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The Macrotheme Review 3(8) By The Macrotheme Review ISBN
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The Macrotheme Review (ISSN 1848-4735) is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal publishing high quality articles on global macro trends in business, economics, finance, technology, demography,... More > geopolitics, energy, the environment, and other. The common theme among these different disciplines is the implications for investors. We believe that the investment strategy is a multidisciplinary science; thus, this journal provides a common venue where authors can present their comments, arguments, and evidence about the global macro trends affecting the financial markets.< Less
ISBN test By Sridhar Ramamurthy
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Proposal_ISBN By Niraj Pradhan
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The Art of Recruitment ISBN By Paul Taylor
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The Art of Recruitment...Some people say they have the best job in the world, and some say the worst job, most often in both cases someone recruited them. Find out why things don’t always go... More > well in the job world by studying The Art of Recruitment. Join the various candidates, Snellgroves the employer, and the staff at Norfolk and Chance Recruitment Agency. Every cartoon has been lovingly crafted by an old recruiter himself, many based on real life experiences.< Less
Flamingos Version 4 ISBN By Fay Carr
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As a young child living in Rome, Gabriella knew only the comforts of life and the love of a dedicated family. But her cosy world was disrupted by events that at her tender age she could not... More > understand. During her growing years in far away East Africa she recaptured the joys and happiness of life that also paved the way to a happy marriage and the fulfilment of motherhood. But another chapter of life was to begin and in Yorkshire she fought the hardest battles of all.< Less
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This genre of fine art is a parody depicting scenes and events of the 1920’s - 1930’s bank-robbing era to La Cosa Nostra- Mafia days. All pictures are self-fashioned through the eyes and... More > imagination of the author who reconstructs and revisit gangsters of the early nineteen hundreds straight from crime annals of American history. Fire away and fall back into this rip-roaring account of America’s most infamous public enemies that reads like a famous detective Novel portrayed in photographs. Every picture is worth more than a thousand words in these historic moments of time. Includes new facts on criminals from Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, and Sam Giancana to John Dillinger, Charley "Pretty Boy" Floyd, Bonnie & Clyde, Machine Gun Kelly and the Barker-Karpis gang. Note: This particular style of artwork pertains to true-to-life subjects, and the realistic events. Some pictures included are deliberately exaggerated to add humor, yet all pictures are of a serious nature portraying the period.< Less
Hardcover_public_ISBN By Author Last Name
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The Butler Project - ISBN By Sabrina Mason
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Do you want to tackle challenging community projects? Do want to use design to empower people? Do you want to enhance community vibrancy? Do you want to make the world a better place? Check out the... More > compelling story inside about a newly designed pilot test for enhancing community vibrancy in a small Kentucky town. Whether you are a community leader, community member, or designer, this book will help you learn about community design processes. You can watch how “The Butler Project” unfolded in the small town of Butler, Kentucky and learn from the successes and failures that occurred there. Read these stories of community action and see for yourself how design can change the world!< Less
Just do it marketing ISBN By Helen Dowling
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If you run a small business, you know have to have to do marketing in order to get clients. But so many people struggle to know where to start or what to do. This book can help! Helen Dowling takes... More > you step by step through everything you need to know to do your marketing. Her philosophy is just do it, do something, anything to get going. Learn how to market your small business in easy, bite-sized steps and get a plan in place so you never struggle for customers every again.< Less
Ollie & Quentin ISBN By Piers Baker
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Ollie and Quentin is a buddy cartoon strip about the unlikely friendship between a Seagull called Ollie and his adventurous Lugworm friend, Quentin. Ollie and Quentin is the creation of syndicated... More > British cartoonist Piers Baker, whose beautifully detailed artwork and subtle humour perfectly capture the warmth of friendship and the joys of life in a seaside town.< Less