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Islamic Mysticism and Bektashism By Baba Rexheb
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This work is a partial English translation of unique piece of Albanian Literature. It is a work comprised of the views and scholarship of a exceptional spiritual leader, Baba Rexheb, about his chosen... More > path to God – the path of the 13th century Sufi mystic Hâjjî Bektâsh Walî of Khorasan. That path, the Bektashi Order, is unique in use of spiritual poetry written Turkish, Albanian, Arabic, and Persian. It is also exceptional in that amongst all the Sufi traditions the Bektashi stems out of the Shî’îte branch of Islam, although it has always existed in a largely Sunni atmosphere of Turkey and the Balkans. It is a tradition whose teachings have long spoken to the issues of women’s rights and universal education, centuries before the West took up such causes and whose spiritual approach transcends boundaries of language, culture, and time.< Less
Spotted Girl 1 By Saiful Islam
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This poetry is just our social problems.
Stay Mindful of What's Right Islamic Poems By Honesty Parker
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This book of poetry touches on faith, and hope, and comes from the perspective of a Muslim believer. However it is a book of inspiration for all who love poetry and have faith.
Dance Poetry By Mubaashir Uqdah, Daphne Inaara Benyard
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A new genre' of poetry. It's communal. It's fun. It's interactive. Let's dance.
Black Light: Islamic philosophical themes from the Nayrang-e 'Ishq By Arun Singh
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The Nayrang-e 'Ishq is a historically important Persianate mathnavi from Mughal India, not least because its composition earned the patronage of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. However, until now it... More > has evaded a close examination of the philosophical themes relating to classical Islamic theosophy and metaphysics that are encoded within it. This book is the first to approach the deep inner layers of meaning within this masterpiece of late medieval Indian literature. The characteristic treatments of allegory in Persianate poetry, relating to mystical themes in theory and practice, and then the motifs chosen in particular by the poet, are examined. This precedes an identification and exploration of the cosmological and cosmogonic doctrines that appear to be encoded within the poem. Neoplatonic influences, in addition to the influence of ibn Arabi, are discussed.< Less
My Life & Poetry By Juan Francisco Manzano
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One of the goals of Magribine Press is to reprint rare materials on the history of Islam, Sufism, immigration, and Black Nationalism in America. As part of this goal, we reprint this collection of... More > the writing of the Cuban poet Juan Francisco Manzano. These were written over 170 years ago and provide a unique look at Cuban slavery. The translator, Richard Robert Madden, was also responsible for preserving Islamic Slave Narratives and epistles in Jamaica and a travel narrative of his journeys in Egypt, Palestine, and Turkey. Madden had fluency in English, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, and Irish Gælic. His work was ahead of its time in preserving the rights of minorities in the Caribbean and in England itself.< Less
Poetry from the shores of truth By Mohammed Ahmed Idris
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This book will no doubt find its way to the hearts and minds of the teeming youth of today and tomorrow, male and female-the students amongst them, the working class and business owners as well.... More > Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. For the Muslim youth it will serve as a reminder for them as well as a motivation boost to pay heed and hold firmly to the rope of truth i.e. the teachings of the glorious Qur’an. For the Non-Muslim youth it will serve as a calling to experience the beauty of Islam. More so a source of inspiration to those with adherent goals. Certainly any individual who is a fact-finder and those interested in inspirational and motivational words won’t resist reading this book. Because in it, you find answers to certain problems and the truth about certain issues in Life. “Poetry from the shores of truth” is not just thought provoking but a “Mind journey experience” calling the hearts and minds to pay heed, hold firm and proclaim the truth.< Less
Poetry of a mind of a Muslim By Ash Shawwa
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The poetry within this work cover several topics. Some may relate to the struggle of the authors life. Some relate to paradise, and hell fire. Some discuss topics such as the devil in accordance... More > to Islamic belief. Few prophets are mentioned. This is a book that will help with faith.< Less
Muslim Voices Poetry Anthology 2006 By Pamela Taylor et al.
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In 2004, I set out to create a venue for all poets who wanted to share, discuss and contemplate Muslim culture through the art of poetry. I am happy to announce that the debut Muslim Voices... More > Anthology (2006) has now been published and I thank each one of you for making all that went into hosting, judging, editing and publishing Muslim Voices a success. During 2005, contest entries trickled in, and by the end of deadline I had received approximately 45 poems and 25 poets competing in the first Muslim Voices Poetry Contest. There were many entries that showed merit but only 6 poems were given special recognition. No monetary prizes were awarded, but for an artist who is driven to create, the aim is never money, but the acknowledgement that he or she has reached an audience and has shared a perspective, or a feeling so that it proliferates through the human experience. -- Corey Habbas, Editor< Less
The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation Journal: Sad Ud Din Mahmud Shabistari – Forgotten Islamic Sufi Mystic - Issue Eighteen By Marilynn Hughes, Sa'd Ud Din Manmud Shabistari
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OUT-OF-BODY TRAVEL MAGAZINE: The eighteenth issue of the 'The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation Journal' we continue a series of issues covering forgotten mystics from different religious traditions,... More > this issue following SA’D UD DIN MAHMŪD SHABISTARĪ –Forgotten Islamic Sufi Mystic. In the ‘Question and Answer’ section of our magazine, Akim Ben-Hurion of Israel asks the relation of Out-of-Body Travel to traditional religion and its beliefs. We’ll allow an ancient sacred Jewish texts, the Midrash Tanuma to help answer this. And in ‘Different Voices,’ we’ll enjoy some of the mystical poetry of Shabistari.< Less