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The Intriguers By William Le Queux
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The Intriguers, first published in 1972, was the fourteenth novel in the Matt Helm spy series by Donald Hamilton.This novel is a direct follow-up to The Poisoners. It is also the first book in the... More > Matt Helm series to focus on Helm's superior, Mac, whose full name is revealed for the first time as Arthur McGillivray Borden. The storyline of this book is rather uncharacteristic because, instead of fighting terrorists and enemy names, Helm and Mac work together to bring down unfriendly elements from within their own government, in particular a man who is threatening Mac's authority. Excerpt from: Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: William Tufnell Le Queux[a] (2 July 1864 - 13 October 1927) was an Anglo-French journalist and writer. Excerpt from:< Less
Mountain Intrigue By Richard F Jones
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After publishing his new novel with an e-book company David Taylor discovers that his work is being plagiarised. Some time later Robert Demaid, a fellow author, on a trip to the mountains in Spain... More > with his Spanish girlfriend Elena, finds Taylor living the life of a recluse in a cave up there. Demaid’s curiosity gets the better of him. In trying to help with Taylor’s problems he unfolds a trail of misdeeds and innuendo, including fraud, ballot rigging and a hit man assassin, which result in Taylor’s untimely death. Demaid’s enquiries lead him into a catalogue of catastrophes in Spain, London and South Wales, where he encounters another relationship with Barbara Harrison, one of Taylor’s previous girlfriends. The novel is set against the desperate economic background of recent Spain, where riots, strikes, election frauds and murky history are rife. The story will have you guessing to the end to discover the outcome.< Less
Tales of Intrigue By Arielle Crowell, Adenike Lucas
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Book of 6 urban short stories provided by authors Arielle L. Crowell and Adenike B. Lucas; 3 of the stories will be developed into full novels
Intrigue at Disneyworld By Monty Banks
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Intrigue at Disneyworld is B-A-D. But sometimes bad is fun. Shwoop up and down and around as you follow Lavinia and her family on a thrillingly exciting adventure. See Lavinia's ample bosom heave!... More > Watch as murderous robots come to life! Be amazed as Skanky the dog leaps to the rescue! If you have a love for wickedly bad writing, you will not be disappointed.< Less
Fugue & Intrigue By P. D. Wittgenstein
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Four bizarre stories by the late, great P. D. Wittgenstein. Each representing a different fantasy genre, from the surreal, to the horrific, from the sci-fi-ish to magic realism.
Burma Intrigues By Kris Terauds
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VIASMAE: An Intrigue By A.M. Brosius
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A novel of alternate history, set in the Hellenic Commonwealth and Polity. When Selos Xenosios was eight years old, the Serbian army sacked and burned his hometown. He escaped with his family to... More > Athens, where they settled at Villa Estelli. When this story begins, he is not quite eleven, and approaching adulthood by the customs of the Commonwealth. Will he follow in his father’s footsteps and seek to become a Master Swordsman? Will he become an Apprentice Smith, as old Mercuros desires? Or will he accept an invitation to the Thinker’s Guild, and study Philosophy and Logic full-time? Tough choices for any young person, at any time... But then the bodies of young women, tortured and raped before their deaths, begin to turn up around the City and Selos finds himself drawn into the Investigation of those crimes. In his dreams and nightmares, on the streets of Athens, and eventually on the Acropolis itself, he comes face to face with inhumanity, and with the enemies of the Hellenic Commonwealth and Polity.< Less
Intriguing Desert By Chad Taylor
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Near the abandoned Area 51, Javier Castillo, a young scientist and entrepreneur from New England, discovers a new technology that is more dangerous than he could ever imagine.
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Another death at Red Fetch, and Valotte is once again on the trail of the murderer ...