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The Meaning Of Material By Kaitlin Briley
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Art is much more than just the images the artist chooses to portray in their work. The meaning behind a piece can come from multiple different places: cultural context, formal elements, conceptual... More > aspects, time period, and material. The materials that an artist choose to use when creating their work can many times give as much meaning to the piece as the images that are represented on it. I intend to show the importance of the materiality of pieces like Execution of Four Female Sioux by a Sioux warrior artist, The Liberation of Aunt Jemima by Betye Saar, and Fashioned with Patience by LM Wood by addressing the significance of the materials in the context of the time it was created.< Less
What do these Stones Mean? By Dr Ken Baker
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The book of Joshua contains the ancient account of the People of Israel’s entry into the “Promised Land” after the death of Moses, under Joshua, the newly chosen leader, and the... More > settling of the land under their occupation. This is a devotional day-by-day study through the Biblical text, taking about a month, to ask the title question "What do these stones mean?" Joshua's stone marker was intended to provoke a few questions that this little book aims to answer:Who is God? Is He the same today? Can the promises to the people of Joshua be appropriated by the people of Jesus? Does God still move in power today?< Less
True Meaning of Religion By Shihabu'd-Din Shah al-Husayni
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The present short treatise on the spirit of the fundamental principles of Ismailism forms a useful introduction to the study of the Ismaili doctrine in general, and especially as it developed in the... More > Nizari school of the sect. It was intended by its author to reach everybody, the learned as well as the people of no great education, and therefore all technicalities or abstract and difficult theories have been carefully avoided. The author shows on many occasions a deep insight into the nature of the religious life of the human soul, and here and there lays open the most hidden psychological springs of the movement, in fact more than many works extant do.< Less
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Single Proportion and Hypothesis Testing of Equality of two Means. By Homework Help Classof1
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"1. National figures reveal that the probability of a youth offender on probation committing another crime is 0.80. (This is called “recidivism.”) After a special government program... More > intended to reduce recidivism is put in place, a sample of 100 young offenders enrolled in the program reveals that 70 subsequently committed another crime. You are asked to make a judgment about whether the government funds invested in this program have succeeded in reducing crime. a. State the null and alternative hypotheses. b. Compute the value of the test statistic. c. Taking alpha=.01, conduct a hypothesis test using the p-value method. "< Less
Considerations about the true meaning of life (Bulgarian version) By Pingshi Xiao
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Who are we? What is our essence? These questions have been asked since time immemorial. The present book gives an answer that, although it looks new, is actually more than 2500 years old. Using... More > quotes from a number of Buddhist sutras, Master Pingshi Xiao firmly proves that each of us has a true self which is called Tathagatagarbha. This book is intended to help Buddhist practitioners in understanding better Buddha’s Dharma and free themselves from ignorance. It is translated in Bulgarian.< Less
Discourse Markers In Obama's Affordable Healthcare Speeches By Napaporn Panomrit
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The author of this paper investigates the types of discourse makers that are found in Obama’s Affordable Healthcare speeches and explores intended meaning through the functions of discourse... More > makers. Four Affordable Care speeches delivered in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 were purposively chosen for the analytical study based on 21 types of discourse markers and functions classified by Swan (2005). Findings revealed that Barack Obama, the former President of the United Stated, used 15 types of discourse markers. The most common type was logical consequence, which he used a total of 123 times in these speeches, followed by 62 instances of gaining time and 51 instances of concession and counter-argument. Intended meaning was analyzed based on 15 types of discourse markers classified by Swan (2005).< Less
How To Discover Your Life's Purpose By Sharon Miranda
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In this book, you will learn that there is a reason to your existence. You were created for a Purpose; you have an assignment to fulfil with your time on earth. You will discover how to overcome... More > negative past experiences and then find the ultimate secret to achieving success in order to live a life of joy, abundance, love, peace and fulfilment which was intended for you. When you discover your Purpose and work and live in Purpose, everything falls into place effortlessly; there are no more struggles.< Less
It's About TIME More of What the Butterfly Knows By Sharon Oxenham
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Perception shapes our vision of life, and our perception of TIME impacts our chances for happiness. Each moment is an expression of our intent, each breath another opportunity. This is the story of... More > people who have inspired by their example, and of the experiences that have helped me to better understand that we are all connected by the energy of life and the sharing of TIME. The choice of a category for the profile of this book was not easy, because it is intended to be less about self improvement than about life improvement. That is to say, each of us is a unique creation born into our own, individual set of circumstances. Our perspective on the time we are given to experience and respond to them dramatically impacts the outcome of the moments of this journey that we call life.< Less
Within My Withered Garden Moss By Deniz Galip Oygür
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Following his first book of poetry, 13th of 31st, in his progressive stage of poetry (2010-2017), Deniz experiments with combining aspects of traditional forms in English and Turkish, as he intends... More > to carve the intense hues of love-lost and life-lived in verses.< Less

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