale Cearley (editor)
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Henry Morton Staley's own account of his long and difficult search for the Scotsman, Dr. David Livingstone. This is a story that tells of incredible hardships including disease, abandonment by... More > natives, African tribal warfare, overcoming impossible terrain, and other great obstacles. Not only is the story fascinating, but it is also extremely informative about the interior of Africa before it was known to the outside world.< Less
Leadership's Place In Human and Natural History: Moral, Amoral and Immoral Leaderships By Terry Nettle
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Human history is determined and shaped by the many outstanding leaders through the millennia. These are talented individuals of great expertise, virtuosity and vision. Such exceptional traits that... More > they possess are the differentiating factors in the success or failure of both warfare and politics. These are the necessary skills needed to dominate and succeed in human affairs and society. However, we must be aware that there are moral, amoral and immoral leadership that will produce different outcomes. These are the issues that we must now confront in the new information age.< Less
The Burning Trees (2 of 2) By YeShell
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This is a story about how PLA improved its morale effectively in order to defeat the enemies in different historical periods. (Part 2 of 2)
The Burning Trees (1 of 2) By YeShell
Paperback: List Price: $18.81 $13.17 | You Save: 30%
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is a story about how PLA improved its morale effectively in order to defeat the enemies in different historical periods. (Part 1 of 2)
Donald Featherstone’s Wargames through the Ages Volume 2: A Wargaming Guide to 1420 to 1783 A.D By John Curry & Donald Featherstone
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Wargames through the Ages was first published to fill a gap in literature of the hobby of wargaming. It was a one volume summary of what was loosely called the Horse and Musket period. Each chapter... More > assesses the techniques and fighting methods of the opposing forces and indeed, the battel descriptions are often sufficiently colourful to inspire reconstruction. In discussing how this can best be simulated on a table-top battlefield the author gives comprehensive information as to contemporary styles of warfare which provides a basis for the formulation of rules. Thus, the role of the book is to suggest rudimentary ideas that will stimulate the reader into experimenting until he has perfected and polished them into soundly constructed rules that suit both his temperament and his personal conception of warfare. The book is published by the History of Wargaming Project as part of ongoing work to document the development of wargaming.< Less
Illness Saves By Dr. Do Good
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In 1942 the "black" propaganda section of the British Political Warfare Executive (PWE) produced the first in a range of disguised booklets designed to assist would be malingerering German... More > soldiers and munitions workers to fake illness to avoid military service or compulsory factory work. The most famous version was called Krankheit rettet - "Illness Saves by Doctor Do Good". The booklet informed its reader how to simulate a multitude of illnesses and diseases from a simple throat infection to life-threatening tuberculosis. Now for the first time the complete malingering text including contemporary illustrations and a foreword by PsyWar historian Lee Richards is available in English. This is a fascinating part of the clandestine propaganda war between Germany and Great Britain in World War II. It has been translated and reproduced for readers and historians interested in psychological warfare but the advice contained within should not be tried out for real!< Less
The Navy Unmanned Undersea Vehicle By United States Navy
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The Unmanned Undersea Vehicle (UUV) Master Plan Update, chartered in December 2003 by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy and OPNAV N77 (Submarine Warfare Division), expands on the missions... More > and technologies recommended in the Navy UUV Master Plan of April 2000. Using Sea Power 21 for guidance, nine Sub-Pillar capabilities were identified and prioritized: 1. Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance 2. Mine Countermeasures 3. Anti-Submarine Warfare 4. Inspection / Identification 5. Oceanography 6. Communication / Navigation Network Node 7. Payload Delivery 8. Information Operations 9. Time Critical Strike To realize these capabilities, a number of programmatic recommendations were made: 1. Develop four UUV classes: Man Portable (< Less
Psychological Operations by United States. Department of the Army. By United States. . Department of the Army.
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Psychological factors are an integral part of all battlefields. Each unit movement and everyconquest of terrain psychologically affect the battlefield participants and an audience of... More > friendly,neutral, or hostile groups. The psychological effect of combat actions can be seen in theheightened morale of a successful unit or in the discouragement and fear of a defeated unit.Properly manipulated attitudes can modify the behavior and the combat effectiveness of thesoldier and the unit.This manual provides information and guidance for the conduct of psychological operations(PSYOP) in general, limited, and cold war. The doctrine, techniques, and procedures found hereinare applicable to conventional warfare, unconventional warfare (UW), and foreign internaldefense (FID) operations. This manual should be used in conjunction with other official manualsand publications that provide staff organization procedures and guidance for doctrine, fieldoperations, and maintenance of equipment.< Less
Asymmetry And U.S. Military Strategy: Definition, Background, And Strategic Concepts By Steven Metz & Douglas V. Johnson II
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In war, there are always differences between the opponents. At times these are insignificant, passing disparities with no bearing on the outcome. At other times, the differences between opponents are... More > important, placing one in a position of advantage, the other at a disadvantage. This is a very simple observation, but from it flows one of the pressing issues faced by the United States today: strategic asymmetry. Strategic asymmetry is the use of some sort of difference to gain an advantage over an adversary. It is an idea as old as warfare itself, appearing under a number of guises. Among strategic theorists, Sun Tzu placed great stock in psychological and informational asymmetry, writing that: All warfare is based on deception. When confronted with an enemy one should offer the enemy a bait to lure him; feign disorder and strike him. When he concentrates, prepare against him; where he is strong. avoid him.< Less
Youtube War: Fighting in a World of Cameras in Every Cell Phone and Photoshop on Every Computer [Enlarged Edition] By Cori E. Dauber & Strategic Studies Institute
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Terrorist attacks today are often media events in a second sense: information and communication technologies have developed to such a point that these groups can film, edit, and upload their own... More > attacks within minutes of staging them, whether the Western media are present or not. In this radically new information environment, the enemy no longer depends on traditional media. This is the “YouTube War.” This monograph methodically lays out the nature of this new environment in terms of its implications for a war against media-savvy insurgents, and then considers possible courses of action for the Army and the U.S. military as they seek to respond to an enemy that has proven enormously adaptive to this new environment and the new type of warfare it enables.< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
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