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On Artificial Intelligence By Colin Griffith
Paperback: $14.48
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A study into the physics behind the artificial intelligence systems used in popular video/computer games.
Intelligent Environments By Jeremy Anterola
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Capstone Jeremy Anterola
Intelligent Design By Matthias Weber
Paperback: $49.50
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This book contains 36 examples of designs from ancient to contemporary geometry.
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This book  is  about cybernetics intell- igence that consist of a theory of cat  (eco)system, cybernetic control of cat,... More > reasoning of cat system  and  knowledge  representation of cat system. In  chapter 1, the cat theory is  introduced along with the intelligent designs of cat. There,  a  4-case  reasoning  is  put  forward.  In chapter  2, a cybernetic  design  of interactive control  model  of  interpr-etations  of  cat  is  intro-duced. The  interpretations are  forwarded  as  a tabular  form  of  cause-effect  relationships.  In chapter 3,  the  main concept of cybernetic  intelligence  is under-stooded  as  concept  of  predicates. The knowledge  representation  of cat-mice interactions  from artificial  intell-igence  is  provided  in  predicate  calculus. In  CAT  AI,  i  look  at  the predicate  scheme, syntax  of  predi-cates  and  sentences,  semantics of   predicate   scheme,   domain  of  dis-course, tests  and  predicates  of  cat  intelligence  itself. < Less
Emotional Intelligence By Thomas Richards
Hardcover: $36.51
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Do You Struggle With Your Emotions? Have your emotions interfered with your success? Do you want to learn how to master your emotions? Would you want to increase your emotional intelligence? These... More > techniques will allow you to master your emotions. You'll be happy to see that you have command over your emotions and maximizing your success as you grow.< Less
Intelligence Sharing By Jonathan Tanaka
eBook (PDF): $1.25
No third-world country holds as much potential as this country. No country is as similar as us. No country can be as much of a help to us as this country right now. This brief foreign policy paper... More > examines the military relationship between India and the US -- specifically intelligence-sharing. Should we collaborate more with India on intelligence sharing? What benefits would be gained? What are the potential side-effects?< Less
Social Intelligence By Jonathan Baldie
Hardcover: $32.92
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At work, most of our stress and anxiety does not come from the work itself, but from our mutual misunderstandings with other people. These misunderstandings cause problems, and in turn these problems... More > cause us a lot of pain. Why do we struggle to win people over to our ideas? Why do we feel so defensive all the time? How can we motivate our team to perform better? How can we defend ourselves when a toxic colleague tries to steal credit from us? Fortunately, there is a proven way to solve all of these problems. A way to stop feeling emotional about your colleagues’ actions, and instead start taking control over your working life. A form of deep empathy that will help you to decode the confusing actions of others. We will call this sense Social Intelligence. Developing this sense does not require any special tools, only the willingness to absorb yourself deeply into other people’s perspectives.< Less
Emotional Intelligence By Scott Mercer
Hardcover: $36.49
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Do You Want To Be A Better Problem Solver? Do you want to take control of your emotions? Do you want to be a great critical thinker? Do you want to be a better communicator? When you read Emotional... More > Intelligence: Guide to Mastering Your Emotion- Critical Thinking, Raising EQ for Life Mastery, your emotional intelligence will improve steadily each day! You will discover everything you need to know about emotional intelligence!< Less
Artificial Intelligence By Andreas Sofroniou
eBook (PDF): $9.08
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the science of making machines do things that would require intelligence if done by humans; sensing, reasoning, pattern recognition, speech recognition, and... More > problem-solving. AI is an area of research that goes back to the very beginnings of computer science. The idea of building a machine that can perform tasks perceived as requiring human intelligence is an attractive one. The degree of sophistication that constitutes AI tends to be revised upwards with each new generation of computers. At its most ambitious level AI has the goal of creating computers and robots capable of reproducing a broad range of human behaviour. Unlike the human brain, most computers act serially, one operation at a time. Even supercomputers developed in the 1980s that use 'parallel processing' to carry out billions of operations per second barely begin to match human brain capacity.< Less
The Intelligence of Woman By Walter Lionel George
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Walter Lionel George (20 March 1882, Paris, France – 30... More > January 1926) was an English writer, chiefly known for his popular fiction, which included feminist, pacifist, and pro-labour themes.Although born of British parents, George grew up in Paris and did not learn English until the age of twenty. In 1905 he moved to London, where he became a journalist. The success of his first novel, A Bed of Roses (1911), about a woman's descent into prostitution, allowed him to apply himself full-time to literary efforts. His subsequent books also generally sold well, often requiring more than one edition and appearing on both sides of the Atlantic. In addition to novels and short stories, George also wrote literary essays and several political tracts on left-wing themes. Excerpt from:< Less

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