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Health while involved in tourism activities By Sonsoles Rodríguez González et al.
eBook (PDF): $13.38
Rapid growth within the composite product of tourism has made traveling less complex over the past century. There are fewer barriers to travel. The rapid expansion of the airline industry,... More > automobiles, advancements in railways and their subsequent evolution to monorails, the rent-a-car agencies, and most recently the Internet have furthered the ease of travel. For example, the Internet has made way for companies such as Expedia, Orbitz,, and With elevated mobility also comes globalization. Companies, governments, agencies, and people are ever more dependent upon tourism to meet their objectives< Less
The Role of Buyer’s Involvement and Pleasure seeking tendency while purchase By Dr Mahesh Gadekar
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The significance of involvement construct has been discussed extensively in the literature. Marketers and organizations have endorsed the importance of involvement. The role of involvement and... More > pleasure seeking while purchase have been explored in the book. The book attempts to explore the relationship of involvement and pleasure seeking while purchase amongst youth in the emerging markets. The book has reviewed literature in the domain of marketing management.  < Less
Understanding issues before the buyer’s involvement and brand loyalty during product purchase By Mahesh Gadekar
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The book discusses the role of buyers’ involvement and brand loyalty while purchase. The role of buyer’s involvement has been research extensively however the role of buyer’s... More > involvement towards the development of brand loyalty has a limitation. The book through a extensive review of literature explains the role of involvement and the development of brand loyalty in the emerging markets. The book provides some insights into the behavioral aspects of youth especially during making the purchase decisions< Less
Why did the United States get involved in the first Gulf War? By Keltik Excalibur
eBook (PDF): $11.82
300-word response to: Why did the United States get involved in the first Gulf War? (including references)
Why did the United States get involved in the first Gulf War? By Keltik Excalibur
eBook (PDF): $9.26
260-word response in favor of the US intervention in the first Gulf War: Why did the United States get involved in the first Gulf War?
Credit Risk Management: Key Elements Involved in Credit Process By Kashif Kamran & Ghulam Qadir
eBook (PDF): $1.90
The credit process involves a systematic, step-by-step analysis of all events that directly or indirectly impact the normal repayment of funds. Regardless of the reason for the credit, the industry,... More > or the country where the transaction originates, rigorous attention to each step of the process enhances as well as secures bank's portfolio.< Less
Epistemics of Divine Reality: What Knowledge Claims of God Involve By Domenic Marbaniang
eBook (ePub): $3.99
"What do knowledge claims of God involve?" Do people really "know" God when they make claims to knowledge of divinity; or is it mere self-wishing or self-projection. Why do... More > religious philosophies differ? What does Indian philosophy teach about the validity of knowledge claims? What about the Greeks, the Continentals, the Empiricists, and the Fideists? This book will take you through an engaging journey through the great road taken by the stars of history. This book was originally the PhD thesis of the writer submitted to ACTS Academy in 2007.< Less
Assess Gladstone’s involvement in Irish affairs from 1868-1894. By Jerry Healy
eBook (PDF): $5.86
William E. Gladstone was one of the major political figures of 19th century England. He served 4 terms as Prime Minister in a long and distinguished career. His dealings with Ireland reflected his... More > religious conviction and his strong sense of morality. In 1868 he won an election under the slogan “justice for Ireland” and he was intent on pacifying Ireland. He was determined to do the right thing for Ireland. Until 1885 he concentrated on reforms in religion, the land and education. After 1885 he became involved in the quest for Home Rule.< Less
Space Faring Civilizations - Earth Humanity's Ongoing Involvement with Extraterrestrials By Eric Franz
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Unlike other books about UFOs, Space Faring Civilizations is largely devoted to what has been revealed about advanced extraterrestrial life and its ongoing association with terrestrial humanity per... More > disclosures provided by reputable government insiders, contactees, and a host of other mainstream scientists and engineers who have dedicated themselves to the study of this controversial field. What has been divulged by various government whistle blowers is that our military is cognizant of literally dozens of different races of advanced beings. The Apollo astronauts saw and photographed the remnants of ancient civilizations on the far side of the moon, recovered alien craft have been reverse engineered, and a black ops scientist describes his exposure to technology given to us by an alien society. Despite the skepticism of the general public, advanced beings from other worlds have been involved with Earth and our species for a very long time.< Less
ITS EASY TO BE A MASTER, When You're Not Emotionally Involved By tenzin gyurme
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Throughout time, the great masters have been perplexed in one domain of their lives. . . Relationships! This book is an attempt to penetrate the chaos that on the surface appears to be disconnected... More > from the remainder of our lives. When correctly understood, relationships can be the vehicle for understanding not only our Karma, but also ourselves!< Less

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