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An interesting application of the fraud on a power doctrine By Fabio Rech Colferai TEP
eBook (PDF): $9.54
A “fraud on a power” is a trust law doctrine whose purpose is to limit and control the exercise by trustees of the powers given to them (by general law or the instrument that created the... More > powers). The doctrine applies to all trustee powers, including administrative powers, and describes the exercise of a trustee power for a purpose, or with an intention, which is outside the scope of the power being exercised. The classic formulation is as follows: “The term [fraud] in connection with frauds on a power does not necessarily denote any conduct on the part of the appointor amounting to fraud in the common law meaning of the term or any conduct which could properly be termed dishonest or immoral. It merely means that the power has been exercised for a purpose, or with an intention, beyond the scope of or not justified by the instrument creating the power.”< Less
One Interesting Day (Flute and Piano) By Daniel Barth
eBook (PDF): $2.50
The piano part for a flute solo with piano accompaniment. For the solo flute part, please see Lulu item number 136375. Level: Advanced middle school and high school. Duration: About 3:00
One Interesting Day (Oboe and Piano) By Daniel Barth
eBook (PDF): $2.50
The piano part for an oboe solo with piano accompaniment. This is a transcription of the flute solo with the same title, but it is a major third lower to make it more suited for the oboe range. For... More > the oboe part, please see Lulu item number 137359. Level: Advanced middle school and high school. Duration: About 3:00< Less
True Funny Amazing Interesting Story By Yolandie Mostert
eBook (ePub): $0.00
This book is writtend about a wonderfull woman called Yolande Mostert, at the age of 19 she went to go help the goverment implement magnificent computerized systems to improve the goverment services.... More > This true story is written in a fun way and you will enjoy every moment of the reading< Less
An Interestingly written Zombie Apocalypse Novel By Thor Gonzalez
Paperback: $3.21
Prints in 3-5 business days
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A story about a man named Joe and his daughter Kelley, going on an adventure through a zombie infested world. Kelley is immune to the zombie virus, and there are many people trying to capture her... More > hoping they will find a cure, but Joe and Kelley always seem to survive.< Less
An Interesting Life; Saved by God's Grace By Sherry Porter
Paperback: $8.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
A story of a woman who overcame hardships and challenges through a steady course in life, and learning to expand her faith. Having experienced 21 years of continuous sobriety through AA and church... More > Sherry explains the overcoming of many challenges in her life. The miracles in her life can help give you encouragement in your journey throughout life.< Less
Why is California Interesting? Dreams of Gold By Douglas Alford & Pakaket Alford
Paperback: List Price: $36.40 $30.94 | You Save: 15%
Prints in 3-5 business days
In California, a shop keeper started selling tools to miners and ended up owning a Railroad. California is where two engineers started a business in a one car garage. HP is now one of the... More > world’s largest companies. It is where flower power created personal computers. California has golden beaches. It is a place where sand is turned into computer chips and a billion dollar business. California is full of golden sunshine, fertile lands and creative minds. Fortunes are made here. It is an amazing place, with adaptive people & opportunities.< Less
Interesting Plants My Personal Observations By Daniel Zimmermann
eBook (ePub): $1.35
(1 Ratings)
The first two articles treat copra production in the Philippines and growing bananas in the Philippines. Also treated are personal experiences with papaya plants, sweet potatoes, iipil-iipil, Aloe... More > vera, pinto peam, dandelion, eggplant, Brugmansia, the polka-dot plant, lemon grass, kangkong, chayote, basil, alugbati bitter gourd, and Bermuda grass. These are good articles for those who are beginning to sstudy botany. They contain solid scientific information, and many scientific terms are explained. In several cases, I explained the the Greek and Latin origin of scientific names of the plants. I believe that God created these plants in the beginning, and this is important background information when approaching these articles. However, not much philosophy occurs in these articles.< Less
The Most Interesting Stories of All Nations By Julian Hawthorne
eBook (ePub): $1.99
It happened in winter, just before the holidays. Ivan Feodorovitch Lobnitchenko, the lawyer, whose office is in one of the main streets of St. Petersburg, was called hurriedly to witness the last... More > will and testament of one at the point of death. The sick man was not strictly a client of Ivan Feodorovitch; under other circumstances, he might have refused to make this late call, after a day's heavy toil . . . but the dying man was an aristocrat and a millionaire, and such as he meet no refusals, whether in life, or, much more, at the moment of death. Lobnitchenko, taking a secretary and everything necessary, with a sigh scratched himself behind the ear, and thrusting aside the thought of the delightful evening at cards that awaited him, set out to go to the sick man. General Iuri Pavlovitch Nasimoff was far gone. Even the most compassionate doctors did not give him many days to live, when he finally decided to destroy the will which he had made long ago, not in St. Petersburg,...< Less
How to Get Her Interested in You By Kent Lamarc
Paperback: $13.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Love, the topic of thousands of novels for many centuries, as well as one of the most discussed subjects in our society today, is still being widely misunderstood. As the number of single people in... More > the world increases, scientists have tried to identify the causes that make anyone fall in love without any success. What they did found were tendencies that this book reorganized in order to lead into a specific path. We do know by now that love is basically a subjective experience depending foremost on personal assumptions. Nevertheless, if we combine what many experts have found, it's possible to reach a certain number of practical deductions. With this information in hands, we can dramatically increase our chances of finding the ideal partner. Considering such premise, the steps here presented describe a combination of scientifically proven facts that intend to show the easiest and quickest way to find a partner.< Less

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