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Intelligent Design By Matthias Weber
Paperback: $49.50
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This book contains 36 examples of designs from ancient to contemporary geometry.
Swarm Intelligence in Architectural Design By Yuxing Chen
Paperback: $35.00
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How swarm Intelligence could be generated into an architectural design process.
Natural robotics & Intelligence design By Bastiaan Oostendorp
Paperback: $18.37
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This book is about how robotics and computing can be integrated in modern ways of consumer-based products. Robots and intelligence in a future-realistic way. A broad range of articles on subjects... More > being part of the magical theme of artificial intelligence and natural robotics.< Less
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This is the book of questions for which the author does not have answers, but he is trying to answer them anyway. It is a book with the main question in the title itself. Was the man created by... More > someone or something or did he evolved? The author does admit he didn't read the Bible except for some passages, main reason for that, in his opinion, being there are too many different Bibles and too many translations of. Still he has to believe that the man had to be created. Yet there are so many questions unanswered by scholars or scientists. He is trying to give some possible answers for the reader from which some might sound either unreal or even ridiculous. So he has decided to leave it up to a interested reader him self to come up some other possible answers.< Less
Spirit Consciousness: Our Intelligent Design By Kathy Oddenino
Paperback: $29.92
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As our mind thinks, so we do. This helps us to see precisely how we create our personal reality as our daily lifestyle. Kathy Oddenino's 8th book tells us why we are all "healers" by design... More > and how to understand and activate our healing potential.< Less
Deception By Design; The Intelligent Design Movement in America By Lenny Flank, Jr
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Lenny Flank first became involved in the creation/evolution controversy in 1982. He is a founding member of Florida Citizens for Science, an active contributor to the Talk.Origins Internet newsgroup... More > and the Panda's Thumb blog, and runs the DebunkCreation email list at Yahoogroups. His Creation "Science" Debunked website is at: . "It must be recognized that the evolution/creation debate is, at core, not really about science. Instead, ID/creationists are a part of a larger political movement with radical theocratic aims, and their anti-evolution and anti-science efforts are, as they themselves declare, simply the "wedge issue" which they have chosen in order to gain entry for their wider antidemocratic political goals."< Less
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This book  is  about cybernetics intell- igence that consist of a theory of cat  (eco)system, cybernetic control of cat,... More > reasoning of cat system  and  knowledge  representation of cat system. In  chapter 1, the cat theory is  introduced along with the intelligent designs of cat. There,  a  4-case  reasoning  is  put  forward.  In chapter  2, a cybernetic  design  of interactive control  model  of  interpr-etations  of  cat  is  intro-duced. The  interpretations are  forwarded  as  a tabular  form  of  cause-effect  relationships.  In chapter 3,  the  main concept of cybernetic  intelligence  is under-stooded  as  concept  of  predicates. The knowledge  representation  of cat-mice interactions  from artificial  intell-igence  is  provided  in  predicate  calculus. In  CAT  AI,  i  look  at  the predicate  scheme, syntax  of  predi-cates  and  sentences,  semantics of   predicate   scheme,   domain  of  dis-course, tests  and  predicates  of  cat  intelligence  itself. < Less
Emotional Intelligence By Sunshower Printables
Paperback: $14.99
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What is Emotional Intelligence? Why is it important and how can you improve yours? Discover your own meaningful answers to these questions (and many more) in this guided self-help workbook! With... More > almost eighty pages of open-ended questions and journal prompts, as well as adequate space to record your answers, this booklet will guide you through an eye- opening journey of self-discovery and personal development. While the ideas, procedures, and suggestions within this workbook do not replace or substitute professional medical attention, they are designed to supplement and expand your existing personal care and therapy routines.< Less
Discovering Intelligent Design Through Symbol and Story By Katie Hansen
Paperback: $15.00
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This Hebrew sketchbook is designed to be a place to record thoughts and insights on the Symbols & Stories of the Aleph-beit.
Intelligent Design: The Witness of Creation Series Volume One By Billy Crone
Paperback: $13.99
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Over ninety years ago the Scopes Monkey trial seemed to become the driving force where evolutionary teachings were eventually put into our schools and prayer and Bible reading were taken out. At this... More > time, the evolutionists claimed that Biblical Creationists were being intellectually bigoted by excluding evolutionary teachings. But now we actually have this premise in reverse. Evolutionists truly are being intellectually bigoted by excluding the scientific facts of Biblical Creationism. Therefore, the stage is once again set to for the battle of our origins and our minds. Some are even calling it the modern day Scopes Monkey trial. It's the battle over Intelligent Design. Therefore, this book, Intelligent Design takes a look at the hardcore scientific data that logically reveals how all of life was intelligently designed implying an Intelligent Designer, namely God.< Less

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B Inspired B Inspired By Brandon Warren
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