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Slingshot By Tom Kovach
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NON-FICTION. Topics: terrorism, politics, illegal aliens, military, and more. Tom Kovach examined a Nashville vehicle bombing, and found evidence missed by police, firefighters, and Federal... More > agents. WAS it domestic terrorism? WHY can’t Wesley Clark become president? WHY are the Islamist terrorists so dedicated to their cause? DID the Brown Berets shoot down a police helicopter? The answers, and many more, are in Slingshot. This book contains hard-hitting facts and opinions, "inside" notes, and surprise material. There’s no book like Slingshot. REVIEWS "This book should be required reading for every American, age 16 and older...." -- Charles Jones III (Brigadier General, USAF, Retired; chairman, National Veterans Coalition) "If you want to straighten out America, think of it as a compass." -- Jack Cashill, Ph.D. (author, columnist, documentary producer) "... this guy is like Charlie Daniels with a pen instead of a fiddle." -- Mark Rose (columnist and blogger)< Less
Operations Evening Light and Eagle Claw (24 April 1980) Iran and Air Arm History (1941 to Present) By Bruce Henion
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Iranian Hostage Rescue attempt on 24 April 1980, known as Operation Evening Light and Eagle Claw and Naval Activities and Iran History.
THE RANSOM OF MICKEY MOUSE: A Tale of Global Terror and Personal Redemption By Craig Startt
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The story develops on several planes. In 1999 an Iraqi/Iranian submarine delivers a Soviet era nerve gas weapon to a remote Argentine laboratory to be reprocessed into a portable weapon. A team of... More > American radicals and foreign terrorists is recruited to smuggle the lethal nerve gas weapon into a Disney World theme park in Florida to extort a large payment from the world community by holding hostage the entire theme park and most of Central Florida. The terrorist team uses powered hang gliders to enter the theme park and secure a detonation site in the theme park's major restaurant The President is in Australia with the Secretary of Defense and the crisis responsibility devolves into a conflict between the Vice president and the Governor of Florida. The terrorist team is confronted by a retiring FBI agent in the park and dissension within the team between the foreign moderates and the American fanatics. The ending is at cross grain with expectations< Less